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Honey Baked Ham Coupons

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About the Honey Baked Ham Company

Honey baked hams have been a part of holiday dinners for over 50 years with the first store opening in 1957.

Because of their high quality standards in selecting only the leanest and freshest hams along with their secret recipe that gives these hams their delicious flavor, serving a honey baked ham is always a sure success with guests. Moreover, with each ham spiral sliced to the bone, serving each slice of a honey baked ham is done with ease.

History of Honey Baked Hams

The history of the honey baked ham begins back in 1908 when John Harry Hoenselaar was born. He grew up in a small town in Michigan until he turned 18 and decided to head to the big city of Detroit in search of finding his fortune. Here he was hired by William Hubenet to be a salesman for his meat company, called The Honey Baked Ham Company.

After working there for a short time, Harry discovered he had a special talent for being able to thinly slice hams from the bone, which his customers loved and which brought great success to his career as a salesman.

Although Harry enjoyed his work, he wanted more. In 1936 as he slept, he had a dream that would change his life. In his dream he saw a machine that was capable of perfectly slicing hams that had a bone in them.

Upon awakening, he hurried downstairs to his basement and created a model of what he had seen in his dream, which would become the prototype of the first-ever spiral slicing machine. Incredibly, Harry built it using a knife, a washing machine motor, a tire jack and a pie tin.

Honey Baked Ham

Development of the Honey Baked Ham Company

For the following eight years, he built several different slicing machines and in 1939 decided to file for a patent. He then tried to sell his machine to several different meat companies, but was unfortunately rejected. Without the success of selling his slicing machines, Harry was forced to find work to support his family and was hired as a shipping superintendent. He continued to do this until something very unexpectedly happened.

The man who had hired Harry to work as his salesman at the Honey Baked Ham Company had passed away and his wife called Harry to offer him the business for $500. Harry’s dream came back to life as he refinanced his home and purchased the store. He now owned the first Honey Baked Ham store and with his spiral slicing machines and his unique process at curing and slow cooking the hams as well as glazing them, his business was a huge success.

Harry died in 1974 never realizing that his children would carry on his passion of selling his delicious hams. They now have over 400 Honey Baked Ham stores nationwide. Along with their spiral-sliced honey hams that they specialize in, they also expanded their company to include a corporate gift division and a catalog business.

Today, millions of people choose Honey Baked Hams for their holiday meals, making these hams a tradition among families.

Honey Baked Ham Catering Services

Along with their succulent honey hams, the Honey Baked Ham Company also provides delicious catering needs such as party platters, buffets and boxed lunches as well as deli salads, premium desserts and several beverages.

With these items now available along with their honey hams, people do not have to wait for the holidays to enjoy the delicious array of meats and salads this company provides. The Honey Baked Ham Company offers the perfect solution to all kinds of events. Ordered items can be picked-up at one of their many stores or delivered directly to where the event is taking place.

Honey Baked Ham Coupons

To enjoy a delicious honey ham and save on its cost, honey baked ham coupons are available that offer substantial savings. Visit honeybakedonline.com and find printable coupons for $7.00 off a bone-in half ham that is 8lbs or higher, $4.00 off a mini ham, which serves 4 to 7 people, $4.00 off a 3lb boneless ham or a delicious turkey breast for $21.99.

Other coupons available at honeybakedonline.com include a lunch combo that includes a hand-crafted sandwich, side and drink for $6.99, a premium cake for $16.99, a BBQ dinner for $24.99, which includes a 3lb barbecued pork roast, one 2lb side and six rolls, a rack of BBQ baby-back ribs for $14.99 or $10.00 off a $50.00 or more party platter.

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