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Hooters Coupons

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Hooters Company Information

April Fool’s Day was the launch of the first Hooters restaurant in 1983 in Clearwater, Florida. The concept of the casual restaurant was that waitresses and bartenders, who were all young, attractive females, would serve the food and drinks. Founded by a group of six friends who were tired of the trendy fern bars, it took a scant six years before Hooters was a roaring success. The six friends had no restaurant experience between them but they were all successful businessmen in their own chosen fields.

The six founding partners were Gil DiGiannantonio, a salesman for a liquor distributor, Ed Droste, CEO of a resort development venture, William Ranieri, who had retired to Florida after selling his service station, L.S. Stewart and Dennis Johnson, partners in a contracting firm, and Kenneth Wimmer, a former employee of Stewart and now the owner of his own paint store. L.S. Stewart was the principal investor and held the majority of the ownership of the fledgling restaurant.

Hooters, the Early Years

The restaurant generated a modest revenue for the first year, catering solely to local diners and neighborhood patrons. John Riggens, a star running back for the Redskins, came into Hooters for lunch the day before the NFL Super Bowl between the Washington Redskins and the Los Angeles Raider in January 1984. After the Super Bowl was played, he returned to Hooters with teammates for a late night meal. Followed by the ever-present sports reporters, Hooters received national attention for its dining room full of NFL football players. Overnight, the restaurant doubled its business and turned a tidy profit.

Within a year’s time, the franchised Hooters restaurants began to flourish. Hooters of America licensed the name and concept by 1984 and the then sold the franchise to Neighborhood Restaurants of America. The original six investors maintained artistic control of the design of restaurants and menus, the right to expand Hooters for themselves into neighboring counties, royalties on all sales, and a 10 percent interest in Hooters of America.

By 1986, the restaurant chain branched out into eleven locations and $16 million in revenue. By 1993, the number of restaurants had climbed to 100 and the chain was generating $200 million a year. Today, Hooters has over 450 restaurants worldwide and they are located in such diverse places as Thailand, Croatia, Austria, Aruba, Canada and England.

Hooters Logo

Capitalizing on Publicity

Free publicity continued to fuel the rapid exposure of Hooters to the national scene and the waitresses began showing up in Playboy Magazine, with sports and media celebrities and at local events, all wearing their signature orange running shorts and white T-shirts or tank tops. Today, these public appearances continue with an expansion into merchandising with Hooters girls on calendars, trading cards and T-shirts.

Even though the Hooters concept of food and beverages served by pretty girls was considered novel, several activist groups loudly proclaimed the concept as demeaning to women and the name a mockery of the female form. Nevertheless, Hooters restaurants continued to hire young women based on their looks, their social skills and their charisma. Waitresses at Hooters are required to interact with customers on a far grander scale than in most eating establishments. While some sexual harassment suits have plagued Hooters, most of the women chosen as Hooter girls cite Hooters as a great place to work.

Famous Wings

However, regardless of concept, food is what brings customers back into the restaurant. Their catch phrase is that “Hooters is to chicken wings what McDonald’s is to hamburger.” They offer chicken wings with seven different sauces of varying heat and spice, fresh seafood, salads, humungous hamburgers and appetizers range from fried pickles to buffalo shrimp. The restaurants offer a full service bar on premises and the franchise chain does a bustling take-out business. Some locations offer heart healthy and gluten free menus to their patrons.

Ways to Get Hooters Coupons

The best place to find coupons and great deals for the Hooters restaurant chain is the company website. They offer online ordering, the Hooters Girls Hall of Fame, and a section for Fun Stuff. Click on Fun Stuff to sign up for the Hooters eclub and mclub to receive coupons, offers and discounts sent directly to an email address or smart phone. The Hooters website also has games, commercials and wallpapers for entertainment purposes. Hooters sponsors a birthday club and members receive 10 free chicken wings in celebration of their big day.

Additionally, the Hooters website also keep club members apprised of any local events or appearances by the Hooter girls at charity functions, sports events, neighborhood gatherings, and post any news stories related to the restaurant chain.

Download Hooters coupons and print them from home from various coupon sites but better than using that source, look for a Hooters coupon in local newspapers. Local Hooters restaurants offer neighborhood discounts for surrounding areas. Coupon details may vary according to the individual restaurants. Discounts and coupons may also be delivered by flyers or postal services directly to the home.

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