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Hot Pockets Coupons

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Hot Pockets Coupon Tips

Whether you’re looking for a late afternoon snack or a meal that will please the entire family, Hot Pockets Sandwiches, Side Shots and Snackers are a hearty option. Fortunately, there are a variety of places online to find printable Hot Pockets coupons, so you won’t break the bank while feeding your family these delicious hot sandwiches.

Hot Pockets brand sandwiches are owned by Nestle Foods, and children have been enjoying these hot sandwiches for at least two generations. But Hot Pockets aren't just for kids. There is now a wide variety of flavors and styles available in your grocer's freezer case.

History of Hot Pockets

Hot Pockets were developed in the 1970s by Paul and David Merage, who started producing the hot sandwiches for nationwide consumption in 1983 under the company name Chef America. The original Hot Pockets came in a variety of flavors, including barbecue chicken, chicken and broccoli, ham and cheese, ham and turkey and cheese, cheeseburger, pizza, meatball and mozzarella, Mexican-style and barbecue beef. It was these original flavors that made Hot Pockets a household name.

The company later sold to Nestle, which took the popular sandwiches international. The sandwiches are currently sold in Spain, Germany, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Brazil and France, sometimes under another brand name. For instance, in Canada, the sandwiches are available under the Stouffer's brand name.

Hot Pocket Products

What sets Hot Pockets apart from other hot sandwiches is the unique crisping sleeve, which allows the microwave to toast the pastry rather than simply warm it. These crisping sleeves are now commonplace for many microwavable snacks, but Hot Pockets developed the sleeve and branded it as a "Qwik Crisp." The sleeve allows a perfectly toasted sandwich to be cooked in the microwave in 2 minutes.

In the late 1990s, the company expanded the line by introducing four different types of pastry crusts. The Hot Pocket Croissants, Hot Pocket Calzones and Hot Pocket Subs featured the same meat, vegetable and cheese flavors available in the original Hot Pocket line.

Customers also had the option of reveling in the delicious low-fat versions some of the original sandwiches when the company announced the arrival of Lean Pockets. Shortly after the expansion, the company also introduced Hot Pockets designed for breakfast, featuring eggs, cheese, bacon and ham. All of the Hot Pocket flavors and pastry styles have been successful.

Hot Pocket Coupons and Deals

A few years ago, Nestle introduced Hot Pockets Side Shots, which come in buffalo chicken, sloppy joe and cheeseburger flavors. These are miniature pocket sandwiches perfect for snacking between meals. The company also introduced Hot Pocket Paninis.

New Products

The newest product in the Hot Pockets line is Snackers. This line includes: Fiesta Nacho Bites, Loaded Potato Skins, Grilled Italian-Style Bites and Toasted Five-Cheese Ravioli Bites. Unlike the original Hot Pockets, these are not sandwiches. Snackers are appetizers that, like the originals, can be microwaved and enjoyed within minutes. Manufacturers are more likely to promote new products, so be on the lookout for Hot Pockets coupons for this particular line.

Coupons for Hot Pockets

Like many grocery items, Hot Pockets coupons can commonly be found at popular coupon vendors like SmartSource.com and Red Plum.com. These are the same vendors that publish coupons in the major metropolitan newspapers, which means you can score twice the Hot Pockets coupons by clipping and downloading these coupons. While Hot Pockets coupons may not be available every week, it pays to be patient.

Many times you can also score Hot Pockets coupons by visiting the manufacturer's website at hotpockets.com. The site has a variety of fun downloads as well as the entire list of Hot Pocket products. If the website does not currently offer a coupon, check back every few weeks.

Also, be sure to "like" Hot Pockets on Facebook. Fans are sometimes treated to a cents-off coupon or buy one, get one free Hot Pockets coupons.

In-Store Sales

To maximize savings, wait for Hot Pockets to go on sale at your neighborhood grocery store. Use that opportunity to stock up on these tasty, hot sandwiches and snack foods. Grocery stores will often double manufacturer’s coupons up to 50 cents, so you may be able to get the original style Hot Pockets at half price.

Due to the overwhelming popularity of Hot Pockets, the product line is sure to expand even further.

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