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Hotel Renovation

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Renovation & Remodeling

Every few years, most hotels refurbish & renovate their property to continue to be competitive in the market place.

Tehrani Group LLC [1] specializes in renovations & remodeling, of hospitality buildings such as resorts, hotels, motels, timeshares, multifamily, apartment buildings, and condominiums. They also do new construction. They can provide granite countertops for less than the price of synthetic materials.

New Construction

Tehrani performs renovations as well as new construction , especially in hotel, resort, multifamily, and apartment buildings.

Property Maintenance

Their property maintenance services can save you thousands of dollars annually. their service capabilities include the following:

Weekly full service landscaping maintenance service that includes mowing all lawns, trimming all hedges and shrubs, and weed removal in flowerbeds.

Repair, adjustment, evaluation, and correction of landscaping irrigation so you have lush landscaping with efficient water consumption and no weak spot.

Call 407-295-3969 for more information.

Scheduling, Procurement & Quality

Most importantly, they plan out the entire project before they physically show up on your project. They look at every little detail, how and who will provide the materials and the labor. They work out every glitch they can find, alleviate them, and revise our plan. When they arrive on the project, the work goes on like clockwork, and they look like the professionals that they are.

Affordable Pricing

Due to excellent scheduling and procurement, their final pricing in substantially less than others. They understand that quality of the work is as important as speedy renovations & construction and affordable pricing. Call them for pricing your project and let them pleasantly surprise you.

Relationship With Design Professionals

They have worked closely with design professionals on all sizes of projects throughout the United States, have developed mutual working relationships with them, and understand the challenges they face. There is no learning curve to contend with. They assist the project team members to work together during all phases of the project to the ultimate benefit of all involved.

Visit them at Tehrani Group LLC

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