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House Blackstone

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House Blackstone is an organization that has fallen from a peaceful dukedom to a stateless military force, and now fights to regain its former grandeur. These pages are dedicated to its history, structure, and current and former members.

(House Blackstone is a guild on the Emerald Dream server in [World of Warcraft]. Those interested in joining can find our Forum [here].)


Key Events

Put links to events, like the founding of the House or the coming of the Scourge, here. Remember to write them encyclopedically, not just in narrative format. However, you can spice them up with 'excerpts' from diarys that you can write in first person format.

Key Persons

And so forth.


Current Orders

Information on The Golden Tree.

Past Organization

Enter information regarding the organization of the House and its lands prior to the coming of the Scourge here.


Current Members

See complete list

Past members

See complete list

Tales of House Blackstone

Any stories you wish to transcribe and share can be put here, whether they're stories your character knows, or stories of your character, or anything else.

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