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How to add your content

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Wikis allow you to add your own content, or edit existing content. Most Wiki pages can be edited by anyone--This sounds like a recipie for anarchy, but in practice it works out fairly well, as complete edit history is maintained, and anyone can also revert the page back to a previous version.

To create a link to another page in this wiki, surround the title of the page with double square backets [[like this]]. An easy way to add a new page is to create a link on an existing page, save the page, then click on that link--A link to an empty page brings you to the "edit" section so you can create that page. This can also be used if you think a new topic should be covered, but don't know enough yourself.

To create a link to an outside webpage, just type it in including the http://, or if you want it to have a clickable title, type a square bracket, the web address starting with http://, a space, the clickable text, the closing square bracket.

[http://www.network54.com/Forum/102266 Vintage Timex Watch Forum] becomes

Vintage Timex Watch Forum

If you've got content you'd like to share, but don't want to format it carefully, feel free to add it anyhow.

If you see content here with good information, but with formatting that needs help, feel free to fix the formatting.

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