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ISO procedures

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1.Control of Documents Procedure

  Backup copy to another media to keep safe.

2.Internal Audit Procedures

  a) Observ processesbeing carried out
  b) Talk to people carring out the processes
  c) Look at the records

3. Control of Non-conforming Project Procedure

  Document the steps you follow in case of a problem
  and what to do obout it- this will show where attention is needed.

4. Corrective Action Procedures

  Find out why the nonconformity occured and make sure that that problem does 
  not occer again.
  a)Review noncomformitiy
  b)Determine the cause of nonconformity
  c)Evaluete the need for action to ensure that noncomformity does not occur.
  d)Determine and implement action needed
  e)Record of result of action taken
  g)Review corrective action taken

5.Continues Improvement.

 From time to to time review and analyse the results of test to identify 
 areas of improvement.

6.Customer Satisfaction.

 Get feedback from customers and follow all required improvement.

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