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The flag of the ISPF
  • Creator: Ali
  • Type: Government/service
  • Motto: "Unity, Peace, Justice"
  • Membership: ~70 civilizations, ~9,000 independant planets / ~5b employees
  • Availability: Open by request to GM

The Interstellar Peacekeeping Force, also known under the acronym ISPF, is a galactic-scale organization that acts as a United Nations and Interpol for the territory it governs. The ISPF is a neutral organization politically, a necessity considering the number of worlds and races involved. By maintaining neutrality, the ISPF can act as an impartial enforcer of law and order. The ISPF is both a police force, able to engage criminals or other hostile forces for the protection of galactic civilizations, and a diplomatic force, mediating disputes between governments of different planets or races.


The ISPF is divided into three branches, which serve different purposes of the ISPF's mission as a whole. They are the Enforcement, Diplomatic, and Administrative branches.


The ISPF also sends agents, called bounty hunters, across their territory and out of it to track down criminals, terrorists, and other threats in the galaxy. These hunters, though technically a part of the ISPF and required to be neutral in political matters, are able to act slightly above the law in chasing down their targets. They are typically highly skilled individuals or teams with special abilities that make them effective hunters. ISPF hunters are also typified by a willingness to do justice first, and money is less of their goal than that of freelance hunters (who are looked down on by ISPF hunters as glorified assassins). They have a great deal of freedom in enforcing the law, able to capture or kill their marks depending on the crimes committed by their targets.

The ISPF enforces a constitution that is comparable to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Groups that are directly at odds with these purposes (like the Drengin in their desire to enslave the universe) are not recognized by the ISPF, and hunters may act freely against such groups.

The most infamous crimes yielding a kill-before-capture attitude are: murder of all magnitudes, unethical experimentation, piracy, weapons dealing, planet trading, slave trading, warmongering, and general terrorism. Rogue hunters are also considered with this attitude, for their sheer destructive potential. Kill on sight is reserved for those who have committed a most infamous crime, evaded and resisted capture, and are petitioned against by at least one governing body member to the ISPF.


  • ~500 years old
  • formed after an interstellar war
  • original members include Ceresti, Vohdel, Agram, Torians


Any peaceful civilization or organization is welcomed to the ISPF. Such civilizations are allowed to keep their sovereignty and are expected maintain peace with other ISPF member civilizations.


  • Agram Federation
  • Torian Confederation
  • Eldon Empire
  • Unified Ceresti Clans
  • Vohdel
  • Xadein Confederacy
  • Iatoki Republic
  • Altarian Republic
  • Tok'Ra Alliance
  • Arcean Empire


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