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Ice Cream Rocky

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Taken at Project Juliette, Ice Cream Rocky has become the most famous VGOC picture

Ice Cream Rocky (abbreviated ICR, zh:石雪糕), variably known as Frozen Treat Rocky, is a picture taken by VGOC photographer Jiajia on August 27, 2005, at 5:47 PM in his backyard. The picture has many uses, most prominently as an MSN display picture.

Notable uses

Ice Cream Rocky, originally a showpiece of Jiajia's photographic skills, first rose to stardom as an MSN display picture in September 2006. Variants of Ice Cream Rocky began appearing in December, the first being the Spinning Ice Cream Rocky, created by Zhang.

Zhang's Windows Media Player uses Ice Cream Rocky as a placeholder image for unknown album covers.

Subsequently, Ice Cream Rocky has been used as a placeholder album cover for Windows Media Player.

On February 13, 2007, Zhang and Jiajia went on an afternoon Photo-shop marathon in creating different variations of Ice Cream Rocky, most of which are seen below.

The Ice Cream variant of John Mo, which was added on March 3, 2007, is the first known public display of John Mo's picture .

Variants created by Zhang

Variants Created by Jiajia

Variants created by Brain Hope

Dedicated to immortalizing Rocky.

I have to say, Hope's creations are getting more and more creative. Bravo. ~Zhang

Variants created by Nick

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