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How to Impress a Girl

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Learn How to Impress

Ahh, one of life’s mysteries that almost every boy has contemplated; how do you impress the girl that you’ve fallen head over heels for? You maybe haven’t even spoken to the chosen one yet, let alone have a connection. Can a girl really become attracted to you just because you’re attracted to her? The simple answer is yes.

Take a Look in the Mirror

Before we delve into techniques to attract the girl of your dreams, you’ll need to take a look inward to be sure you have your own house in order. The following is a checklist for anyone that is serious about wooing a girl. Stand in front of a full-length mirror and ask yourself the following:


Are you standing in a fully upright position? Posture is one of the first things a person notices when meeting someone for the first time. Posture is also crucial throughout your life, as it exudes confidence. Pay attention to your posture.


How does your hair look? Need a trim? Get one. Wash your hair daily.


You’re going to wear that? Are you still wearing that tee-shirt you received 4 years ago on your birthday? If you need to go shopping for a couple of new, more appropriate wardrobe items – do it.

Foot Gear

How do those smelly shoes of yours look under scrutiny? Those skate shoes have really held up well over the years, but since you’re probably not going to be skateboarding with the girl of your dreams, it’s best to locate some newer, all-around footwear that better fits the dating scene.


When you look at your face in the mirror, are you smiling? Unless you’re trying to woo the dejected, depressed girl with scars on her wrists, it behooves you to make smiling your new facial feature. Are you attracted to frowning girls or smiling girls? It’s no different when reversed. The girl has a choice. Does she date the guy who looks like his dog just died, or does she go out with the one who looks like he’s always having a good time? You know who she’ll pick.

Say Ahh

Now that you’re smiling, take a look at your teeth. Are they white? Teeth are supposed to be white, so make dental hygiene another daily activity. If normal brushing isn’t enough, try some of the new teeth-whiteners on the market. Also, while we’re exploring your mouth, how’s your breath? Unless it’s completely fresh, it’s a turn-off. You don’t want to remind your beau-to-be of her old bulldog every time you breathe near her face. Carry some gum or mints at all times.

Face it

There’s not much a guy can do to improve his facial appearance, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to take care of it. Acne happens to most teens and if it’s happening to you, there’s really nothing much (other than time), that will take care of it. You can certainly help the cause though, by keeping your face clean at all times. Keep your whiskers shaved.

I know that guy on TV has a perpetual 5 o’clock shadow that the ladies seem to love, but you’re not that guy. You also will never be able to make it look like his anyway. His appears perfect because he spent 2 hours in a chair with a make-up artist. Yours looks like a blotchy, hodge-podge of different length and colored hair sticking out of your face. Besides, Miami Vice was a long time ago.

How’s the physique looking these days?

If you’re an active guy that enjoys sports and outdoor games, chances are your just fine in this department. If you’ve spent a lot of time indoors, playing video games or watching TV, chances are you’ve become soft and possibly fat. You don’t need to aim for bodybuilder status to attract a girl, but you do want to tone up a bit. Start watching what you’re eating and get outside and do something you enjoy.

impress a girl

The more you play a favorite sport or follow a simple exercise routine, the faster your body will adapt to your new lifestyle, developing muscle mass and expelling fat. No one’s perfect, but if you can get rid of your belly, you’ll feel better and the girls that aren’t attracted to fat guys (most), will now be in your radar.

Now that you’ve spruced yourself up and built a little confidence in your appearance, it’s time to look inward. There’s much more to impressing a girl than merely looking your best. At some point you will actually be interacting with the girl in question, so it’s imperative that you get your thought process in sync with the rest of you.

Hopefully, you’re a nice guy to begin with and these steps will be easily adapted. If you’ve spent your youth becoming an uncouth loudmouth for the approval of your male friends, it will be a little tougher. Take the following steps seriously if you want to have a chance with a great girl:

Are You Ready For a Girl?

Girls and guys are two different beasts. Girls are usually more sensitive than their male counterparts and if you aren’t careful, you can easily offend or even repulse the girl in question. Be careful what you say, even in jest, about her appearance. The same goes with making fun of something she has said. The back and forth put-downs you are accustomed to with your buddies, just doesn’t fly when dealing with females. You want to first and foremost, be her friend.

Real relationships are nothing like they appear on TV. Real relationships consists of two people that respect and care for each other. That doesn’t mean there won’t be disagreements (there will be), but most of the time a healthy couple enjoys each other’s company more than anything else. You need to provide a safe environment for your girl where she feels like she can be herself and not be concerned about how she is coming across. Accept her little quirks and chances are she will do the same for you.

Don’t be a hater. Prejudices can be a real detriment to a relationship and not only should you try to avoid being offensive in front of your girl, you should try to get over them for your own well-being. Prejudice is really just a form of hate and hate is a trait that no one likes. A relationship with hate waiting in the wings is an unhealthy situation for all.

Respect other beliefs

Respecting another’s belief system is the key to any type of relationship. To a couple, it is essential. If your religious beliefs differ a bit, let the other person enjoy their interpretation of what they consider right. If you find that your views are so far apart that it causes strife, it may be a good idea to find a girl that is more in line with your own belief system.

Be her rock

There are times when your new girlfriend will need a shoulder to cry on. Maybe everything has gone wrong for her today, or her best friend spread vicious rumors about her. Whatever the reason, if she needs you, be sure your there for her. It may not be convenient and usually happens at an inopportune time, but deal with it. She needs her “Safe Haven” and that’s you.

She needs to be loved and protected for a while. She DOES NOT need anything fixed. A guy’s first response to a girl’s discomfort is to try and “fix” whatever it is that is causing pain. You can’t fix these types of problems, so just be there for her and keep your comments to yourself.

Get Along With Her Family

Unless your new girlfriend is being raised by abusive parents (not just annoying – abusing), try your best to be friendly with them. The same goes for her annoying little sister. You don’t have to be around them that much anyway, so when you do find yourself in her family environment, be pleasant.

Not only will your time around them be more enjoyable, you just might find that the parents are more lenient with things like curfews, if they truly like you. If you just can’t click with your girl’s family, try to avoid them when possible. You don’t want to argue with them and there’s no way in the world you’re going to win an argument with them anyway.

Get Along With Her Friends

This is often harder than you would think. You may run into a number of situations with your girl’s circle of friends. Did you know friends can be just as jealous as girlfriends can be? You may be perceived as the guy that took their friend away.

You may also be a reminder that they aren’t in a fun, healthy relationship like you two are. There can be a lot of dynamics going on when interacting with a girl’s friends, but it is up to you to rise above it all and be nice to all of them. If you can’t be nice to a certain one, than do your best to avoid contact with them. Usually, your friendliness will be enough to turn things around and you’ll find that as time goes by, they will begin to reciprocate.

When are you going to learn how to impress a girl? Soon, be patient. There’s no point in meeting your dream girl until the points listed above are fully understood and practiced. It will just quickly develop into a one date deal and that’s not what you’re looking for. Dating for the sake of dating isn’t the goal here.

The whole point is to attract a girl that will make you both happy and lead to a fulfilling, lasting relationship. You do not want to date someone you really like, just to have her turn down your next invitation because you didn’t quite grasp what’s required in a relationship. If you think you have it together now, then proceed with the next section and see if any of the tips help you in your quest for love.

Make it Happen

Time for that smile! There she is. Over there by the Coke machine. Uh oh, she’s looking at you. What are you going to do now? Smile, for Pete’s sake, smile! See there? She smiled back. Continue to make eye contact and walk over and say hi. Play like your just getting a Coke if you want to. If you two have never really been introduced, tell her your name and she’ll tell you hers. Keep smiling. You’re shaking a little, but she probably is too.

Now say something. ALMOST anything will do. Don’t be nasty or act like a fool, just ask her if she saw the latest movie. She WILL answer, I guarantee it.

Okay, now you know she saw the new movie and she hasn’t run away. As you stand beside her (in a full, upright position), compliment her on something. Is she wearing a necklace? Tell her it looks good on her. You’re not trying to convey how nice the necklace is, you’re telling her how nice SHE looks while wearing it. It’s called flattery and flattery will get you a long way if it’s sincere.

If she has a hubcap dangling from her neck, don’t use this tactic. She’ll know it looks stupid and that you’re just trying to hit on her. Sincerity is the key.

Getting Her Attention

By now, she’s paying close attention to you. She sees that you took the trouble to shave this morning and your hair is clean. She also is noticing your big toe isn’t sticking out the front of your shoe and your clothes are clean. She also hasn’t been repulsed by your body odor or bad breath. So far, so good. Go in for the kill and ask her out for Saturday night. Go ahead, it won’t kill you, I promise. See? She said yes and now you got your self a date!

If you want to impress a girl, you have to treat her right. Treating her right means you go to her place and pick her up for your date. You don’t meet a date at the movies, you TAKE a date to the movies. Show up on time, showered, wearing clean clothes and looking your best.

You needn’t dress-up; just look as good as you can in decent clothes. It’s at this point where you may have to meet the parents. Just smile and introduce yourself and they’ll do the same. I suggest you don’t touch your date in any manner during this first meeting. This may cause the parents to become concerned, as they may have never witnessed their daughter with a boy before.

Make Her Comfortable

To be honest, your date may still be on the fence regarding her attraction to you. This is your first date together and she’s giving you a chance to prove you’re a good guy. You’ll accomplish this by trying to keep the date upbeat and fun. No drama is necessary and the more fun you both have, the better the outcome will be. She’s looking for a guy that is fun to be with and is respectful.

By respectful, I mean you keep your hands to yourself and just enjoy the movie. Now what? The movie was good and you both exit the theatre feeling great about how the evening is turning out. A short walk to get an ice cream or a bite to eat after the movie gives you both a chance to have a lighthearted conversation about the movie or anything else that comes to mind.

If it appears she’s comfortable being with you, you might try holding her hand. If she lets you, that’s great. If she avoids it or pulls her hand back – no biggie, it just means she’s not ready and it shouldn’t be taken personally. You might try to lighten things up and say you weren’t going to drag her off to another country, you were just trying to hold hands. She’ll probably laugh and offer you her hand back.

Keep Your Face Clean

You have ice cream on your face. No you don’t, but use your napkin occasionally to be sure. You aren’t having an ice cream eating contest with your buddies, so slow down and enjoy your time together. After all, the sooner your done, the sooner your dates over. This is a great time to ask her about school, her hobbies, etc. The more she talks, the less you have to and generally speaking, girls like to talk. This isn’t the time to try and impress your date with tales of your wild exploits and it certainly isn’t the time to talk about other girls you’ve dated. In fact, it’s never the time to talk about others you’ve dated.

Open the Door

Yes, the girl is quite capable of opening her own door, but this simple act separates the men from the boys, so to speak. It’s as much part of a date as a movie is. It shows you value your time with her and that she can count on you to do the right thing. She will probably giggle when you do it and giggling is music to a first-time dater.

Be Mature

Great, you car has more horsepower than anyone else’s at school. This doesn’t mean you drive your date home like a madman. Driving fast is a sign of immaturity and that’s not the signal you’re trying to send. Drive home sanely and enjoy the company you have. Why would you want it to end any earlier than absolutely necessary?

Walk her to the door. When you pull up to your date’s house, turn off the engine and talk for a while. When it’s apparent that she needs to get inside, tell her to wait a second so you can open her door. Not only does your date like it, but the parents peeking through the curtains will be impressed. Walk her to the door and when it’s time to say goodnight, ask her if you can have a hug.

A hug is a personal act, but not as personal as a kiss. Since you asked permission, she will likely say yes. Give her a quick hug and tell her what a good time you had. Chances are she’ll say the same and you leave the date on a good note.

Now What?

You’ve survived your first date and are now wondering what to do next. If you like the girls after going out with her, chances are you’ll want to do it again. If you go to the same school and see her occasionally, try to find a time when she’s alone and not in part of a group. Be casual about it. A simple hello will do. You’re not in position yet to be too familiar with her and you don’t want to come across as possessive. Besides, you really don’t know what her impression is of you after the big date.

You need to find out though, so strike up a conversation and see how she reacts. If she seems happy to see you, that’s a good sign and everything will be easy. If she seems embarrassed by seeing you, or appears to avoiding you, chances are this girls not the one and it’s best to continue your search for the perfect girl.

You’re a nice guy, so let’s assume your date is still interested and you have set up another date for next week. You will now be entering each other’s circle of friends as you see each other more and it’s essential you know how to act. When meeting her friends for the first time, you should try to just be yourself. There’s no need to show off or act aloof. The girl wants her friends to meet the same guy that she likes, so be on your best behavior around the friends and she will likely do the same around yours.

Keep Your Friends in Control

Before introducing your new girlfriend to your friends, it may be necessary to tell your buddies to act like gentlemen. Often, guys that are new to the dating scene don’t really know how to act around girls and will end up coming off like jerks because they don’t know how else to act.

By talking to your friends ahead of time and letting them know that you expect them to be nice to your new girl, you’ve put them on notice and they will probably behave ok. It might also be a good idea to explain that she has friends that may be interested in them, IF your girlfriend tells them they are good guys. A bad report from your girlfriend, on the other hand, will ensure they never get a date from anyone in her circle of friends.

Although you have both met each other’s friends, chances are you won’t be hanging out with them that much while together. You’ll still have your buddies to pal around with and so will she. You aren’t giving up on your friends just because you’re dating someone.

You’ll still see them a lot, but mostly alone and not as a couple. It’s good that each person has their own friends and interests and doesn’t rely only on the companionship of each other. This is a sign of a healthy relationship.

Things Just Aren’t Working Out

After a few dates, one or both of you have decided your relationship just isn’t working out and you decide to go your separate ways. That’s fine. It’s best to break things off early than stay in a relationship that is becoming unraveled. Cut the ties as cleanly and quickly as possible. If it can end on a good note, that’s great. They often don’t, but if you rise to the occasion and be a true gentleman throughout the breakup, it will be best for both of you.

Now that you’re single again, there are still some rules from the last relationship that have to be honored. First off, NEVER badmouth your ex. Your buddies will want to call her names behind her back and you’ll be tempted to reveal things about her that are no one’s business.

Don’t stoop to doing immature things just because someone broke up with you. If you just go on with your life as if nothing happened, you’ll be much better off. People (especially girls), will be watching how you handle the break-up. If they see you going on with your life and demonstrating no hard feelings, they will consider that a great trait. No one will want to go out with you in the future if their dirty laundry might be aired if they break up with you.

Back in the Saddle

Life will probably seem different for you now. You’ll be more at ease talking with girls and with that ease will come more and more opportunities. Other girls that know you were dating will start to pay more attention to you now that they know you treat a girl well and may become interested in dating you themselves.

Watch for new signals coming from girls that you may have known for years in school. If one seems a little more friendly and approachable than she used to, this is a sign that she may want to date you herself. Be friendly in return and see where things lead.

Now What?

If you’ve followed the ideas outlined earlier and are smiling your way to new relationships, you may think you know all there is on how to impress a girl. Well, you might know more than when you started, but you are by no means an expert yet. You soon will be, though and the following tips will take you even further along the dating trail.


Do you like to be told you’re a good looking guy? Of course you do and so does every other guy in the world. No one likes compliments more than your girl, however. Compliments are free and they’re easy, so give them out often! You can never go wrong with telling a girl how pretty she looks. Or, if your just learning your way around girls, tell her how pretty she looks in her new top. This way, it’s not quite as personal as just telling her you think she’s attractive.

Give a Gift

Picking a flower on the way to her house and handing it to her on her doorstep is one of the most romantic things a guy can do. Sure, it didn’t cost anything, but the value lies in the act itself. All girls appreciate little tokens from their dates and it will go a long way in impressing her.

Write a Poem

Seriously. You’re a poet and don’t even know it. Sure, the little poem you wrote probably sounds like it was written by a third grader, but it doesn’t matter. If it makes her smile or laugh, it has done its job. Do not underestimate the power of a poem. It was written only for her and she knows it and appreciates it.

Random Act of Kindness

If there’s something that she might need a little help with, lend her a hand. If you noticed last time you drove with her that her car was pretty dirty, stop by on a Saturday afternoon and wash the car for her - or with her. While you’re doing it, go ahead and detail it and make it look its best. When her friends hear you washed her car, there will be a few boyfriends around town in hot water for not being as caring as you are. These are bonus points that will follow you for a long time.

Keep Your Friends

Just because you have a girlfriend now, there’s no reason to ignore your lifelong pals. In fact it’s crucial you continue with your old circle of friends as you start dating. Not only do you need to enjoy the “guy things” that you and your friends do together, it creates a much needed break for the two of you. You didn’t attract a girl because you lived like a hermit in a cave. You attracted her because you are a well-rounded person with interests of your own. By staying involved in for friend’s lives, you also won’t fall into the trap where you feel you must spend every waking hour with your new mate. Like the song lyrics go: How can I miss you if you won’t go away?

Be Open With Your Parents

They know you’re dating now and are very interested in what you’re up to. By being open and honest with your family, they will be more comfortable with what you’re doing and it will be easier for everyone involved. Make sure the girl you’re dating meet your parents and be sure to invite to a family dinner so everyone gets to meet her and she gets to know everyone. Not only is this common courtesy, it will help stop the constant questions your parents may be asking you.

Meet Her Parents

You don’t need (or want) to be a “secret boyfriend”. Her parents deserve to know who is taking out their daughter. They want to be sure she hasn’t fallen for some creep that doesn’t deserve to date their daughter. Put them at ease and be open with them. This doesn’t mean you have to tell them every deep-down secret you have, but it does mean you answer their questions honestly and help ease their anxiety. A girl’s parents will usually be more lenient with things like curfew times, if they feel comfortable with whom their daughter’s with.

Give Her Space

There will be times when you know something is bothering your girlfriend, but she just won’t talk about it. Ask her if she needs some time to work things out. If she says she does, give it to her. This is great time to get your mind off what’s going on and gives you the chance to hook up with your circle of friends.

By detaching yourself from the situation and staying busy, you will be less concerned about what’s going on and your girlfriend can sort things out in her own way. It’s important to know that we can’t always fix things and make them right again. Sometimes, time alone is the answer.

Support Her

If her dream is to become a doctor someday, do whatever you can to help her achieve her goal. Don’t be upset if she needs to study, but you want to go to the beach with her. Instead, go to the beach with your friends and let her do what she needs to. Ask her if there is any way you can be of help to her, like reading her questions. If there’s nothing you can do, sometimes supporting her means leaving her alone.

Not the Answers You Were Expecting?

It’s not surprising if the advice given here doesn’t match up with your expectations. The media would have you believe that you need to wear just the right shoes, just the right jeans, etc. in order to be found attractive to the opposite sex.

The truth is, most of the fads in clothing are for people that don’t have their own tastes to rely on. It’s merely propaganda to sell you things and has little to nothing to do with your success in attracting a girl. Believe me, if the brand of shoes you wear is a deal killer with a girl, you don’t want anything to do with her. It means she’s still immature and is incapable of wanting the right things from a guy.

Money is another area that you shouldn’t concern yourself with. Again, if you need to spend lots of money on a girl to make her happy, just keep looking.

There are plenty of girls that don’t care about money and would love to be with a guy that spends quality time, not money, on her. Again, money is a substitute for guys that don’t have a great personality and know how to treat girls well. By becoming an attentive, supportive friend to girls, the doors to dating will fling open with countless possibilities.

It Works Both Ways

The traits that attract great girls to your side will also attract not-so-great ones as well. Just because a girl seems to like you, doesn’t mean you are obligated to reciprocate. After all, you have developed strengths that are worthy of quality companionship and there is no need to settle for anything but a girl that not only appreciates these qualities, but possesses many of them herself.

You aren’t looking for a needy, narrow-minded girlfriend; your looking for a strong, independent girl that compliments your own personality and makes you a better person.

If, after a date or two, you notice that something’s just not going right, trust your gut and end the relationship. Your inner voice is telling you that this isn’t the right girl for you and it’s a good idea to take its advice. A good relationship leaves you wanting more and excited about the prospects of a future with the girl. A poor relationship results in sleepless nights and worrying about your future.

Use Your New Skills Wisely

Don’t let the fact that you seem very attractive to girls now go to your head. In fact, if it does, you’ll soon find yourself wanting for company again. The girls aren’t starting to feel attracted to you because you’re a cocky fool.

They’re attracted to you because you’re a nice guy and know how to make a girl feel special and cared for. It’s important you keep your head on straight and take your relationships serious. A real man doesn’t cheat on his partner just because he has a chance. A real man avoids situations while in a relationship that puts his loyalty in jeopardy.

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