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  • Name: Inalisi
  • Creator: Ali
  • Languages: Common, Gelthen Demonic, Demonic, Althe, Vayal, T'hayr
  • Homeworld: Presumed Gelthe
  • Population: Unknown, assumed millions to billions
  • Availability: None

Appearance and Physiology

The Inalisi, being a conceptual rather than physical race, do not have a single distinct appearance. Anything and anyone, with the general exception of truly divine entities, can become an Inalisi, via their mark.

All Inalisi have some form of the Mark of the Inalisi, usually in the form of scars or tattoos on their body. They also all generally possess greater strength and stamina than their original species, and many powerful Inalisi even become protean, able to change their form intuitively at will.

As they are demons, they have a wide variety of supernatural senses and have an intuitive understanding of how to manipulate and disrupt. Many are combinations of humanoid and animal, sometimes with horrific, chimeric bodies.


All Inalisi share capabilities unique to their race, and many have a specific elemental alignment.

Mark of the Inalisi

Inalisi have the ability to place an intricate seal on someone, afflicting them with a curse. The curse behaves like a kind of magical virus, feeding on the marked's energy, amplifying negative aspects of their personality and strengthening their abilities.

The Mark can be considered an infant Inalisi, as it has a complex life of its own. It corrupts mind, body, and soul, growing over time. It is the intermediary for the Will of the Inalisi, forming the basic soul link which becomes the Will.

It is very difficult to fight and even harder to remove, as when it is cast, it taps into the very life force of its victim and becomes a part of them. Normally, the only way to eliminate the Mark is to die, relying on the Mark's parasitic nature to eliminate it. In rare cases with an already damaged soul, it can be possible to remove the Marked portion without the victim's death - however, this leaves the victim psychically wounded for the rest of their life. It can also be eliminated with the death of the original caster, provided the victim has not become fully Inalisi.

Will of the Inalisi

The Inalisi have a form of hive mind, a sub-telepathic link to their fellow demons. The Will makes every individual Inalisi aware of all other Inalisi's experiences and emotions. Particularly powerful or skilled Inalisi can even dominate or control their fellows via the Will, and the progenitor of all Inalisi quietly and subtly exercises her influence over the entire race through the Will, giving them their unique characteristics.

The formation of the Will is the threshold at which an entity is fully Inalisi.


Inalisi can form the Will into a dangerous psychic attack, designed to heavily wound a foe's soul and make them more susceptible to the Mark. Because of the soul-aligned nature of the Will and consequently the Soulrend blades, the attack is virtually impossible to defend against, and damage caused by it is very difficult to heal.

Deafening Shriek

When angered or in pain, an Inalisi will unleash an unearthly scream, tapping into their demonic nature and the many senses and energies available to them to momentarily overwhelm a foe.


Despite their nature as beings of chaos, the Inalisi have a culture of their own, strongly focused on the supremacy of their race and domination of others, a cultural manifestation of their shared Will. They share a reverence for a figure known as the Master, the Black One, or the Dark Lady, the original Inalisi and progenitor of the race.

Individual Inalisi are very proud and selfassured, never admitting weakness. They are also as a rule manipulative, many sadistically so. There is a certain degree of insanity to individual Inalisi, as being subject to the Will wears down an individual's mind if they are not strong enough to control large numbers of their fellows through it.


The known history of the Inalisi is an undercurrent to the mythological history of Gelthe. Inalisi are seemingly always present, operating from the shadows. The Inalisi eventually drew Gelthe into an apocalyptic war that terminated on the Last Day, with the demons as the overwhelming victors.

They have been present in Gelthe over the course of three of the four worlds, a span of time probably in the hundreds of millions of years, perhaps longer.


Inalisi do not have a government per se, generally existing as anarchy. However, because of their hive mind, they have a strong and unified identity. Individually strong Inalisi are followed without question, through dominating the will of the race as a whole.

Inalisi are known to disrupt and subvert standing governments to further their own power.


  • Aurkura Inalis
  • Sceaduir Inalisi
  • Haldech Inalisi
  • Pi'cev Inalisi
  • Alusirisst Inalisi
  • Rybal Vesthre Inalisi
  • Sodos
  • Kaavrak Inalisi
  • Xestos Inalisi
  • Yextan jin'Inalisi
  • Yoraghel Vhestan Inalisi
  • Vhinalan Inalisi

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