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Welcome to the office.

This is Inkmotewiki? a personal archive for Mu and Fu's characters, stories, and ideas. All works you see here are copyright to the original owners and are subject to change as desired. Below is a list of relevant, quick links for navigation convenience. Feel free to look around and browse the content to your heart's content. Note: Actual content is not up yet.

  • Introduction: What exactly Inkmote is and how the system functions.
  • Credits: A little bit about the authors and artists behind these works.
Original Projects
  • Heritage: In an age where being a Knight wasn't just a figure of speech, a rag-tag duo find themselves in more than just a tenuous friendship- their heritage will lead them into places they'd never dreamed of. Obscure time periods were never quite as much fun as this.
  • Wishbringer: Alterris is a floating continent of crossroads, where the hierarchy of militarial magic holds a tyrannical grip on the foundations of new technology. When a cursed artifact turns up in the hands of a jypsy, the government decides to intervene. Russian Roulette, anyone?
  • Cantumwood: The Great Spirit knows all that goes on in the wood, yet the stigma attatched to spiritual teachings makes many animals doubt his existence. With a growing threat to the North, the wood is embroiled in a time of estranged peace... that is, until the Nymphs were born.
  • Djinn of Malagil: When the world was young, it was once ruled by creatures made of quintessence; intangible shapeshifters called Djinn. But when the dominion of man spread, the Djinn faded into obscurity. A scientist discovers the presence of these ancient beings by accident, and wants to know more...
  • As of yet unnammed : Wondering if you still use this, Mu, but this would be the shop. :>
Fan Projects
  • Deuces Wild: An original FFXI fanfiction. A tale about how the differences in a person can affect the world around them, and make inevitable tragedy all the sweeter.
  • Untitled: A Phoenix Wright fanfiction, centering on how even the best laid plans can go awry from the small misunderstandings in life.

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