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JL-mass is the celebration of the great leader of The Reformed States (full name People's Democratic Republic of the Reformed States of Eurasia) JLW, held on odd years counting from Year 17 of our Leaders. The festival is held at the end of the year, at the conclusion of the Quater of Happiness (see The Calendar of the Reformed States). On even years, JS-Mass is celebrated in honour of JSI, the other great leader of The Reformed States, who together with JLW constitutes the dual dictatorship of the states.

During JL-mass; Pink Floyd, Lemon Jelly, Air, that song from the ABC ads, Handel, Chopin, Pachelbel, Crowded House and Talking Heads is played in the streets while the people dance and proceed in huge floats honouring the glory of the state and the leaders. Fine wines from all over the states flow as the people make merry and celebrate their brothership under the eternal, blazing banner of The People's Democratic Republic of the Reformed States of Eurasia.

Every 17 and 50 years, JS-Mass and JL-Mass occur at the same time in a dazzlingly brilliant festival called the Beuno Festive d'Eurasia (and in some areas the Festive d'Triumphe). These occasions are true testament to the magnificence of The Reformed States and their benevolent rulers.

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