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Jason (character)

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  • Name: Jason Kizumet
  • Nicknames: Jas (by friends), Kizumet (usually by enemies), Jazz (Dues), Fuzzball (Yazoo)
  • Sex: Male... usually.
  • Age: 29
  • Race: Kizumetian
  • Height: 5'9"
  • Weight: 182
  • Hair color: Black with dyed red streaks.
  • Eye color: Sapphire blue
  • Fur color: Red orange/slate gray
  • Home World: Valgris
  • Player: ZMetalla
  • Theme: The Skies Above by The Black Mages


Born to the at the time Princess Haz'l Kizumet on Valgris, he was sent away as a baby to an orphanage outside the kingdom for his own safety against forces that wanted him dead. It was requested that his original name be kept in his knowledge for future purposes. When he was young, he was interdimensionally warped, which would change his boring, orphan's life. Many events passed, and Jason, in his travels, eventually stumbled upon the Lodge and has been a frequent resident since.

While intelligent and usually friendly and quite loyal, Jason also has arrogant and violent streaks, especially when it comes to his enemies, and depite his intelligence, he can sometimes be a bit dense. He can be friendly one moment and not the next, depending on who he's dealing with. He's also somewhat of a pervert, and has an ever-growing collection of H-doujinshi.

Jason has had several girlfriends in the past, including Malise and Rheannon, and is currently living with his fiancee, Darlene Udall.



Jason is an anthropomorphic, two-tailed fox with red-orange and gray fur, whose outfit usually consists of jeans, a black t-shirt adorned with a skull insignia, and a long, crimson duster trenchcoat that as given to him by a pair of vampire hunter friends (which is actually their trademark), and a pair of hiking boot/sneaker hybrid shoes with a flame motif. His hair is black, shin-length, flowing, and wispy, although he did cut it shorter at one point, but the shortness was reverted, though he has kept the red streaks that he got when he shortened it. His eyes are an intense sapphire blue; which turn purple, even crimson when he is angry enough.


A female form given to Jason when he irritated a friend, and then made almost permanent when an evil being cursed him into the form and attached it to the soul of Lavos, effectively making Jason female until Lavos could be defeated. Unfortunately, Jenn was sent back in time by Lavos and would up stuck as a female for several years. Her appearence is exactly the same as Jason's aside from being a busty female. The form was also accessable before the curse, but in a wholly different way, and was another person using Jason's body.

As an unintended side effect, Jason can still turn female if he so wishes.

Jenn (Liche variant)

A form given to Jenn during the Double Auras Saga, gradually, by the Ancient, Ulyaoth. During earlier years, Jason was a servant to the Ancient, but decided to leave servitude, but Ulyaoth would call on him (or her, rather) again in Double Auras. The form basically turned her into an undead whose main source of attack is spines and bones. At the peak of the transformation, she is a spine-laden, skeletal, multi-armed kitsune/conch shell centaur creature. The form was purged and erased near the end of the saga.

Lightslayer Avatarum

Jason is also the avatar of the light-destroying demon turned good, Unagi. While Unagi's powers are sealed and his own body cannot use them, Jason can. With this form, his fur gains a blood red color rather than red-orange, his eyes turn crimson, and he gains a large boost in power, especially darkness.

The most striking feature of the form is the black-purple aura of darkness that flows around him, and the two pairs of gigantic energy wings that come from the back of the aura, each wing has a single, green eye made out of chaos energy. This form has the side effect of making him more aggressive, and it can make him lose control of himself, turning him into a berserk, insane, destructive force.

Combat Style

Jason knows a varied range of combat styles from his travels and experiences, mostly schools of swordsmanship, martial arts, stealth, and various magics.

Physically, Jason is a master of the blade, and usually prefers Asian-style swords, although his main weapon is actually a combination of the katana and european longsword (in real life terms). He can focus energy into his swings and slashes to create cutting energy shockwaves (that are coined as "slashwaves" in ECRPG lingo) to strike at an enemy if he doesn't feel like getting in close quarters. Because of the energetic nature, he, and others can imbue different elemental properties to these slashes. He has also created several different personal techniques and patterns to them, such as his "X-Slash" maneuver.

Aside from his sword, for blades, he also has a pair of stiletto knives that he keeps in the wrists of his jacket. He doesn't use them very often, unless he really feels like doing so or absolutely has to. Like his sword techniques, he can imbue them with elemental properties.

He also knows several other close combat methods, mostly dealing with the use of his legs, and sometimes his bare hands. Like his stilettos, he doesn't use them quite as often as his sword.

Magically, Jason would be considered a Red Mage of sorts, knowing both offensive and defensive magic. Most of his spells revolve around healing, fire, holy, and thunder-elemental properties, and knows several schools of magic from varying worlds, including but not limited to Psynergy, Final Fantasy-style, and his homeland's Kizumetian Magic. Also, recently he has started to deal in the ballistics-like magical art favored by Gensokyo residents - Danmaku.

However, a bit more importantly, he knows a bit of techniques in Chaosamancy, enough to be considered a Discoordinate, and is currently an apprentice and potential successor to Chaos God Ori Halconis. He mostly uses it for motion and timespace manipulation purposes, but does know several offensive (and sometimes quite potent) techniques as well, along with healing and matter manipulation.

Jason usually prefers offense to defense, sometimes to a fault, and is known to sometimes have violent or berserk episodes while fighting, though he is trying to remedy this. Despite this, he can be rather stealthy when he wants to.


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