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Jason the IX

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Also known as Jason Argot, short name Jason.

Jason the IX
<b>The Centurion Cycle</b>
First Appearance: Book I Chapter 01
Character Types: Damsel in Distress, Feral Child
Physical Information
Age: 5
Born: Qul Tos city, Qul Tos
Blood Type: no information
Gender: male
Eyes Description: emerald green
Hair Description: long brown hair
Skin Description: perfect and smooth; milk white
Family Information
Children: none
Parents: Agamemnon & Eleanor
Siblings: none
Partner(s): none
Skill Information
Language(s): Mord
Job(s): none
Weapon(s): none
Other Skill(s): none
Social Information
Alias(es): Crown Prince, Jason Argot
Nation: Qul Tos
Organization(s): none
Race: Legatio
Information as when character first introduced in the story
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Jason the IX is the main protagonist of The Centurion Cycle series.

General Description

The son of Queen Eleanor of Qul Tos and the Centurion General, Agamemnon, Jason Argot was the center of a dispute between his parent that eventually became known as the War of the Labyrinth Tower which would last well through all of Jason's childhood and into his early years as a young man.

Raised more like a prisoner than a prince, Jason's adventures in the land of Ares are seen through clear and unbiased eyes as he tries to figure out for himself what it means to be a man with the Centurion Philip as his role model. The Centurion Cycle is in fact the story of Jason and Philip as they both try to understand what it means to be two men in love and all the complications and joys such feelings cause both of them. As a couple the they are one of several relationships between characters which look into the lifestyle of the modern gay man but as the blank slate character, it is Jason's experiences among the Centurions which give the primary view for the reader.

Character Development

Book I: Qul Tos

Conceived as part of a bargain between Queen Eleanor and General Agamemnon after the Confederacy's defeat at the Battle of the Gate. Jason spent the first five years of his life hidden away from the eyes of the royal court and Tosian people as his mother did not wish for it to be known she had given birth to a boy instead of a daughter. General Agamemnon knowing he could have only have fathered a son comes for Jason with an army of Centurion warriors to support him. Eleanor, however, fearing she would lose her place as Regent if the crown prince is taken from her strikes a bargain with the general where he agrees to kill off her enemies in return for the boy.

When Agamemnon sees the poor treatment his son has suffered under Eleanor's care he attempts to kill the queen only to die himself of the [Centurion 40 Year Curse]. With the general dead Eleanor makes the fatal mistake of having Agamemnon's body butchered and thrown over the city's walls. This makes any peaceful agreement between the queen and the Centurions impossible.

For the next fifteen years Jason is forced to live as a prisoner on the highest level of the famed Labyrinth Tower while the Centurions maintain their siege. During those years he is forced to dress like a girl and is kept weak do to cold and hunger. His only friend amongst his mother's female guard is their captain, Melissa, who attempts to free Jason at the cost of her own life.

Soon after Melissa's death Jason is freed from his prison by the man who will forever change his life, the Centurion Commander, Philip. With Philip Jason sees with his own adult eyes what a true warrior looks like and finds himself desiring to mimic and be loved by his savior.

At the end of Book I Jason's own vitality is restored when Philip gives him the anima of the Centurion Sergeant Horn whom he defeated in the dueling circle.

Book II: Domus

Development in book II.

Book III: The Academy

Development in book III.

Book IV: Angels and Demons

Development in book IV.

Book V: Road to the Future

Development in book V.


Latest information on the character.

Complete Information

Complete information of the character according to latest storyline.

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