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JCrew Coupons

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The Background of J.Crew

This clothing retailer offers a large assortment of men’s, women’s, and children’s apparel, along with accessories and other items. These articles include outwear, loungewear, shoes, belts, bags, and even wedding attire and accessories.

The company works through a number of sources such as retail stores in malls, clearance, factories, catalogs, and online. There is an estimate of about 320 stores throughout the United States, updated in January 2010.

The History and Growth of J.Crew

While there weren’t any stores of the name J.Crew until the 80s, the first store opened by the founders was in 1947 and called Popular Club Plan. The founders were Saul Charles and Mitchell Cinader and they got their name out through doing in-home demonstrations of clothing as a means of marketing. The 80s were the start of catalog retailer, so Charles and Cinader were quick to jump on board converting Popular Club Plan to catalogs.

They begin mailing to customers in 1983 and continued all the way until 1989 with the same name. Their customer focus was on upper-middle-class, going for a Ralph Lauren style at a more affordable price.

Their annual sales boomed from about $3 million to over $100 million in just five years time. 1989 was the year that Charles and Saul changed the name to J.Crew and opened their first retail store. From that point on, the company grew larger and expanded to a number of retail stores and issues 24 editions of the J.Crew catalog, distributing over 80 million copies.

J.Crew’s Place in Clothing Today

There are a number of things that J.Crew is recognized for, including specific articles of clothing and styles as well. Many brides flock to J.Crew while planning their wedding due to the assortment of wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, suits, and a large number of accessories. Most of the wedding attire is fairly affordable for the quality and each offers a clean and minimalistic style for the modern bride. A piece of clothing that is recognized continuously for being a J.Crew staple is the cardigan.


This retailer offers a large range of colors and materials for their cardigans, each offering a nice fit that looks stylish and isn’t too pricey for the quality. J.Crew prides their store on offering timeless pieces that possess the classic style of Ralph Lauren and other upper class retailers, while being more affordable.

Checking out Retail Locations

Many people are curious about whether any locations from J.Crew stand out from others. A great retail store to check out is located in South Street Seaport of downtown Manhattan, NY. This is because the store is the first one opened by J.Crew all the way back in 1989.

While it is not the biggest J.Crew store in the United States, it remains to be very popular since it is the first one opened and carries that history inside. Many of the bigger cities in the US have large J.Crew retail stores available for customers that want to check out a larger selection of clothing person versus going online or flipping through a catalog.

Popular Sales Taking Place

Many people are curious about if discounts are available for J.Crew to help bring down the cost of clothing. While J.Crew regularly has a sale section on their website and in their retail stores, they also offer sales throughout the year for particular seasons. For example, each May J.Crew offers a spring sale with an assortment of colorful clothing and fun patterns discounted. Following summer, a lot of dresses are offered and pieces designed for warmer weather.

Due to the classic look of many of their clothes, a lot of people decide to stock up during these sales and keep those articles tucked away until the weather is appropriate again. Occasionally, J.Crew will offer sales marking anniversaries of the company bringing down the price greatly to loyal customers as a ‘thank you’ for their business.

Finding Discounts from J.Crew

A great way to help lower the cost of clothing from J.Crew is through joining their email club. When visiting a retailer, it is likely that the cashier asks a customer if they want to sign up for emails. An individual can also sign up online at their website to receive emails.

J.Crew will regularly send out messages alerting customers of any upcoming sales and coupon codes available to help save money. These discounts can vary anywhere from a large variety of articles discounted greatly to pieces being discontinued and only available for a short period of time. Occasionally, J.Crew will put out a coupon code to receive free shipping online or get discounts on certain articles of clothing.

Savings can also be found through flipping through a catalog and checking for any discounts of clothing or coupon codes that can be applied to he;p bring down the cost. When J.Crew offers a new line of clothing or accessories, such as their new handbag line, they offer discounts to help encourage customers to check out the new stock and buy something for their self.

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