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Project Jedburgh (CH: 嘉保会议) was hosted by Jiajia over the summer between grade 11 and grade 12, sometime close to the final week of August, 2006 before school. The party was supposed to serve as a farewell to Chucky (leaving for U of T the next day) and Oleg (Yet to leave). Quit your bitchin MF, with this party in August, a six month gap won't occur until February. Again, this was a hybrid party, featuring non-VGOC mombers and no Video Games

Guest List

MF and Nick at Jedburgh

I may have forgotten people, sorry.

  • Hope
  • Zhang
  • MF (Left to go to work, came back for half an hour)
  • Nick
  • Li
  • Oleg
  • Rocky
  • Hank
  • Colin
  • Ken
  • Chucky (Left early to go to bed)
  • Jason
  • Rachel
  • u forgot the kid that no one knew ~9_9
  • Nah he didn't come to this one


Primary activities consisted of Flags, Soccer, Kickball, Fireworks, Mafia, and a Fire. Although Jiajia and Hope are infamous pyrotechnics, Rocky insisted he was more adept at building a fire. This, coupled with his inability to ignite a barbecue lighter and fear of fireworks, resulted in much amusement. Another activity, started by Hope, involved lighting one end of a rolled up flyer to blow smoke rings. However, this failed experiment only resulted in inhaling smoke for everyone who tried.

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