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Jimmy Johns Coupons

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From humble beginnings, Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwiches has grown from a shop in Elgin, Illinois to over 1000 stores in 39 states. Featuring the best ingredients available and fresh-baked bread on the premises, Jimmy John's now boasts 25 different gourmet sandwiches at a very affordable price. They also pride themselves on speed with a tagline that reads, “Subs so fast you'll freak!” Jimmy John's unconventional perspective on business in general and sandwiches in particular has made them a very successful franchise.

Company History

What happens to a nineteen-year old boy who graduates second to last in his class at Elgin Academy and is given the choice of joining the Army or starting a business? Well, if you're Jimmy John Liataud, you choose to start a business. It was originally suggested by his father, who loaned Liataud the initial investment, to start a hot dog business. If he was successful, he would basically share the company with his father, and if not, he was to join the Army.

Instead of hot dogs because the start-up expenses were twice the amount of the loan, Liataud decided to open a sandwich shop. A neighbor told him the secret to the success of a sandwich shop was in the bread, and Liataud took that opinion to heart.

He checked out four books from the library and started developing the perfect bread recipe from his mother's kitchen and chose the best four sandwiches as voted on by his friends and family to start. In order to be competitive, he decided to target the college crowd, offering a delivery service other businesses didn't and sharing free samples with anyone who was willing to eat them. Because of his emphasis on the best ingredients possible, the delivery service and cheap prices, his sandwiches were a smash hit.

The Best of the Best

Jimmy John's specializes in “gourmet” sandwiches, although he admits he doesn't know what “gourmet” means and chose the adjective because his mother told him to and instead says his subs are “tasty”. The secret is indeed in the bread, which is baked fresh on the premises of each location.

Jimmy Johns

Additionally, Jimmy John's uses the best ingredients available for the sandwiches – the turkey is real turkey, the roast beef is real roast beef.

There are no fillers and everything is fresh. Meat and vegetables are sliced up daily, not in advance. The menu is strictly subs and sandwiches – no fancy soups or sides. Sandwiches is what they do, and they do them very, very well.

Where To Find Jimmy John's

Currently there are 1000 locations of Jimmy John's in 29 states. The company has consistently opened 220+ stores every years for the last three years, with about 1500 more planned. Still targeted toward the college crowd, the proclamation on the website states, “Established in 1983 in Charleston, IL to add to students GPA and general dating ability.” Dating ability may be up for debate, but because the subs can be delivered without disrupting study time, Jimmy may have a point about the GPA.

Let's Celebrate!

Jimmy John's appreciates their customers and show it often with Customer Appreciation Days, where Jimmy John's coupons and discounts are offered. Often they will sell their sandwiches for a mere dollar, so check with the local shop for these deals. Jimmy John's coupons are often offered when a new shop opens up, and you can also buy gift cards for guaranteed delicious meals.

Join The Club

Jimmy John's also offers an exclusive membership. It's free to sign up, and you'll receive a newsletter with breaking news about the company and Jimmy John's coupons. There is also Jimmy John's merchandise available for the die-hard fans from hats to tee-shirts to boxer shorts.

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