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Project Journey marks the 50th official VGOC gathering. It took place between June 19 and 22, 2009. It was the first full-fledged VGOC-sanctioned travel project, the destination being Edmonton. VGOC stayed in Lister Centre, the residence in which Jiajia and Rachel live in while attending their studies at the UofA.

A previous incarnation of Project Journey


Unfortunately, not all of VGOC was able to attend Project Journey. Here are the guests and their methods of arrival.


  • Jiajia (de facto Host)-Basically opened a door.
  • Sarah (who was asleep at the time of VGOC's arrival, but was introduced properly)


  • Hope-VAG Pilot
  • Seanacton-Incompetent Navigator
  • Zhang- Shoulder Fucker, co-pilot.
  • Ken- Master

Dejun Mobile

  • Rachel - likes Dim Sum
  • Dejun - ditched Rachel for "Arab Guys"

The following is a breakdown of the events as they occured:


  • 7:30 PM: Zhang in Saskatoon from Yorkton, calls S'nac to enquire as to schedule for departure, none is known. He is told to prepare for 8:30 departure.
  • 8:30 PM: Chun arrives at S'nac's to exchange cars and throw Hope, Ken, and S'nac's stuff into the Van of Awesome Greatness
    • Hope does not bring his speakers, we borrow Peter Acton's.
  • 9:00 PM: The VAG arrives at Zhang's house. Zhang is not prepared despite having 1.5 hours (.5 hours more than estimated) to be ready
    • It is discovered that Peter Acton's speakers suck, they are ditched in favour of Zhang's FM transmitter.
  • 9:16 PM: Zhang realizes he has no sleeping bag, the party instead detours to Hope's to grab a spare bag
    • While at Hope's a better speaker system is obtained, and all other methods of sound propagation become obsolete.
  • 9:30 PM: Crew departs for Edmonton, an epic race with the Dejun Mobile (Rachel and Dejun) ensues
  • 10:30 PM: In an effort to stay awake/rock the VAG/annoy Zhang, S'nac invents shoulder fucking.
  • 1:30 AM: Crew arrives in Edmonton, but realizes that none of the VAG crew knows how to reach the U of A campus. Rachel opts to lead the way.
  • 1:35 AM: Two dudes in a black truck pull up beside the Dejun Mobile and proceed to keep pace with them down five city blocks in an attempt to maintain approprite car-to-car flirting distance. Dejun said later: "meh, they were cute."
  • After arrival in Edmonton: Crew bonds and talks about random subjects concerning life and death


On Saturday, VGOC rose early to go shopping. After dining on fried shit from the MAR, VGOC departed for the West Edmonton Mall. The VAG had a difficult time climbing a hill, and almost crashed into an expensive car. VGOC attempted asking for directions from random people on the side of streets, which was ultimately unsuccessful. One of the dudes was wearing a panda-fucking shirt, shouting ensued. Zhang attempted to find directions using Google SMS, does not really succeed. After getting lost and giving up, VGOC returned to Lister, where a McDonalds sponsored map was obtained. Only then, through Hope's driving and Zhang's navigation, did VGOC arrive at its destination successfully. The highlight of West Edmonton Mall was undoubtedly watching two ferrets have a battle in a cage. Opinions were divided as to which ferret was to be deemed the winner, with Zhang supporting the white ferret, while Ken supported the black ferret. VGOC also went to watch sea lions perform in dude mode behind a glass wall.

VGOC then proceeded to the T&T Asian supermarket, and obtained buns, lychees, and some mango jelly (guodong). Zhang purchased KISSME-brand "Dried Squid Flakes", much to the disgust of Sarah (although these were enjoyed by much of the crew). Superstore and the nearby liqour store were also visited, to lesser excitement - but the SuperStore was white in colour. At SuperStore, while waiting for Sarah and Jiajia to finish their grocery shopping, Hope and Zhang opted to do a social experiment by counting the number of Canadian vs. Non-Canadians walking through the doors of the SuperStore, and determined that the vast majority of the people were Non-Canadian - immigrants or refugees of one type or another.

Determining the location for dinner, and subsequently finding the location proved difficult. After unsuccessfully traversing through various Edmonton roads, Zhang called Rachel's party to meet at 109 St. and 109 Ave., in order to avoid confusion with Street and Avenue names. While waiting for Rachel the group played 5-people mafia - Sarah's inaugural attempt. After controversy surrounding Zhang's method of picking roles as moderator, Seanacton took over as moderator in a game that was handily won by Zhang, who was the lone mafia and tricked everyone. Dinner was eaten at "Bird's Nest Beijing Cuisine", which was mistakenly remembered as "gou ding" (lit. dog ass), and consisted mostly of spicy food. Also present were a few FOBs, none of whose names were remembered. One of them claimed that Beijing's land area was smaller than that of Calgary. Zhang disputed this claim.

Upon returning to Lister, showers were taken and jellys eaten. A visit to local diner/bar Dukes was planned, but fell through when the now decrepid Dukes was found to be closed. Instead, VGOC paid a visit to Liqour Merchants, where Vodka, Beer, and Bambino were purchased. VGOC spent the evening playing Categories, and much fun was had by all. It marked the first night on which Ken openly consumed alcohol. Categories included many one-liner highlights of the night, of which the most prominent was likely Ken's "Life is like a Penis, when it gets hard, just FUCK IT!" to the category "Pick-up Lines". In addition, two new shots were invented, the Mango Jelly Vodka Shot, and the Lychee Eyeball Shot. See Highlights, Jokes, and One Liners for more details.


Some nursing hangovers, VGOC awoke around 11:00 on Sunday to eat Dim Sum. Another Asian Jenny, and her boyfriend Dan were also present. Dan, unlike Seanacton, was not at all versed in Chinese culture. Dim Sum proved annoying when the serving ladies kept assuming we all spoke Cantonese, and did not hesitate to push their wares onto our table. Following Dim Sum, Seanacton's friend Casey was to be picked up. However, due to Seanacton's inability to read maps, this took longer than expected. Jiajia and Sarah stayed back at Lister while VGOC proceeded to play Ultimate, and buy Opa for dinner. The rest of the evening was spent playing Starcraft for some, and homework for others. Sunday also marked the beginning of one of the longest Advance Wars games ever, between Casey, Seanacton, Ken, and Hope. The deadlock began early in the evening and there was no end in sight. The game proceeded until 4AM.


Monday was a day of tearful farewells. Sarah departed at 8:00 AM, while VGOC packed their things and drove away in the VAG around 10:30 (It is discovered that Zhang says repetitive things but is generally ignored, while Sean says repetitive things he is said to be incompetent and insulted by everyone). Jiajia is stuck going to school as usual.

Because the only piece of navigation tool on board the VAG was a McDonald's sponsored map, VGOC fell to corporate marketing by going to McDonald's for breakfast before leaving town. Subsequently, VGOC fueled the VAG at the local DOMO. It was suggested that the name of the gas station sounded Japanese, to which Seanacton remarked "judging by the kangaroo, it's probably not Japanese," referring to the logo.

On the way back, the never-ending game of Advance Wars continued as Zhang drove the VAG between Edmonton to Lloydminster. After Lloydminster, Hope drove for the remainder of the way to Saskatoon. Discussion themes included Starcraft strategy, Leona Lewis, evolutionary biology (particularly the erosion of the Y-chromosomes in human populations leading to a gradual decrease of male births), and prime numbers.

Regrets and Controversy

Lack of Photography

It was regrettable that more photos were not obtained during the trip.

Nature of Ferrets and Winner of their Fight

Who won? Were they even fighting?

The white one was better at hiding, but left its ass open to be yao'ed--Jia² 00:51, 24 June 2009 (UTC)

Pre-Trip Discussion

~Snac: Hey, so we really should be using the FORUM!! We (Bobby) didn't slave over it just to revert back to the wiki format. Anyway, I have added a few things regarding leaving etc. (Not that its that complex, I'm just tired and felt like "helping")

Also, If nothing grand (like paintball for example) is to be done sunday afternoon, I think I will disappear for a bit to go check in with my buddy in Edmonton

YEAH! VAG! ~hopebot

Highlights, Jokes, and One Liners

  • Hope notices communist propaganda poster actually depicts a stylized version of VGOC
  • Ken: "Life is like a penis. When it gets hard, JUST FUCK IT!"
  • Zhang: "K, guys. Taylor Swift is hot."
  • In reference to just about anything: "Gou.", "Ni Ta Ma De Gou.", "THAT is a Gou." etc.
  • Commanding phrases in Chinese
  • Hope and S'nac buy matching drafting pants, while Michael and Jiajia buy off-matching shirts.
  • Michael tells a water pouring server to "gun", meaning "fuck off"
  • Jiajia mentions, within earshot of a store employee, that a bird perch in a cage (amongst other things) resembles a dildo.
  • Ken is dissappointed when "The Ice Palace" turns out to be just a skating rink.
  • VGOC = A bunch of guys who talk like Nick.
  • Jiajia phones Seema in the middle of the night while drunk.
  • Shoulder Fucking
  • JFH
  • Boob Roller!!??!!??
  • Jiajia (while drunk) shouts "YAO!!!" before trying to eat Sarah's arm.
  • Sean and Sarah are drunkenly discussing french verb forms. Jiajia: "K! Stop conjugating with my girlfriend!"
  • "Aladdin", and "Guard from Aladdin"
  • Home-made Twilight Commercial
  • Ken loses his first game of Advance Wars ever. (S'nac > Hope > Ken > Casey)
  • Ken also has his first beer!

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