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Project Juliette was the first VGOC gathering hosted by Photographer Jiajia Sun. It took place over the summer between grade 10 and grade 11, sometime between Jiajia's birthday (August 10) and the first day of school (August 31). Dates from Ice Cream Rocky confirms the date of the party to be August 27, 2005 Although the exact date of the party is forgotten by Jiajia, it most likely occured in the last week before school. Juliette was the first non-sausage fest VGOC gathering, perhaps leading to controversy.

Hybrid Party

Although the party featured most of the prominent members of the VGOC, other non-VGOC were invited, including:

  • Rachel Si
  • Charles Liu Both of whom are now Honorary VGOC, with probationary memberships
  • Jason Niu
  • Kylie Toh
  • Dejun Li
  • The kid no one knows the name of Jiajia often wonders who that kid was. Currently, the only explaination is that his parents found a lonely child wandering the streets at night and invited him in to play poker.


The party featured 2 pizzas, 1 meat lovers and 1 terriyaki chicken, as well as a couple salads and some barbequed chicken. Pop was served.


Some controversy exists as to whether or not Juliette can be considered a true VGOC party. Non-VGOC guests were invited, and no video games were played. However, Jiajia maintains that as long as no one was bored, video games do not truly matter. Probationary member Charles has since then been heard saying how a non-video game party was better, as it gave the chance for guests to actually have a conversation without reffering to each other by Halo 2 names.


Most prominently, activities included Flags, Eating, Mahjong, Poker, Soccer, and conversation.

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