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Justine Hobbes

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  • Name: Justine Hobbes
  • Nicknames: Tergoknight
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 18
  • Race: Human
  • Height: 5'10"
  • Weight: 130 lbs.
  • Hair color: Brown
  • Eye color: Turquoise
  • Skin color: Slightly tanned
  • Home World: Tergos (Medieval-type fantasy world)
  • Player: Tergonaut


Justine Hobbes is just a simple country girl from a village in the Kingdom of Moforia, the daughter of a farmer and a seamstress. Or at least, she used to be before she went on a quest to save her kingdom and inherited the mighty Tergoknight dragon armor. Being raised in the country has made her used to difficult labor; as a farmer she has raised animals and crops, and as a seamstress she has made her own clothes. This also gave her a certain reckless courage as she competed with the local boys, making her an ideal candidate to acquire the Tergoknight armor and save her kingdom. She is a bit of a tomboy, but even though she's had adventures and battles, she's still just a simple girl at heart.


Justine is a human young adult woman, a little taller than some, and with an athletic build. She is well-groomed and prefers to keep her brown hair relatively short, about neck-length, with a braid that circles the back of her head. She tends to wear simple homespun dresses that reach down to her shins, or tunics with leggings when she expects to do hard labor or wear the dragon armor. But she consistently wears a small orange dragon-shaped metal pendant clutching a blue orb. Her voice has a hint of a Scottish, country accent.

When Justine activates the mystical dragon amulet, she is sheathed in metal armor that covers her entire body and becomes Tergoknight. The armor is orange and blue, the symbology being that the orange represents the fire of courage without the implication of unnecessary bloodshed while the blue symbolizes justice and freedom. The armor is intricately designed to resemble a dragon, with the gauntlets forming dragon claws around the fingers while the boots end in long dragon claws. The helmet is somewhat more traditional, using a T-shaped visor to allow the wearer to look outside. Finally, finely-crafted magical metal wings mount the back of the armor. The armor appears with a long, thick lance and a large stylized shield, both of which are heavy to mortal hands, but in the armor they are light and quick like feathers. The bulky armor looks like an extremely muscular human is wearing it underneath, and even the voice of the wearer transforms into a masculine form while echoing out of the visor.

Combat Style

Justine is a strong-willed girl with arms just as strong, but she's a relatively normal girl who learned how to wrestle with boys growing up. She doesn't have much in the way of real martial training; she would probably do as well wielding a large branch as she would with a real sword. Nevertheless, she has a will of steel and a ferocious determination to fight.

As Tergoknight, she is a fearsome warrior. The combined fighting spirit of all previous wearers of the dragon armor empowers her to know how to fight like a veteran royal knight. It magnifies her courage and strength, and she knows how to fight expertly with lance and shield, using the lance like sword and spear both. She can also fly using the armor's wings, which she uses to close with her enemies and use her armored bulk and weapons to best effect. Even without her weapons, Tergoknight has the strength of a full-grown dragon and can lift boulders or cars to launch them at her foes, and she can use her clawed boots to grab things just as well as her gauntlets.

Traits of the Dragon Amulet

The dragon amulet grants the following abilities:

  • Super strength
  • Flight (winged)
  • Immunity to dragon breath attacks
  • Heavy metal armor
  • Enhanced reflexes
  • Dragonsense (acts like Dark Vision)

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