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Shree Kedar Vijay

Chapter five: - (Terrible war of Kedarnath (Jyotiba) with demon Rudhirodgar and he assassinates the demon). Bhairav (Jyotiba) was total one aspect of three virtues Raj, Tam and Satva. He was named Ravleshwar. That Ravaleshwar went to south. That Ravaleshwar came to river Janhavi with his big family. He was accompanied by nine Nath , eight Bhairav , sixteen Siddhis etc. Words are short to describe his army. When the six demons were aware that the god Ravleshwar is coming with his peoples, then they send the demon Rudhirodgar forward to block the way. Rudhirodgar was step brother of demon Raktabhoj and demon Mahishasur send him. Ravaleshwar prepared for war. Their war was tough. Their wrestling war went long for two Prahar time. At last Ravaleshwar grab the leg of demon Rudhirodgar and whirl him in the sky and throw him on the land. As so Rudhirodgar was put to death. Everbody cheered for this first victory of Ravaleshwar. When Ravaleshwar won, the sun also came to see him.

Chapter six:- Kedarnath stayed in Kashi with army of Bhairav. There they establish god Vishwanath. Establishment of Sorti-Somnath and Mahakankal. God Haldhar joines Kedarnath. Army reached to Avantikapuri by travel, march. Story of Kirat clan and Eklawya.

Chapter eight: - (God Jyotiba came to Panchvati (Nasik and Miraj) and killed demon Lavnasur, Tarkasur and Khandar.

Chapter thirteen: - Kalbhairav kills demon Kumbhasur and demon Kothalasur. When heard this news, at that night demon Mhaishasur had very bizarre dream. In that dream he saw death of all demons. Mhaishasur send message through Pushkar to demon Ratnasur and Raktabhoj etc telling detail dream and to become beware.

Chapter sixteen: - Demon Rudhirochan, Dhirochan, Pushkar and Yaksharaj come in airplane of maya. War continued for twenty one days. God Hanuman destroyed the airplane. Akashbhairav kills demon Rudhirochan. God Himkedar kills demon Pushkar and that place where he got killed is today known as Pushkartirtha.

Chapter eighteen: -

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