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Shree Kedar Vijay

Chapter One: - Ouspious start. In olden days Maharshi Vyas rishi told the story of Shree Kedar Vijay to Shukra, later in Badrikashrama Sage Sut told it to Muni (rishi). Jamadagni asked Suta �What is the reason sage Agasti left the holly site of Kashi (Varanasi) and went for pilgrimage to south? Who destroyed the demons, Asura like Raktabij, Raktabhoj, Mhaishasur, Ratnasur, Karvir, and Kolhasur? Sage Sut heard the talk of Jamadagni and said �Son of Agasti, mount Vindhyadri use to go everyday to visit Badrikashram. One day he met Narad muni and they had talk over greatness between mount Vindhyadri and mount Himalaya. Narad muni talked on the advantage of mount Himalya, so mount Vindhyadri became very angry. In rage he came to border of Narmada River and began to swell by body so much that he reached to the sky. Because of bigness of mount Vindhyadri the Sun had disturbance. As so six months passed. Because the Sun was stumbled in north, the south was lost in darkness for six months. Everywhere was chaos and meditation (Jap- Tap), holy bath (Snan � Sndhya) etc all religious arya karma was not performed. Bad entities were strengthening. By forth seeking the future, Shree Mahalakshmi of Kolhapur went to Badrikashram.The demons, Asura began to cover villages one by one. The demons, Asura Raktabij, Kolhasur and Karvir marched on Kolhapur city. The demons, Asura Raktabhoj and Ratnasur surrounded Ratnagiri. ,�The earth went to the king of gods Indra and said, because off mount Vindhyadri (Vindhyachal) the Sun is stumbled. Darkness covered the South. Black magick, violence, hate, jealousy etc all bad did are at their peak. Tyranny rules over the south. Indra assured earth that the son of sage Paungad will destroy these demons, asura.

Chapter two :- ( To request Vindhyadri, Agasti rishi arrives in the south). Hearing to Earth�s grievance Indra said to her, �If Bhraman did trikal ardyadana (the Arya religion ritual to make offering to the sun), then sun will escape from this problem and everything will become well. But because of this ardhyadana demons will get killed. For this later make circle pilgrimage of earth. Those who are unable to circle, they should circle around themselves. When Janmadagni will take avatara in Badrivihar, then at the womb of rishi�s wife the bachelor batu (a boy about eight years old and whose Vtratbhandhan ritual has been performed) will born. He will rule on Sahyadri Mountain and will kill demon Ratnasur and Raktabhoj. Beside Ashtabhairav will also take avatara on earth,�

Chapter three: - (Agasti made his pupil Vindhyadri humble, Wife of Paungad rishi performed the Shanipradosh vrata and it was successful.) Agasti rishi and his wife Lopmudra took farewell of residence of Kashi and went to travel the south. They visited Pushkartirtha, Sindhu and Sarasvati River, Dwarka etc and finally reached where Vindhyadi was. At the moment Mount Vindhyadri saw his guru Agasti, he shrunk, became as he use to be and bow down to Agasti. Agasti said to Vindhyadri, �Stay as you are. Sleep and remember Hari�s name in mind, until I performed the pilgrimage of the south. As so Agasti rishi removed the blockage of sun. Then the south was enlightened. Everybody started performing the San- Sandhya ritual (the holly bath ritual described in Arya religion, a man must perform). Everybody and earth started to pray god that �Soon destroy the demons. � Listening to this prayer goddess Laxmi said, �Bhrama, Vishnu and Mahesh, these three together as the aspect of Bhairava will take the avatara of Batu (a boy about eight years old and whose Vtratbhandhan ritual has been performed) and then these demons will get destroyed. Suta said to Shaunak that this avatara is in the form of Jyoti (Light). He has no possibility of birth. He will not born from the womb, vagiana. (Ayonisambhav). Vimalambuja , the wife of Paungad rishi was performing the Shanipradosh Vrata. That�s why this Batu was born there. One day she was meditating with her eye�s shut and when she opned her eye�s she saw the Batu. That day was sevent of Shukla paksh of Madhu month of Hindu calander.

Chapter four: - Story of rage of Jamdagni rishi. How he abolishes his rage and distributed it to sun, ocean, wilderness and his son Parshurama. God Jyotiba is from Jamdagni�s clan, so he has got a friction of this fire rage naturally. That�s why Jyotiba is also called as Ravleshwar.

Chapter five: - (Terrible war of Kedarnath (Jyotiba) with demon Rudhirodgar and he assassinates the demon). Bhairav (Jyotiba) was total one aspect of three virtues Raj, Tam and Satva. He was named Ravleshwar. That Ravaleshwar went to south. That Ravaleshwar came to river Janhavi with his big family. He was accompanied by nine Nath , eight Bhairav , sixteen Siddhis etc. Words are short to describe his army. When the six demons were aware that the god Ravleshwar is coming with his peoples, then they send the demon Rudhirodgar forward to block the way. Rudhirodgar was step brother of demon Raktabhoj and demon Mahishasur send him. Ravaleshwar prepared for war. Their war was tough. Their wrestling war went long for two Prahar time. At last Ravaleshwar grab the leg of demon Rudhirodgar and whirl him in the sky and throw him on the land. As so Rudhirodgar was put to death. Everbody cheered for this first victory of Ravaleshwar. When Ravaleshwar won, the sun also came to see him.

Chapter six:- Kedarnath stayed in Kashi with army of Bhairav. There they establish god Vishwanath. Establishment of Sorti-Somnath and Mahakankal. God Haldhar joines Kedarnath. Army reached to Avantikapuri by travel, march. Story of Kirat clan and Eklawya.

Chapter seven: - Story of Shivratri (god Shankara�s yearly night).

Chapter eight: - (God Jyotiba came to Panchvati (Nasik and Miraj) and killed demon Lavnasur, Tarkasur and Khandar.

Chapter nine: - To kill demon Ratnasur god Ravalnath encamp on the border of river Bhima with big army. The army of Siddhas spread on the area from Shingnapur to Kharmundi. Army of Bhairava�s spread from Mahadeva to Purandhar. Toranbhairav with Ganpati goes to demon Ratnasur for diplomacy. Demon Rudhirochan and Dhirochan cut their way and had war. Later Rudhirochan stops the war and took Toranbhairav to demon Ratnasur for diplomacy.

Chapter ten: - Toranbhairav deceive, cheats god Kedarnath and joins the party of demon Ratnasur. Ravalnath asks goddess Lami if Ganpati will do the same as Toranbhairav, but she assures and told the birth story of god Ganpati. Demon Ratnasur sends Rudhirochan in human aspect for diplomacy to Ravalnath and he insults god. Bhairav party runs to capture demon Rudhirochan but god Ravalnath stops them and allows him to let go. News comes in god�s camp that demon Mani and Malla are looting in hills of Jejuri. To hearing this news Ravalnath, Laxmi, Charpatamba, Renuka, Parshuram and Martandbhairav (Khandoba) start discussion.

Chapter eleven: - Laxmi says to god Ravalnath, �Send Martandbhairv (Khandoba) with seven corer armies to kill demon Mani and Malla. Yel means seven and Kot means fort. Yel-Koti means there are seven forts are on the hills of Jejuri where Manibhadra and Manimalla have gained advantage.� Martandbharav (Khandoba) means direct aspect (avatar) of god Shankar. Ravalnath said to him that, defeat Manimalla and rule over Jejuri. According to order of Ravalnath, Martandbhairava defeated Manimalla and abide till the area of Jejuri. Ravalnath went to defeat valorous demon Awandasur. There was terribal war but demon Awandasur was very valorous and he didn�t move an inch. God Ravalnath understood that demon Awandasur is undefeatable. God Ravalnath prayed for goddess Yamai. Soon the goddess Yamai came to war. Demon Awandasur said to goddess Yamai that nobody had war with a woman. If did will be infamous in three houses (tribhuvan- three part of earth). So you go back. Hearing to this goddess Yamai took big, fears aspect and killed Demon Awandasur. Everybody greets goddess Yamai. Now god Ravalnath himself goes to kill demon Ratnasur and Raktabhoj. Demon Ratnasur was sitting on the hill Mainagiri, his ambassadors brought the news of the victory of gods. Demon Grudhrasur was killed by army of Bhim.

Chapter twelve: - When Ravalnath, Laxmi, Charpatamba, Kalbhairava etc were discussing, Ravaleshwar asked Laxmi �you know everything, so tell by whose hand all demons will get killed.� Laxmi replied �victory, profit, death, loss all these are written in feat by Bhramha and clever Satwai reads it.� On this Himkedar said �Kalratri should assassinate Devilakhya. Indrani should kill Mahishasur. There are nemurous demons around hill Mainagiri. Kalbhairav should kill Kumbhasura. At that time what will feel right should be done. Meanwhile to kill Devilakhya, send Kalratri.� As so was fixed, according to it Kalratri moved. She confronted Devilakhya. Their war ran for seven days. At last Kalratri cut the head of demon Devilakhya.

Chapter thirteen: - Kalbhairav kills demon Kumbhasur and demon Kothalasur. When heard this news, at that night demon Mhaishasur had very bizarre dream. In that dream he saw death of all demons. Mhaishasur send message through Pushkar to demon Ratnasur and Raktabhoj etc telling detail dream and to become beware.

Chapter fourteen: - Demon Ratnasur becomes very uneasy to hear the dream of Mhaishasura told by Pushkar. He himself came to Mhaishasura with army and asked to tell the dream in detailed. Ratnasura asked to �Mhaishasura that you says that I will get killed by the hands of Charpatamba, so who is this Charpatamba?� Mhaishasur replied �this goddess is actually goddess Jagdamba herself. Her valour is worthy to hear. She defated Ravan, big demons like Madhu and Kaikatbhat got killed. She personally killed demons Shumbh and Nikumbha. That goddess is now supporting to Kedarnath. That�s why that Kedarnath is now relaxed. Kedarnath will eradicate your clan completely. Now confront that Shrinath on Warfield with courage. Don�t forget that you are aspect of hundred fools. Your elder brother is an aspect of Ahiravan. Kedarnath will personally assassinate him.� When heard this Ratnasur said �Kedarnath will become happy by my assassination. Getting death in front of Natha means my destiny is grate!� Ratnasur returned to Mainagiri hill. On the other side demon Mhaishasur and goddess Indrayani were in war. At last Charpatamba killed Mahishasur after four days war. When got the news of the death of Mhaishasur, demon Raktabhoj went mad. Demon Ratnasur comfort him and later demon Ratnasur also console himself that we cannot stop what is to happen and the pace of Karma is very odd.

Chapter fifteen: - (Gandbhirav and Ninai Siddheswari kills demon Sindhuraj.) Ravalnath said to Gandbhairav �Defeat demon Sindhuraj with Kalbhairav. Like Mhaishasur he is also difficult to win. Two nights you will have war terribly. Later demons Sindhuraj will get killed in your hands because off tact by Kalbhairav. I have told Kalbhairava in advance that where is the weakness of demon Sindhuraj. Stay careful and kill that ill minded demon Sindhuraj.� Gandbhairav dispatched with thirty thousand and army of Bhairav�s and Kalbhairav. Both armies had war. Soon demon Sindhuraj set the rumor that he has capture god Kedarnath. But Gandbhairav and Kalbhairav didn�t believed and begun to war more fears fully. This war continued for two days. Kalbhairav told to Gandbhairav that when you cut the head of demon Sindhuraj, eight demons will born from his body. Sindhuraj is descendant of demon Rakatabij and that�s why eight demons will born from his body. As this army of Bhairav destroyed every demon and establish one after one village around Mainagiri hill. Village Sadal and Madal were named after demon Sandal and Mandal.

Chapter sixteen: - Demon Rudhirochan, Dhirochan, Pushkar and Yaksharaj come in airplane of maya. War continued for twenty one days. God Hanuman destroyed the airplane. Akashbhairav kills demon Rudhirochan. God Himkedar kills demon Pushkar and that place where he got killed is today known as Pushkartirtha.

Chapter seventeen: - To meet demon Ratnasur, god Himkedar took the aspect of Siddha Bairagi and came on Mainagiri hill and said to Demon Ratnasur �for your death, the avatara of Himkedar is happened. After fears war demon Pushkar also got killed. How couldn�t you understand something after this? Be careful. Surrender him. He will fulfill your dream.� But demon Ratnasur was not affected, he said �go and tell your armies of Bhairav, be prepared for war.� Bhairagi left to hear this rude reply. Demon Ratnasur and Raktabhoj began to morn after hearing news of his son�s death. Wife of Ratnasura came and said to him �arrange Pushkar and my visit. I had an unfortunate dream. Listen to it. Chandrasena describes the dream �a naked monk (Sadhu) came into my dream and he removed my all ornaments. He broke my Mangalsutra. He set free my hairs. He made me bath in cold water and asked me to wear black cloth.� And Chandrasena begun to cry but demon Raktabhoj assured her that Mainagiri hill is well protected all the time and nothing will happen as so. Don�t fear. That Badrivihari can�t do anything.Here Himkedar to set forth personally for assassination of demon Ratnasur and Raktabhoj. He was accompanied by Ashtabhairav. To see them coming on informer said to Ratnasur, �Nine men are coming who have applied bhasma to there body. One of them is looking very luminous. I haven�t seen such idol in my entire life. When asked his name he said �Anamiya�. He said I don�t dwell in one site. I wander yuga after yuga being a Jogi. I don�t have name, clan, gotra etc. I am to kill demons like Ratnasur.� Rawalnath is not a common man.� To hear this Ratnasur was very astonished and came to see that Yogi. To see his eternal aspect Ratnasur said, �I am satisfied to see you. Where are you from? Tell, for what purpose you came.� In reality demon Ratnasura realized that he was the same Himkedar. That�s why he said further, �fight, If have courage. Otherwise hit the road!� Listening to this Himkedar became very angry. He drummed the Damru and alerts his army. Ratnasur send demon Mandukasur to war. Shesh (cobra) came from Bhirav�s army. Their war continued for four days. At last Shesh (cobra) threw Bhramhastra with mantra and cut his head. Where Manduksura was got killed there three tirtha (holly water ponds) became famous.

Chapter eighteen: -

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