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KFC Coupons

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KFC Restaurants

Kentucky Fried Chicken is one of the most popular restaurant chains in the world, offering a plethora of food to people of all different tastes. Whether it is a burger, fried chicken or a tasty milkshake, the requirements of anyone can be met when they step through the doors of the restaurant synonymous with that finger lickin’ good taste.

History of KFC

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) was originally opened by Harland Sanders in 1935, working from a gas station in North Corbin, Kentucky. It wasn’t until 1952 that KFC as we know it today was formed though, with the advent of franchises for the restaurant.

The first franchise was opened in South Salt Lake in Utah by Pete Harman. This decision by Sanders to start franchising was made when the new interstate in Kentucky bypassed the town that the original KFC was located in – meaning that there would now be no traffic to his restaurant.

In 1964 the chain was sold by Sanders for $2 million, with the company having over 600 stores around the United States. Since then it has been sold another three times, with the current owners being PepsiCo, who bought KFC in 1986.

In 2007 the company began a process of rebranding, whereby the stores and the advertising took on a new style. This has helped the company to reach new heights in terms of popularity and profit.

KFC Specialties

Obviously KFC are associated around the world with various chicken recipes, including spicy chicken wings, various chicken burgers and other inventive and tasty chicken concoctions. All this has been made possible by one thing – the Colonel’s secret recipe.

This is reputed to be a mixture of 11 spices and herbs that combine to give the chicken served a distinctive taste. This is a secret mixture with only one copy of the recipe existing in the whole world, which is currently under lock and key at KFC’s headquarters in Louisville.

KFC Coupon Codes

As well as chicken, KFC also offers a number of different alternatives for their customers. One of the most popular is their range of sides, which include dishes such as macaroni, coleslaw, mashed potato and corn on the cob. The desserts are also popular and include fudge brownies, strawberry shortcakes and lemon crèmes.

Internationally, KFC offer various meals that can’t be found in the United States. Some foreign restaurants have broken with tradition and started to sell both pork and fish products. Other places sell what is known as “Mashies”, which are balls of mashed potato cooked in batter.

Improvements in Nutrition

It used to be the case that all KFC was cooked in a hugely unhealthy way, using hydrogenated oil to fry its food. This made those foods a contributing factor to heart disease and other illnesses.

In 2006 though this changed, as KFC announced that their food was to be cooked in a healthier way. This encompassed the chicken and the potato wedges – although there are some foods still made with trans-fat included, such as macaroni and mashed potato.

KFC Coupons

Like most major restaurant chains, KFC often offer a number of coupons to their customers in an effort to attract them to their stores. These can be found in many locations, including local newspapers, magazines and online at the official KFC website – which can be found at kfc.com/coupons.

There are various different types of coupons, although most will require the person using them to spend some money before they are able to save some money. Examples include 50% off vouchers and free items with purchases made, as well as promotions that only run on certain days or times.

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