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    1. Andrew: Leopold Arkenov
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    4. Samson: Vecna
    5. Jim: Piper Jake

Doctor of Languages/Occultism researcher/PR

Bio Data

Name Kai (rhymes with tie) Bernstein (pronounced with German accent, rhymes with wine)
Gender Male
Nationality United States
Birth Location
Age 18
Western Zodiac
Chinese Zodiac
Blood Type
Languages spoken All (native level)

Character Description


Kai.JPG Kai 2.JPG


Has features of every nationality.
Transcendent, Androgynous
Fashion Sense
Honest Face


Transcendent appearance
Cultural Adaptability
All languages (native level)
Sanitized Metabolism
Eidetic Memory
Winston Churchill speech, which gives Higher Purpose
Affliction Reprogrammable
Music Talent 10
Filthy Rich

Skills and Knowledge

Beam Weapons: Projector - 12
Body Language - 17
Computer Operation - 16
Cryptography - 15
Diplomacy - 20
Fast-Draw: Projector - 12
Intelligence Analysis - 16
Linguistics - 16
Literature - 14
Makeup - 16
Occultism - 20
Performance - 17
Public Speaking - 19
Research - 16
Savoir Faire - 16
Writing - 16

Military and Weapons

Dazzler Laser Carbine
Anti- Materiel Rifle ("Ma Yuan"), 15mmCL, ETC, LPS Boosted velocity, Very fine, with HUD Link, Multispectral Laser Sight: Ultraviolet, Enhanced Targeting Scope


Mind Shield level 1 ring
Invisibility ring
Picture of Dorian Gray, which provides Unaging & Immunity to Metabolic Hazards
Doctor Who Psychic Paper, which provides Legal Enforcement Powers 15 & Police Rank 2 (FBI special agent), with Glamour Will -4

Background Story

Doesn't know who biological father is.
Through research, have found biological mother.
She was part of a cult.
Cult was raided by police.
Kai was adopted by the Bernsteins.
They are Jewish people with business interests/contacts with mainstream media, e.g. Hollywood.
Descended from escapees from Germany during Holocaust.
Bernsteins introduced Kai to the joy of performing, something he maintained in Uni (only recently graduated) via plays/revues/theatresports/etc.
As a child, Kai was in many commercials & had roles in TV (possibly movies).
These became fewer as he grew up as his desire to find his real parents/past took up more of his time.
Currently his wealth is in a trust fund. The Bernsteins are good parents & didn't spoil Kai. He still visits them.

Horoscope Reading

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