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The country of Kaladar
Continent Phaara
Region Six Seas
General Information
Capital City
Climate tropical
Points of interest *Perisan Road
Major Cities
Societal Information
Type of Government
Predominant Race Elaran
Other Races Daemari
Economic Focus trade

Kaladar is a country on Elara. It is bordered on the north by Fairan, the east by the Romas Sea, the south by Tsarnon and the west by the Sural Sea. It features the Perisan Road, a major trade route through mountainous terrain that connects the "western world" and the "eastern world". Travel over land takes much longer, and is more expensive. Kaladar, with its "short cut", called the Perisan Road, tends to be a very wealthy, if small, country. It is mostly forest and mountain (running north-south), with little to no open flat land except along its two coastlines. The climate at sea level is fairly tropical, with the temperature dropping off noticeably as the altitude increases into the mountains.

Geography of Kaladar
Land formations
Varick Mountains
Cities and Towns
Dorshon's Bridge • Felman's Keep • Gralden Falls • Greyhaven • Loughman's Keep • Stonelake • Stormhaven • Tomay's Bridge
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