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The organization Karma arises from Eric Weiss's desire for revenge against the CIA for forgetting him. Karma was initially established with Cole Turner's resources and personnel as a tool for neutralizing the CIA's defenses and allowing him to assassinate Elim Garak. After Turner's defeat and apparent death, Karma continued to function as a intelligence organization aimed solely at the senior staff of the Los Angelos CIA. Following the promotion of LA division director Marshall Flinkman to the head of the CIA, Karma widened its scope to a general policy aimed at striking and weakening the United States. After the outlawing of magic in the United States, Karma became the fulcrum of violent opposition to this, and significantly gained in numbers and sympathy. At this point Eric Weiss ....At one point a series of failed attacks led to disgruntlement within Karma, and a near coup d'etat against Weiss and his policies of concentrating on the CIA. An alliance with Argentina helped pacify Karma agents, and Weiss has managed to maintain tight control of his organization. Elections Unbound


Eric Weiss served in the Central Intelligence Agency Los Angelos Division for numerous years. A minor character in early acts of Alias Unbound, he participated in the raid against the Covenant and served with the CIA throughout the Squid War. He was killed by Jemhadar during the Changeling Subversion, when the Dominion seized the LA CIA division headquarters. At his funeral service some time later Dixon referred to him as the 'seldon grieved for Weiss'.

Months later, Weiss was ressurected by Cole Turner to help coordinate a military assault against the Los Angelos branch of the CIA. Weiss initially refused to fight against his friends and colleagues, but after a cold and distant reunion with them he felt abandoned and forgotten. As a result, Weiss joined with Cole and began establishing Karma as a vehicle to express his vengeance.

Karma Under Cole Turner

Drawing heavily upon Cole Turner's magic abilities, government resources and criminal empire, Weiss rapidly forged a collection of Chinese Food workers into a credbile military force. From the begining Weiss established the principle of redundancy and avoiding magic dependence for his organization.

On May 10th, Year 1, Weiss directed a Karma military attack against the CIA headquarters in Los Angelos, tying down the defenders and allowing Cole Turner to slip into the base. Although Cole was unsuccesful in his effort to assasinate Elim Garak, the attack inflicted significant damage to the CIA. Shortly afterwards Weiss encounterd the CIA in a brief skirmish in which he identified his organization and explained his justifcation.

Following this, manipulation by R. Daneel Olivaw deprived the LA division of their protective resources and allowed their close pursuit by Weiss. Karma tracked the CIA to their new base and overran it, but only after they had identified and attacked Cole Turner. Karma remained essentially passive in the struggles between the CIA and Cole, the Robots and the Source.

Karma Independent

Karma and Argentina

Karma after the Normalization Act

Karma and the ERF

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