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Keeper of the Monsters of the World

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  • Start date:
  • End date:
  • Gamemaster: Milo
  • Involved players: Milo, Ali, Drunk, Dex, Slash, Cykairus, Digi, MT
  • Main heroes: Kelly MacAryn, Tenebre Lascien, Himi Tsuthe, Ali Shatogi, All High Mimicker, Raven, Kennichi, MT
  • Main villains: The Keeper of the Monsters of the World, Godzilla (Leviathan Prime)
  • Introducing: The Keeper of the Monsters of the World, Leviathan Prime, Nostrodon, Gigantus Methusela, Mr. Cuddles, Minhuananon
  • Story type: Sci-fi
  • Rating: PG-13 for violence


It started with a warning. One day, whilst Kelly was watching television, it began behaving strangely, calling him by name. It was soon revealed that one of Kelly's enemies, a twisted version of himself named Mortimer, had taken over the broadcast. Mortimer delivered a warning - "Beware the coming of the Keeper of the Monsters of the World. Nobody gets to kill you except me."

Monster Mash

Shortly after, monsters began to appear. It started with giant electrically charged Dire Wolves roaming the forest. They weren't particularly hostile, and never attacked anyone, so the Lodgers did not engage them, and they may still be at large. These were followed almost immediately by Nostrodon, a giant ogre, sixty meters (~150 feet) tall with a face dominated by two huge nostrils, the interiors of which were ringed with rotting teeth. Nostrodon spoke to the Lodgers briefly, threatening to "Bring the Maximum Spank" if they didn't tell him where the wolves went. During the conversation, it came up that The Keeper was named Erasmus, and that he had far larger creatures at his disposal. Nostrodon eventually departed peaceably.

Shortly after this, Hedorahs - aquatic creatures composed of toxic waste - began to appear. Valgris was not polluted enough to for them to reach maximum size though, and they were defeated before they could pose a serious threat.


The first indication that things were getting worse was the discovery of Nostrodon's corpse. He was found in the woods, a hole blasted through his chest by some unknown creature. Kelly ordered the Penguins to begin constructing a Mech around the creature's skeleton to be used to combat whatever new creatures would emerge.


The Fall of Shining Home

Gigantus Methusela


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