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This article or section reflects a concept or character as it is in EC, which is not necessarily consistent with the original source material. Please see the relevant links at the end of the article for the canon.

  • Name: Kefka Palazzo
  • Nicknames: Kefka, Kef, certain expletives, Clown
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 37, now deceased
  • Race: Human
  • Height: 6'2"
  • Weight: 180
  • Hair color: Platinum blonde
  • Eye color: Green
  • Skin color: Light
  • Home World: Sixth Square (Final fantasy VI world)
  • Player: Z Metalla


Kefka was a mortal who became a god, and then once again turned mortal and placed on Valgris by Lavos, after being defeated by a group of warriors, the cause of his loss of godhood. After numerous defeats by the Lodgers, Kefka was believed to be dead, only it was discovered his soul was stuck in a basic mechanical drone, only later on, he wound up becoming a Heartless Lord by his own will and the intense evil within his heart, the change inadvertantly (or rather, purposefully) creating Faxkek, his Nobody. At the climax of the Heartless/Nobody War, he was killed for good.

Kefka, in all of his forms is a psychotic misanthrope whose main ideals revolve around power, death and destruction. He had only been able to make one true friend in his ECRPG life, with whom he shared many personality traits. He personally believes that life, dreams and hope are meaningless, except for his and his allies' (what few he had) own. He is also known to have an insane, mad, and maddening laugh.



As a human, Kefka's appearence can be pretty much described in two words: "Flamboyant Clown". His hair is almost always tied back in a ponytail by ribbons, which are adorned by feathers in spots. His perferred colors are light greens, pinks, and crimsons, and his outfit usually consists of a cape and frilly, fluffy silken clothes, adorned by and/or covering light armor in some spots. His face is almost always covered in white makeup, while his eyes and lips are adorned by red and yellow designs.


After he became a Heartless Lord, his sense of style changed to the typical black and crimson heartless motif. While he still does wear a cape, his other clothes have changed, adorned with belts and being a bit more leather-oriented rather than silky. He has no shirt, although he does have belts across his torso and arms in places, and he still has armor, which is tucked underneath these. His makeup is more of a blood red than before, and he is unnaturally pale for a Lord, whose skin is usually somewhat bronzed because of the darkness within them, his face even more so, as he still wears the white makeup. He also has a trio of feathered wings on his back, a side-effect of his god form that was defeated by the Returners, the other three would become a feature on Faxkek.

He has a second form as a Heartless, which was to be revealed during the climactic battle with him and Dri at the top of his tower, but the RP was cancelled before this battle could happen. However, the design was still compiled, and his new/ultimate form can be described as a lot more beastly and amorphous, losing his cape and the lower half of his body, his wings turning enormous and draconic along with his head, facimiles of his face appearing in random places on his body. He is physically attached to his Guardian in this form, who has replaced/fused with his lower half.

Combat Style

Main Syle

For all intents and purposes, Kefka is mainly a mage, preferring to use destructive spells to subdue and destroy his enemies. However, he can also be a formidable fighter when he wants to, usually preferring daggers and, sometimes, a mace as his main weapons.

Originally being a Final Fantasy character almost all of his spells are from that universe. His main elements are the "basic" ones of fire, ice, and electricity.


As a Heartless, he gained the power to melt into shadow, whether there is any darkness in the area or not. He uses this power to extend himself to unnatural lengths, phase out of attacks, teleport, and even suck people into his body.

Like all Heartless, he has the power to "rip" hearts and turn his victims into others of his kind. His favorite Heartless minions are Glorps, his own personal brand, which have the same shadow powers as him, only at a much more minor scale, and can actually produce them from his body when damaged.

Dri can also double as his Guardian, much like the one the Heartless Lord, Ansem had. He also had a sword that was actually the being, Ana-me Nai, although he didn't know it.


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