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  • Name: Kelly MacAryn
  • Nicknames: The Mighty Penguinhead, The Penguin Overlord, Mickel Kylebyrn, Manifest Destined
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: ~425
  • Race: Enhanced Human
  • Height: 6' 4"
  • Weight: 196 lbs(apparent) / 454 lbs(actual)
  • Hair color: Brown
  • Eye color: Blue
  • Skin color: Medium
  • Theme: With a Wonder and a WIld Desire (by Flogging Molly)
  • Home World: Alternate Earth (Gore Presidency)
  • Player: Milo


Kelly was born to an upper-middle class family in Colorado on his version of Earth, which was very similar to the one we currently inhabit. He was an above average child, reading at several grade levels above the norm, possessing superb reasoning abilities and incredible hand-to-eye coordination, but never really applying himself more than was necessary to coast along comfortably. He was considered odd, and not well liked by his peers.


Things continued along these lines up until his thirteenth year. One day during recess, while he was sitting with his back against a fence in the cement wasteland that served as the play-area for his middle-school, a being of blazing azure energy appeared to him. The being, which called itself the Overmind, explained to him that it was an other-dimensional version of himself that had been highly motivated, earning his masters degree by the age of fifteen, and a PHD by eighteen. By twenty-two the man that would become the Overmind had cracked the secret of eternal youth. By thirty he had won the Nobel prize for obtaining proof positive of the existence of psychic phenomena. As its life went on, the overmind had grown more and more powerful, eventually abandoning its physical form altogether. In its multi-trillion-year existence it had grown beyond gods, beyond time and space, beyond all mortal comprehension, outsurviving an entire age of the multiverse, and watching the current batch of universes a-borning. And now it was ending. Its consciousness had become so sophisticated, so massive, so all-encompassing, that it was unfolding into a twelve-dimensional state of awareness, effectively rendering normal time and space meaningless to it. Although it would continue to exist, its life such as we would consider it, was going to end. And in its final moments, it had sought out, across as many timelines as it could access on such short notice, versions of its younger self. And it was going to give them a gift. Power and Time. Immortality and vast superhuman potential. And it bid them do what it had never taken the time to during its mortal existence. The Overmind bid Kelly, and thousands of other versions of him, to Live. Kelly wasn’t sure how much of this story was true - but one thing was for sure: He had acquired a few extra organs, and a soupcon of extrasensory and telekinetic powers.

Starting Out

At the beginning, Kelly quietly revelled in his power, learning and experimenting in private, telling nobody but his parents. He dropped out of school at the age of fourteen, moving out of his parents house using money he had earned by telekinetically jimmying slot-machines during a family trip to Las Vegas.


One year later having developed, he felt, sufficient control of his powers to protect himself, Kelly came out to the public. People were stunned - he was the first superhuman being to appear on his version of Earth. He was hailed as the second coming and condemned as the antichrist, loved and hated, worshipped and feared. Entire fields of study formerly dismissed as pseudo-science were suddenly legitimized and several entirely new sciences were created. He was offered book deals and endorsements, none of which he accepted. Kelly wanted to find his place in the world, to define himself in the his own eyes, and those of the public.


In the wake of the September 11th disaster, the United States Government, under President Gore, tried to draft him. When he wouldnt go, people turned against him. With patriotism running high, his refusal made him a traitor in the eyes of the public. He was vilified almost as much as the actual perpetrators. The turning point came when Kelly decided to plead his case on national TV. He chose to do it during the state-of-the-union address. This was a fantastically bad idea. It was misconstrued as an assassination attempt on the president. Shortly thereafter Kelly’s parent’s house was burned to the ground, apparently killing his entire family. In reality, his parents and brother were taken for questioning and as leverage against him. In an attempt to replicate his powers the Department of Defense experimented on his brother and father using samples of Kellys own altered DNA. Meanwhile, Kelly was pursued by the military. A trap was laid for him in Chicago, which he escaped to the tune of sixty million dollars in property damages and over seven hundred casualties.

Family Matters & End of Innocence

The experiments on his family were partially successful and his father and brother were sent after him. His brother was filled with anger at Kelly for causing all of the trouble and, as he saw it, destroying their family's life. His father saw bringing his eldest son in as his duty as a citizen, although an immensely painful one, and the only way to clear his family's name. Kelly was eighteen when his father and brother confronted him in the evacuated city of Seattle, with military support. Their battle levelled the city, and Kelly's father died from the strain his new powers placed on his body during the struggle. Kelly's brother was slain when the government's backup plan - a tactical nuke - was implemented. Kelly barely survived, accidentally creating Mevlin van Peebles in the process, and was presumed dead. Actually, following his first-ever reincarnation, he went to England, quietly assimilating into the population there. Eventually he met and married an up-and-coming young painter named Jennifer Buckler.

The Good Times

Kelly and Jenny lived together happily for almost a century until Jennifer eventually died of old age, childless. At this point, nearing one hundred twenty years in age and still looking no more than twenty, Kelly pondered the world, the changes he had lived to see and his place in it. For about a decade he spent a great deal of time alone in remote locations around the globe, visiting monastaries in the mountains of tibet and the bottoms of deep ocean trenches. His existential crisis was resolved when he saved a crashing airliner over the sea of Japan. With a renewed sense of purpose, he spent several decades as his worlds only superhero, claiming to be his own son so as to escape persecution by the US government.


Eventually, Kelly got bored. He had experienced most of what his world had to offer. The march of scientific progress and changing global politics, while fascinating and still entertaining all had the same old flavor, and he didn't dare get too involved. He wanted more. He began to experiment with space-folding and space-flight. At the age of one-hundred and sixty, he walked on Saturn's moon of Titan for the first time. The next year, he created his first stable dimensional portal. Kellys first dimensional jump was unimpressive. He ended up in the cosmic equivalent of Gary Indiana (an Earth so choked with industrial waste that nearly nothing remained alive). Swiftly moving on to more hospitable realities, he breezed through them at a rate of just about one a year on average. In some he remained on Earth, in others he was a space-farer. He fought in wars, meddled in politics, and sometimes just hung around and learned. He met other versions of himself more than once, and even killed a couple that had gone bad. During this period, when he was about 337, he acquired the breastplate of Darange which he wears to this day.

The Penguin Imperium

Then, on a world in the Andromeda galaxy, he first encountered Penguins. Not penguins. Penguins, with a capital 'P'. Highly intelligent, technologically advanced, and save for a high level of articulation in the flippers - almost comparable to human hands, physically identical to the Earth creatures that occupy the frozen areas of the southern hemisphere. Alongside a few humans and unidentified aliens they were engaged in a guerrilla war with a seemingly vastly superior force of similarly sapient harbor seals. Upon learning more about the confict and the Penguins, he took their side, fighting with them for the remainder of the intergalactic conflict that would come to be known as the Harbor Wars under the command of the man who would come to be his most trusted ally, a massive extradimensional celtic warrior named Andraes, empowered by the same being as Kelly and one of the six Penguin Lords of the thirty-six galaxy pan-dimensional Penguin Empire.

After the war, Kelly became a sort of unofficial defender, calling himself The Mighty Penguinhead. He came to love the Penguins, their optimism and their quirky little ways. Eventually, he met their leader, who was surprisingly not a Penguin, but a man named Striker, who possessed powers that were arguably even greater than Kellys. Striker made Kelly his lieutenant, giving him the title of Penguin Imperial, second only to the Penguin Overlord himself.


At the age of about four-hundred, following an extended mission for the Imperial Secret Service, Kelly found himself on a desert planet. Following a series of signposts promising cookies, something he hadn't eaten in ages, he arrived at the docking station for a massive starship - the Armageddon MK III, flagship of a group of singularly powerful individuals who called themselves the TKF Collective, which included his old friend Striker, now calling himself Striker of the Flame. Kelly joined them, only to have tragedy strike almost immediately. Striker ran afoul of a pan-cosmic being, and was 'banished', his very essence of being smeared across millions of quantum possibilities like a bug on a windshield. With a heavy heart, Kelly assumed sole command of the Penguin Empire, becoming the once and future Penguin Overlord.

The Lodge

At some point, under uncertain circumstances, Kelly left the TKF collective, and began ruling the Empire from one of the so-called “Core Earths”. Approximately fourteen years into his reign he felt the fallout from one of the Lodgers battles - power unleashed sufficient for him to sense it from several realities away. He sent people to investigate, and the reports he recieved worried him. Here were people - the Lodgers - many of them undisciplined, with enormous power at their disposal. And on top of that, on a planet that was an absolute wierdness magnet. Kelly saw the potential for disaster. He had simulations run based on available data, and when he saw the results, made the decision that Valgris needed to be brought to heel lest it one day breed a threat to the Empire. So he constructed a scenario wherein he ‘stumbled upon’ the Lodge via its infinite upstairs hallway, and moved his base of operations there. Since that time he has fought many battles on behalf of the Lodge and has overseen a slow, but steady immigration of Penguins to Valgris, as well as the construction of Penguin military outposts and infrastructure.


  • Subtle

A lesson Kelly learned early and hard was not to draw attention to himself or reveal the extent of his powers unless absolutely necessary. He dislikes unnecessary displays of overwhelming force and considers those who employ them to be fools. He prefers to be direct and unobtrusive in the application of his power, avoiding conflict and achieving his objectives with as little fuss as possible.

  • Mastermind

Kelly has his fingers in everyone's pies, and backup plans for his backup plans. If anything of consequence happens within his sphere of influence, odds are he knows about it. He has long-term goals, and is always looking at the big picture. He tends to play people towards his own ends, whatever they may be.

  • Serious

Kelly takes things seriously. He appreciates a good joke, and has a decent respect for irony, but his patience for foolishness wears thin very quickly. Few things irk him more than a person who cannot carry on a serious conversation.

  • Diplomatic

One thing his long life has taught Kelly is the value of diplomacy. He tries to solve a problem with words if at all possible. He has experience negotiating treaties for the Penguin Empire, and is willing to make concessions to get what he wants. If that does not work, then he has no problem with resorting to violence. Some people just need a beating.

  • Paranoid/ Suspicious-

Kelly does not trust easily, and tries to be prepared for any eventuality. He uses the Penguin intelligence network to keep tabs on EVERYTHING. He keeps even closer watch on his friends than he does on his enemies.

  • Devotion

Kelly is completely and utterly devoted to the Empire. He sees himself not as its ruler but as its most humble servant. Its inhabitants are not, to him, his subjects but, in his own words “My devoted sisters and trusted brothers, My cherished daughters and beloved sons”.

  • Lost Love/Celibacy

Kelly has no interest in sex. At all. The last person to whom he made love was his wife. Three hundred years after her death, he still carries a flame for her in his heart. Eventually he may love another woman as well, but he will never stop loving her.

  • Rager-

Kelly does not often truly loose his temper. He may express annoyance, and even anger, but true rage is a luxury he does not allow himself. If someone does manage to make him truly angry, killing mad as the phrase goes, then God help them.


Kelly appears to be a human male in his early twenties with shoulder-length dark brown hair pulled back in a ponytail. He is over six feet tall, in good physical condition and fairly well muscled, although not exactly 'muscular'. His face is long, with prominent cheekbones, a large nose that speaks of northern european ancestry and a strong chin. His ocean-blue eyes are deep-set giving them an alternately sinister or just plain tired appearance.

Kelly typically dresses in a pair of worn blue-jeans, leather hiking boots, a workmen's belt with pouches, and a dull green breastplate worn over a blue cotton tunic. There is a wrist communicator/mini computer worn as a bracer on his right forearm. In the past he has been known to wear armbands and knee-pads, but currently these are nowhere to be seen.

Distinguishing Features

Kelly has a scar in the shape of the sigil of the Gelthen god of travel, Hestanci, on his left bicep. He also has a tiny tattoo of the Imperial Crest, a stylized crystaline Penguin's head, over his spine, between the shoulder blades, about the size of a dime. This is usually hidden by his breastplate and tunic.


Kelly possesses vast psychic and telekinetic might, facilitated and enhanced by a variety of extrasensory abilities. This allows him flight and the manipulation of matter and energy for various effects, including force fields, concussive blasts, control of temperatures, and much more.

By gathering energy from his surrounding environment Kelly can bolster his metabolism, enhancing his strength, speed, stamina, etc. by orders off magnitude. The actual telekinetic power involved pulses around him in a protective field he calls a “force-aura”, which is visible to varying degrees depending on the energies involved. He can do the force-aura without the enhancement and vice versa, although he rarely does the latter.

Kelly also possesses an alternate bio-energetic pathway that causes his poweres to manifest in a different form when engaged. This alternate powerset is called tactile telekinesis, and features class 50 strength (the ability to press fifty tons under optimal conditions), supersonic speed, reflexes, and flight, and near invulnerability to both physical and psychic attack.

Kelly has learned a great deal about the basic workings of the Omniverse. With a little concentration, he can bend space to create stable dimensional portals.

Special Attacks

Kelly has several effects he can produce that are of particular note, sometimes for their destructive potential and others times for their draining effect on him. And sometimes both.

  • Red Giant Flare: This attack consists of three parts. First, Kelly generates a force-field approximately thirty meters in diameter. Second, he gathers thermal energy from the surrounding environment, resulting in a dramatic drop in the local temperature. Next, he uses that energy to start a cold-fusion chain reaction in the atmosphere, resulting in a massive fireball and a shockwave that rebounds off the force-field repeatedly, amplifying the pressure within the blast radius to incredible levels. The net effect is that it mimics the conditions in the center of a star. Using this attack will give Kelly a nosebleed at the very least.
  • Wrath of Polaris: This attack consists of two parts, and takes almost two minutes to execute. First, he generates a field of intense cold around himself in the shape of a giant Penguin, causing any moisture in the air to crystalize and condense, creating a giant ice sculpture. Depending on how much energy he is absorbing from the environment, this may also result in a blizzard effect . He then rises into the Penguins head, and releases a massive blast through its open beak. He can do this frequently, but it takes so long that it is usually impractical.
  • Conversion Flash: Kelly's most powerful attack is a direct matter-to-energy conversion. He rarely ever uses this attack, as it requires all of his telekinetic might to properly execute, and will give him a massive incapacitating migraine. And if he messes it up, he could destroy himself, the surrounding countryside, and a good chunk of the planet. E=MC^2, bitches.
  • Fist of Terra: By generating a strong magnetic field diametrically opposed to that of the nearest planet, Kelly can tap its inertia and channel it through his fist, essentially allowing him to strike with the force of a moving world. This places enormous strain on his skeleton, and has the potential to destroy his body, so he is unlikely to use it unless a cloned replacement body or a containment vessel is ready and at hand.

Special Abilities

  • Immortal: Kelly has not aged since reaching his physical prime.
  • Memetic: Kelly possesses an enhanced, unknown capacity for long-term memory.
  • Xenobiote: Kelly's physiology isn't fully human. His blood is violet, containing a more efficient respiratory molecule than hemoglobin. His nervous system is overclocked - superconductive to better facilitate his mental powers. His bones, muscular, connective and circulatory tissues are two to three times denser than those of a normal human and his clotting factors are much more efficient, making it nearly impossible for him to bleed to death, even if multiple arteries are severed. Kelly's ability to recover from injury is enhanced, and he also possesses a variety of exotic enzymatic and bio-energetic pathways that help his body handle the strains of his power and adapt to new demands.
  • Extrasensory Perception: As a psychic, Kelly possesses a variety of unconventional senses which allow him to perceive energy patterns, heat, life-energy, the thoughts and emotions of others, and the structure of things too far away, hidden, or small to be normally seen. This also facilitates a sort of early-warning sense.
  • Closed Respiration: In addition to lungs, Kelly possesses an organ that performs photosynthesis of ultraviolet radiation, which allows him to recycle the oxygen already in his body and make his respiratory system a closed loop. Because of this, he can operate underwater and in other airless environments.
  • Naturalization: At the core of Kelly's being, the ultimate source of his power is a sliver of the raw stuff of which physical laws are formed. Aether, morphic equations, pre-reality, call it what you like, his soul is infused with it, and it is the spiritual component that fuels his exotic biology. Through it, he can adapt to whatever reality he may find himself in, even if the physical laws would not normally allow him to survive or his powers to work. Note that this does NOT mean he can pop into a reality where the temperature is five million degrees and become immune to heat. Just that if he found himself in say, a reality where the ratio of the strong nuclear force to the electromagnetic force prevents fusion the atoms in his body would not blow apart. His body and powers adapt for survival in response to physical LAWS, not physical conditions. Through meditative concentration, he does have a degree of control over this, and can negate it if he must, although this is exceedingly uncomfortable.
  • Transference: If the need arises and a prepared vessel is available - say, a cloned body or a special data storage device -Kelly can transfer his consciousness into that vessel.
  • Energy form: Kelly has an energy form, which manifests only when his physical body has completely discorporated. He has only accessed it twice, once when his body was destroyed in the nuclear blast that killed his brother, and once while fighting a supremely powerful nanotechnological being on behalf of the Penguin Empire. In his energy form, Kelly possesses a nigh-omnipotent level of ability to manipulate matter and energy. Despite possessing near-supreme power, the energy form is unstable. The larger the effect Kelly creates, the more rapidly he dissipates. For example, he could create a new body for himself and his energy form would remain stable for about twenty minutes before he needed to occupy it. Were he to blink a country out of existence, he would have less than half a minute to find containment before dissipating. Were he to destroy a planet (or something bigger), he would die instantly.


Kelly has a natural affinity for the sciences and is a lateral thinker and adept problem solver. He has trained in many forms of martial arts and as a result of his years worldwalking and looking after the security of the Penguin Empire has experience in geurrila warfare, military strategy, and espionage. Kelly is well-versed in diplomacy and the ins and outs of politics. As a result of his years of manipulating matter and traveling the multiverse, Kelly is a master of cosmology, astrophysics and Nuclear/Sub-atomic physics. He is self-taught by observation, inquiry and reading in meta-biology. Even without his powers, Kelly is a mean badminton player.


  • Breastplate

Kelly possesses a dull green breastplate which he wears at all times with few exceptions. It is known as the breastplate of Darange (or Shield of Darange), and is made of an unknown, self-repairing metal. It's enchantments provide immunity to death-magic, polymorph, and attacks that target the life-force or soul of the wearer. The breastplate has proven to be both durable and adaptable, and has been used in ways which it was not originally intended without lasting damage.

  • Wristcom

Kelly wears a wrist-computer/communicator on his right forearm with which he may speak to his lieutenants, spies and allies, engage a sound-dampening field for private conversations, and send, receive and store data.

  • Pathkey

Kelly possess a trinket given to him by the Gelthen god of travel that allows him to teleport himself and those around him to any location which he can accurately picture in his mind.

  • Resources

As leader of the Penguin Empire, Kelly has access to advanced weapons and technology.

  • Odds and Ends

Kelly carries a variety of items in the pouches on his belt including a multitool, a bag of strawberry suckers, combat stimulants, and other odds and ends.

Combat Style

Developed over the course of centuries, Kelly's combat style is shockingly effective. It can best be summarized in three parts - hand to hand, ranged, and bait-and-switch.

Hand to hand

In close combat, Kelly relies heavily on his flexibility, supernatural awareness, and his power of flight to give him an extra edge over his opponents. His ability to shift his body in the air without any apparent source of leverage, and to re-orient his subjective 'down' to best suit him makes him exceedingly difficult to hit. He likes to get behind above or below people and strike from an unexpected angle, and he'll let loose with a close-ranged telekinetic or shaped-plasma blast at the most inconvenient times. If things are going well for him, telekinetic force fields make escape difficult. These things combined with his force-aura, power-boosted speed and strength and natural durability, make him one of the most dangerous fighters in all of EC. His actual attack and defense routines are mostly derived from Tae Kwon Do, Aikido, and Kung fu (Monkey Style with a little bit of Tiger style).

Of course, if Tactile TK is engaged, the game changes, but not as much as you'd expect. Most of his preferences and technique stay the same, although his striking power and speed are both on a completely different level and he will take full advantage of that. The only appreciable difference in technique is that he won't necessarily try to avoid getting into a grapple, and may even try to initiate one, as his vastly superhuman strength affords him a certain advantage there.


Either as a lead-in to the main conflict, a finishing move, a tactical change in the mode of the conflict, long-range support for another fighter, or if the opponent is too dangerous - whether because of toxicity or some other factor - to engage in hand to hand, Kelly is a capable ranged attacker. At the most basic level, he can generate telekinetic cannon-blasts of force, but his powers allow him to create a variety of energy matrices and he is not shy about doing so. Singular orbs of high-yield plasma, hails of smaller electric-amoeboid TNT-like impact detonators, beams of eye-searing superheated plasma, and arcs of crackling electricity, these are all attacks that he has been seen to perform. Keeping his distance and employing them tactically has won him more than a few fights.


A risky but effective tactic that Kelly has been known to employ is to engage his opponent at close range in order to keep them distracted and stationary while preparing a finishing move - usually Red Giant Flare - around the both of them, then disengaging, cranking his force-aura as high as he can take it on short notice, and setting off his surprise.

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