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Malhari Mahatmya

This is a religious book on Khandoba. There are twenty-two chapters in it. Following is short description of all chapters.

Chapter One :- auspicious start , description of cottages of seven Rishi on Manichurna hill , destruction of all this cottages from demon Malhasur , All the sages / Rishi goes to Amrawati with their grievance.

Chapter two: - Description of court of Indra. Indra wellcomes all rishi but declares his inability to defeat the demons and advised rishi to go to Vaikuntha (God Vishnu's home)

Chapter four:- By seeing the decoration of Kailas hill The god Vishnu and rishi becomes happy .

Chapter five: - Description of Shiv Temple.

Chapter six: - Description of divine beauty of Shankar- Parvati.

Chapter seven: - Rishi praise god Shankar , Shankar saves them and gives a boon , birth of female demon Dhrutmari .

Chapter eight: - Shree Shiv takes the avatara of Martandbhairava .Description of army of gods and dispatch for war.

Chapter nine: - Mallasur is informed by his ambassadors about the arrival of army of gods. They laugh at shiva. Army of demons prepare for war.

Chapter ten: - Terrible Description of the war.

Chapter eleven: - War of Kartikswami and Khadangdanshtra. The defeat of demons (Daitya)

Chapter twelve: - War of Shree Gajanan ( Ganpati ) and Ulkamukh , victory of Ganesh , war of Nandi and Kutiloma .Victory of Nandi.

Chapter thirteen: - War of demon Mani and Martandbhairav, assationitaion of Mani.

Chapter fourteen: - Vishnu goes to Mallasur for diplomacy. But Mallasur doesn't listen to his guidance and decides to war.

Chapter fifteen: - War between Dhrutmari and Mallasur , Dhrutmari's defeat.

Chapter sixteen: - terribal war between Mallasur and Martandbhairav , Mallasur's defeat.

Chapter seventeen: - Mallasur praise shree Martandbhairav! God Shyankar gives him a boon!

Chapter eighteen: - Two Shivlinga appears at murder place of Manimalla according the rishi request and at that place Prempuri all gods come for pilgrimage.

Chapter ninteen: - Importance of Prempuri pilgrimage.

Chapret twenty: - Description of Prempuri and pilgrim place.

Chapter twentyone: - Importance of Malhari Martand puja and faith.

Chapter twenty-two: - fruits of reading Malhari Mahatmya book.

Referance: - A Marathi religious book named Malhari Mahatmya Kathasagar.

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