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Kizumetian Magic

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A school of magic only known by Kizumetian mages. Jason Kizumet has begun to teach himself this school of magic after he found information about the island kingdom during the vacadv. His cousin, Nia, seems to know many of the spells.



Healer - Physical healing spell. Starts off as simple sparkles of healing energy at Lv I, turning into a single white curative flash at Lv IV. Causes damage to undead.

Relief - Cures all status conditions other than KO. Doesn't have levels.

Rise - Brings target back from KO. Only two levels. I simply revives, while II revives to full health.


Explose - Fire elemental spell. Shoots off two fireballs that explode on contact with the target. Potency and blast radius increase with level, starting as searing air and turning into magnificent explosions than can melt and warp metal. Lv. IV strikes all targets.

Shocker - Thunder/electric elemental spell. Only strikes a single target, but the bolts become stronger with level, and strike several times. Lv. I is one bolt, Lv. II is 3, Lv. III is 5, Lv. IV is 8.

Freezer - Ice-elemental spell. Chills a target to the bone. Starts out just snding a cold feeling, but at higher levels, encases target in an ice crystal which then shatters. The shards can hit nearby enemies. Like Explose, this range widens with level.

Whirl - Wind elemental. Sends a whirlwind shooting towards a target. The whirlwind gets bigger and more violent with each level, starting off as small whirl at I and a torrential cyclone at IV.

Flooder - Water-elemental. Sends a wave of water forward that hits all targets. The wave starts out as a small strike of water at Lv. I, while Lv. IV is a tidal wave.

Sacred - Holy-elemental spell. A cross-shaped blast of holy energy bursts up from underneath the target. As its level goes up, the cross gets bigger and brighter.

Nil - Void-elemental spell. A black void opens up around the enemy and then implodes. Does not have any levels, rather, it does damage based upon the strength of the target. Nia seems to have mastered this spell.

Shade - Dark-elemental. Hits the target with the powers of evil. At Lv. I, it only does damage, but at higher levels it has the chance of causing instant death, starting with minimal at II and guaranteed at IV unless target is immune to instant death. Also heals undead.

Venom - Poison-elemental. Hits target with a poisonous gas that gets more acidic with level. Can cause Poison status, and like Shade's ID, the chance gets higher with level, ending with guaranteed if not immune at IV.


Speeder - Increases the speed of the target. Each level has a different mod. Lv I is 1.5x, II is 2x, III is 3x, IV is 5x.

Slothy - The opposite of Speeder, slows down a target. Same mod numbers.

Shut Up - Silences an enemy. As level goes up, the chances of its working increase, ending with guaranteed unless immune at Lv. IV.

Power - Increases physical strength of a target. Mods are 1.2x, 1.5x, 2x, and 3x.

Weakling - Opposite of Power, weakens a taget's physical strength. Uses same mod numbers.

Wacky - Confuses an enemy. As level goes up, the chances of its working increase, ending with guaranteed unless immune at Lv. IV.

Reinforce - Increases physical defense. Mods are 1.5x, 2x, 2.5x, and 3x.

Enfeeble - Opposite of Reinforce. Same mod numbers.

Unbind - Clears target of all de/buffs. No levels.

Magic+ - Increases magic defense. Mods are 1.5x, 2x, 2.5x, and 3x.

Magic- - Opposite of Magic+. Same mod numbers.

Flashbang - Blinds an enemy. As level goes up, the chances of its working increase, ending with guaranteed unless immune at Lv. IV.

Mage - Increases potency of magic. Mods are 1.2x, 1.5x, 2x, and 3x.

Fatigue - Opposite of Mage. Same mod numbers.

(List is not finished yet. - Zent)

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