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Kleenex Coupons

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Kleenex the Company

If you've ever reached for a sanitary napkin, then you've probably heard of Kleenex. Trademarked in 1924, they're the foremost brand of sanitary napkins in the world. The name "Kleenex" has become synonymous with facial tissues as they're available in almost every country imaginable. The original design was actually used during World War I as a gas mask filter and a replacement for surgical tissues. Since then, they can be found in households the world over.

If you need any sort of tissue, then Kleenex is your go-to brand. They have a wide variety of sanitary facial tissues, such as anti-viral, everyday use, tissues with lotion, ultra soft, and the luxurious "Expressions" type, which combines the comfort you'd expect from Kleenex with the aesthetic appeal of a fashionable home decoration.

Moreover, the Kleenex brand of hand towels are a disposable alternative to cotton towels, meaning that you can get the sturdiness you'd expect from a cloth towel with the peace of mind you get from knowing that you don't have to reuse the product.

The dinner napkins can be used for any occasion, especially with the decorative dispensers, meaning that you don't have to be shy about displaying the products to your dinner guests. Finally, Kleenex has the popular "Splash N Go!" brand of moist towelettes, meaning that your busy lifestyle will never get in the way of your need to feel clean wherever you go.

Kleenex Product Line

Since Kleenex are so ubiquitous, you know that they can celebrate the holidays in style. Each and every major brand of Kleenex tissues have special packaging that comes out during major holidays, meaning that you don't have to eschew your festive spirit while using your favorite sanitary napkins.

Kleenex Logo

The "Expressions" are to note in particular, since the box is as attractive as it is useful. Rather than being hid in a cabinet, the "Expressions" boxes can be placed in the center of the room and really accent your living space.

Moreover, the dinner napkins have a special line of decorative dispensers, perfect for entertainers who wish to add a bit of flair to any dinner party.

Simply place the dispensers at strategic locations around your dinner table and watch as your setup goes from drab to fabulous in just minutes! It might be a subtle change, but one that your guests will definitely notice.

Coupons for Kleenex

Kleenex coupons are easy enough to find in your local newspaper. Considering that you're going to find Kleenex products in every major drug store and grocery outlet, all it takes is a watchful eye to find promotions for your favorite brand of sanitary napkins. Moreover, Kleenex is always sponsoring promotions directly through their website.

For instance, you can send someone virtual tissues through Facebook to let them know you're thinking about them, or create personalized labels in order to make your box of Kleenex tissues stand out. Signing up for the product's mailing list will further ensure that you are always the first to know about new products and savings in your area.

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