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Knott's Berry Farm Coupons

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About Knott's Berry Farm

Knott’s Berry Farm was a roadside fruit stand started in 1920 by Walter Knott and his wife Cordelia in Buena Park, California. He sold fresh berries, pies and preserves on State Route 39, today Beach Boulevard, which was the main road between Los Angeles County and the Orange County beaches.

Walter Knott received a hybrid berry from Rudolf Boysen and grew them with great success, selling them at his fruit stand. They are a hybrid of the loganberry, raspberry and blackberry and Knott named them Boysenberrys.

History of Knott's Berry Farm

In 1934, Mrs. Knott decided to help increase their income by selling chicken dinners with Boysenberry pie for dessert. The fruit and chicken dinners became hugely popular for truckers and families, and there were always long lines waiting to be served.

To entertain the waiting customers, shops and interactive displays were started near the restaurant. With gift shops and interesting attractions including a 15 million year old petrified log and a replica of George Washington’s Mount Vernon fireplace, the fruit stand and restaurant was renamed Knott’s Berry Place and became a tourist destination.

With a mechanical volcano and a place to pan for gold, Knott’s Berry Place was soon built to look like an old western town. As a salute to the early miners and settlers in California, Walter Knott brought genuine buildings from old west towns and gradually built a ghost town which is still standing and is the oldest part of the amusement park.

Knott's Berry Farm Today

Today, Knott’s Berry Farm is a thriving amusement park with six themed areas including the traditional ghost town. There is The Boardwalk with roller coasters and other thrill rides, Fiesta Village, with a Mexican theme and more carnival-like rides, Camp Snoopy for young children with the theme of the Peanuts comic strip characters, Water Wilderness with two major rides including the Bigfoot Rapids and Indian Trails which is a small area that highlights native American crafts, dance and art.

There are several annual events held at Knott’s Berry Farm including Knott’s Halloween Haunt which is hugely popular. Most of the park focuses on this theme with scary zones and specially employed monsters.

Knott's Berry Farm

Winter Coaster Solace is held in March where guests can enter the park before it opens and stay after it closes to ride the roller coasters and have a meal in the Chicken Dinner Restaurant. The aim of Winter Coaster Solace is to celebrate the climate of California where theme parks are open all year and do not close down for heavy weather.

Free Admission to Military Members

To recognize the sacrifices of military personnel, Knott’s Berry Farm gives free admission to veterans and their families during the month of November. In 1991, it was started for Gulf War Veterans, but has been extended to all veterans and is available every year.

Of course, Christmas is celebrated as Knott’s Merry Farm with manufactured snow, gift handicrafts, and Santa Clause.

Knott's Berry farm Coupons

There are two different types of discount coupons available online and at the ticket window. Online coupons will either be printable or coupon codes. The coupon codes are used only online. When purchasing a ticket on the Knott’s Berry Farm website, put the code from a coupon website in the code box when checking out. On some websites such as couponsnapshot.com, you will be redirected to knotts.com when you click the coupon code icon.

Printable coupons can be taken to the ticket booth where the stated discount will be given. A Joe Cool Club coupon is the same as a printable coupon. Coupons only give discounts for general admission. They may not be used in conjunction with other discounts offered or Junior’s or Senior’s admission price.

There are many places where discount coupons are available for admission tickets and other discounts. In the local participating grocery stores including Big Saver Foods, Superior Grocers, Northgate Market, Vallarta Supermarkets, Valumart and Valuplus, Super A Foods and Johns International Marketplace discount coupons are available. They also offer a chance to win tickets to the Latin Music Festival.

Knott's Farm Tickets

The 2011 Orange County, CA edition of the Entertainment Book offers many coupons that are valid until the first of November.


They offer coupons for discounts for regular admission, season passes for all ages for the same price and one coupon for Adult Season Passes at one price and Junior or Senior Season Passes at a lower price.

In December, discount coupons are given to people who donate a $15 toy to Toys for Tots that is worth $15 or more.

Couponsnapshot offers Knott’s Berry Farm Coupons that have codes. They also offer Knott’s Berry Farm discounts and special deals. With this there is an activate coupon button to click to receive the discount. There are coupons and discounts for Backyard BBQ and Soak City. The discount is applied to online shopping for tickets.


UltimateCoupons.com has the most recent Knott’s Berry Farm coupons. When on the site, find the coupon codes and the link to the Knott’s Berry Farm online shopping. When the selections have been put in the cart, there will be a promotional field where the code can be entered.


There are different variations for Knott’s Berry Farm Coupons 2011. These include Promotional Codes for Knott’s Berry Farm, Coupon Codes 2011 for Knott’s Berry Farm and Promo Codes for Knott’s Berry Farm. With this information is it possible to get many discount coupons for America’s First Theme Park and have a great time that doesn’t break your vacation budget.

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