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Know if Girls Like You

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You're crazy about her, but you can't tell how she feels about you. Does she think of you as just a good friend, or does she wish your relationship could be a little more special? There are all kinds of behavioral cues a girl will give you to let you know she likes you--half the time, she might not even realize she's doing them! If your love interest is doing any of the behaviors mentioned below, it's time to make a move. Act fast and with confidence, because all girls love self-assured guys.

Her Body Language is Different

You've noticed she touches her hair a lot when she looks at you. This is partly because she wants to make it look nice for you, and also because you make her feel sensual. Girls also start fiddling with their necklaces when talking with a guy they really like. If she's messing with her earrings and looking off into the distance, though, she's probably just feeling nervous or insecure about something. You might try asking her if anything is wrong and see if she will open up to you.

When a girl is interested in a guy she usually will get a little more touchy-feely too, and her body language will become more open. If she touches you on the arm or shoulder when you're hanging out, or if she likes to tease you by messing with your hair, she's probably nurturing at least a little crush. Notice if she keeps her arms crossed, or if they're at her sides. When her arms are crossed, it means her guard is still up. Do everything you can to get her to relax with you. If she likes you and feels comfortable, her arms will be relaxed at her sides--if you're sitting together, she might lean back in her chair. She'll angle her shoulders towards you. If the both of you are standing, her feet will be pointed towards whoever she is most interested in.

Everything about a girl's body language changes when the guy she likes walks into the room. She becomes more aware of her body, and often a little more self-conscious. If she acts exactly the same with you as she does with all her other friends, she's probably not interested in you romantically.

Her Tone of Voice Changes, Too

If you are trying to figure out if a girl likes you, read between the lines. Listen to what she's actually saying, but also notice how she says it. She might make her voice a little bit lower and more seductive, or more girlish--all women are different, but if her voice becomes more sensual when she speaks to you, she is very interested. Also notice if she touches her mouth when the two of you are talking.

If she touches her lips occasionally with her fingers, or is always playing with a bobby pin or pen cap, she might be thinking about how nice it would feel to kiss you, especially if she keeps looking at you and smiling when she does it. Watch out for girls who always cover their mouths up when they're talking, though. This usually means that they are either lying or not speaking their true feelings. It can also mean she's just holding something back. Tell her she looks like she knows a secret--see if you can get her to smile and tell you what it is. You want her to feel safe telling you all her secrets.

She's So Shy Now!

Maybe she's always gotten shy and tongue-tied around you, or maybe it's new. Unless you've ever hurt her feelings, shyness is one of the surest signs that she likes you back. If she's laughing and giggling until you come on the scene, and then she suddenly starts blushing and fidgeting, she has a crush on you. If she does blush, don't mention it. Be very calm and relaxed and talk to her. If she doesn't feel like saying very much at first, that's okay. You want her to know you're not judging her and that you like her for who she is.

Before long she will relax and the two of you can enjoy your time together. Girls who get a little shy around guys can make the most loyal girlfriends, and think how much fun you'll have getting her to come out of her shell.

She Dresses More Carefully

This doesn't apply to all girls, of course--athletes and tomboys might feel silly if they started dressing more girlishly all of a sudden. If you notice a girl has dolled herself up, though, it's usually a sign that she wants to look pretty for someone. So if she's always wearing cute dresses and pretty hairstyles around you, congratulations! It's important to her that she look nice for you. She might even feel uncomfortable if you see her in her gym clothes or casual wear.

Don't tease her about it, though. Make a point of telling her she looks pretty even when she's not all dolled up, because you want her to know you like the way she looks naturally, and not just the way she looks when she's spent an hour doing her face and messing with her hair.

Make sure you always make the effort to look nice for her, too. It's thoughtful to dress up to please your favorite person, even you dress up just a little. Take a little extra time with your hair. Pull your clothes out of the dryer in time so they don't get wrinkled. Wear cool shoes and your favorite outfits when you spend time together--the best outfits are things which incorporate a little conversation starter, so you always have plenty to talk about and can continue getting to know each other.

If your older brother gave you his favorite hat before he left for college or you got a really cool shirt over summer vacation, make sure to incorporate them into your outfit. She'll love hearing your stories and you'll feel extra confident when you know you look your best around her.

She's Always Asking About You

If a girl likes a guy, she can't ever hear enough about him. If you notice she's always asking your friends about you, or seems unusually curious about your weekend or how your presentation went...well, it's probably because she's fascinated with you! Turn it into a conversation, and use the opportunity to find out more about her interests and occupations, too. This is a great way to find out common ground, and also an easy way to ask her on a date casually.

If she finds out from all your friends if you'll be at the big party or dance that weekend, you can bet she'll be there, too. In fact, you might run into her at the mall or the movie theater, too. She wants every chance she can get to see you, and she wants to experience all the same things you're experiencing. If you end up at the same place together, take the chance to walk or drive her home, afterwards. If you go for a walk, offer her your arm. If you end up driving her, put your arm up over her seat when you back up your car, and see how she reacts.

You Catch Her Looking At You

You move to check her out and see that she's already watching you. Try to catch her eye and smile, or look down and then up again quickly to give her an exciting jolt. Practice this in the mirror. If you do this right she'll blush right away, and then you know for sure she's really interested in you. Come over and sit next to her right away if you can, or include her in your conversation.

Her Parents Know Who You Are

If you run into her parents, friends, or family, and introduce yourself, they all smile and nod. "Oh yes, we've heard a lot about you!" one of them says. Be polite and casual, and don't dig for information. Tell them that she is a really lovely girl, and then ask them about themselves. This way her friends and family will approve of you, which is important. Be respectful, have good posture, and listen when they are talking. If you have a bad memory, write the information you find out down, so you can reference it again the next time you meet. They'll be inordinately pleased and speak highly of you whenever your name comes up.

You've Seen or Heard Her Friends Teasing You About Her

There she is, standing in the hall in a circle of her friends--you hear someone mention your name, and everybody starts looking at the girl you like and laughing. If she's blushing and waving them off, she's trying to hide the fact that she likes you. You might also see her friends looking at you and grinning when you walk past them.

It's a little scary for girls when their friends know who their crush is, especially if they don't know if he likes them back yet. So, if you happen to be walking by, brush her hair or arm and catch her eye. Her friends will all crack up, and her heart will melt. This is a great way to have her thinking about you all day long. If this opportunity comes up, make sure to find her after school or after the party, and ask her out on a date.

She Seems Upset When She Sees You With Another Girl

You take your sister to the movies, and your love interest can't stop looking at her. She's trying to figure out if your sister is your new girlfriend! If a girl likes you, she'll get worried or nosy whenever she sees or hears about you spending a lot of time with any other girls. If you have lots of friends who are girls, make sure not to be overly flirtatious with them. It's fine to make her a little jealous, but you should never lead other girls on. This will eventually damage your reputation, and people will not trust you or take you seriously. It's much better to be known as the guy everyone has a crush on, but who is steadfastly loyal to his girlfriend.

She Makes a Big Deal About Your Birthday, or Any Special Accomplishments

She comes up after class to tell you what a great job you did on your project, or she leads all your friends in decorating your locker for your birthday. Maybe she even throws you a surprise party. You are definitely one of her favorite people, and she likes taking care of you.

This kind of girl makes a great friend and an even better partner. If you do get involved in a relationship, make sure you do nice things for her, too. Make a point of celebrating her and surprising her even more than she does you. It's great for women to be assertive and independent, but a one-sided relationship is not very romantic, and usually ends up causing hurt feelings.

She Cooks for You, or Fusses Over You

Again, she likes taking care of you and doing things that will make you feel good. She might be cooking for you because she wants you to think about all the delicious meals you could have together, or because she likes you so much she doesn't want you to be hungry. Whatever the case may be, if she brings a plate of cookies to your party or study session, more likely than not she's interested in you.

She Stands Up For You

You missed the goal in gym class, or your friend's teasing suddenly becomes more cruel--if a girl really likes you, even if she's shy she will stick up for you. Women want to protect the people who are important to them, and a real catch is the kind of woman who won't stand up for injustice or cruelty. You should be really pleased if you get a chance to see this happen.

But be careful. Many times when when a guy feels embarrassed he immediately lashes out at the weakest person around. Watch yourself and make sure you don't say anything spiteful to her, especially if you know you have a bad temper. Thank her simply, and then stand up for yourself, too. You don't want her to think you're a wimp, after all.

She Laughs At Your Jokes Even If They're Not Funny

Everybody knows girls love funny guys. Nothing's more fun than a relaxed, silly conversation peppered with lots of great jokes. If you've got her laughing hard, you've got a great chance at getting her on your arm, too.

But maybe you're not actually very funny, or maybe you told a really bad dud--if a girl really likes you, she won't want you to feel embarrassed. The last thing she wants is for your joke to go totally flat. It can be so awkward when a room suddenly goes quiet! So she'll laugh and try to get her friends to laugh, too. She's a sweet girl and definitely a keeper. Tell her she's got the most beautiful laugh you've ever heard.

She Gets Flustered When You Tease Her

It's good to give a girl a little ribbing now and then. You certainly don't ever want to make her feel bad, but sometimes you just can't resist! If she can't think of anything to say or starts to giggle nervously, it's likely because she's thinking too much about how cute you are. The art of seduction is all about creating tension and then releasing it in a pleasurable way.

Get her nervous and flustered almost to the point where she might get frustrated, and then smooth down her feathers. Tell her you can't resist teasing her because she's so cute when she gets nervous, or tell her you love to watch her squirm adorably. Make sure to compliment her subtly when you're calming her down so that she doesn't feel mad or uncomfortable. Maybe even put your arm around her shoulders and laugh together.

She Wants To Learn More About the Things You Are Interested In

Sometimes people fall in love because they have so much in common, but just as often we fall in love with someone who is our polar opposite. A girl who likes you will want to understand how you tick, and if she respects you she's going to be very interested in what you think is of value. Our interests say a great deal about who we really are when we're alone with ourselves.


She will want to learn how to talk with you about the things you are interested in and fascinated by, and if she really likes you, she might even want to learn how to do the things you enjoy, too. Spend a day showing her one of your talents or fascinations, and then ask her to teach you all about hers, too. For a really great way to bond, though, you should both learn how to do something completely new together. It can be exciting to do something that scares the both of you, like sky-diving or bungee jumping, but you could also have a great time taking a cooking class together, or going camping.

One things for sure, your relationship will never get boring if you are both the type of people who like to learn and try all kinds of new things. That not only helps people to bond, it also gives them more things to talk about together, and ultimately leads to a much more fulfilling life.

She Knows When You're Upset or Unhappy

Sometimes our own parents can't even tell if we're having a bad day, but a girl who is really into you will be able to read it in your face in one glance. If she comes up to you and asks you what's wrong, you know two things. First of all, you have a great girl on your hands, and second of all she really likes you! A guy could hardly be luckier than to have a thoughtful, attentive girl on his side. You can tell how much she likes you by the way she reacts to your response as well. If you tell her that yes, you are feeling a little blue, and she asks you if she can do anything for you or if you'd like to talk, you can rest assured that she likes you.

She Tries To Catch Your Attention

She might try to catch your eyes, but many girls also do things like tapping their fingers on their desk, slamming their lockers, singing, being extra loud with their friends when you are around, or even overreacting to something or someone around them. She just wants you to notice her, and everything that is special or unique about her. This is a great way to find out which of her qualities she values the most. If she makes a point of telling jokes around you, she wants you to know she has a great sense of humor. If she likes to win arguments around you, she's showing off her fiery temper and intellect. If she likes to take charge, maybe she wants to show you she's a strong leader, too. This is a great way to know how you should approach her and what kinds of things she is likely to be interested in.

She'll Do Anything To Talk To You Just a Little Bit Longer

Even if you're both about to be late for class or you're making other people wait, she loves being around you so much that she doesn't want the conversation to end. She keeps thinking of funny stories and jokes to keep you around, or she keeps asking you questions. You should be flattered and enjoy the attention--make sure you flatter her right back--but also do your best to be the one who ends the conversation. If you play just a little bit hard to get, she'll be even more interested in you.

She'll Use Any Excuse To Spend Time With You

Whether it's just walking together to your next class or studying together, if she jumps at an opportunity to spend time together, she probably likes you. If she seems truly apologetic when she can't make it, and goes into long explanations why she can't, she definitely likes you quite a bit.

You're the First One She Remembers Whenever She Has Plans

If a girl likes you, she'll always try to include you in her plans. She wouldn't think of having a party or any kind of gathering without inviting you. She'll tell you when her friends are going to the movies or the mall, and she'll hope that you can join or at least meet up with them there.

She Sends You Funny Texts

If you've exchanged phone numbers, she sends you random texts throughout the day to make sure you're thinking about her. Whether they're casual or obviously contrived, she's just trying to stay in touch. Don't answer every single text, and never engage in a text flurry with a girl you are interested in, even after you start dating! Being too available all the time will kill the mystery... and the romance.

So if you find yourself wanting to send her a text every few minutes, or wanting to update your Facebook status all the time, restrain yourself. She'll be even more curious about you, and your efforts will pay off hugely. Try to plan exciting activities for yourself so that you stay busy. Go on adventures or learn new things. The more rich and fully realized your life is, the more tempted you will be to all women--and the more you'll enjoy yourself.

She Wonders About Your Plans For The Future

You're not dating, so of course she's not asking you about wedding plans or anything. But she is probably very curious where you see yourselves in a couple of years from now. If you're planning to move to Siberia, she might change her mind about how she feels about falling in love with you. There's not a lot of girls who want to move to Siberia.

Some girls know they want to travel, and other ones prefer to stay close to home. She's likely going to look for a boyfriend who doesn't just have the same values as she does, she'll also want one with similar goals. Most girls nowadays want to go to college, and they want you to go, too. They also want a confident guy with clear-cut goals he's already setting out to achieve--that shows that you'll be a good provider. Whether she realizes it or not, your love interest is biologically primed to look for a stable mate who can take care of her while she raises their children. This is why women like men with plans for the future.


Another way to show her you'd make a great boyfriend is to always keep your word. This is a habit which can only help you in the world, and will make many people admire you besides. There's so many guys who are always saying how they are going to do this or that--how many times have you heard a bunch of guys decide they're going to start a band? If you're always blurting out things you'd like to do or learn, and never falling through on any of them, you will eventually seem like a weak person. Plus, if you always do the things you say you're going to do, think how much more exciting your life will be!

She Asks What Kinds of Girls You Like

This should be pretty obvious. Girls with and without boyfriends are always curious what kind of girls guys think are attractive--especially the good-looking guys. Be honest. Think about your answer, though, too. Don't just list a bunch of physical attributes, unless that really is all that's important to you. It really is a multi-layered question, and one which says a great deal about you. If you like smart, ambitious women with long hair, you might be describing yourself a little bit too, or a way you wish that you could be.

If you want, you can use this as a way to let her know you're interested in her. List some of your favorite qualities about her, and see if she notices. You might even nudge her a little. "I like girls with long, dark, curly hair, who are sassy, and have this incredible sense of adventure..."

Moreover, it can be very helpful for you to think what kind of girls you like even if she doesn't ask you this. Sit down with pen and paper and make a list of all your favorite qualities. Don't worry, you can tear this up later. No one ever has to know, but it can be a helpful guide. After all, sooner or later we get a crush on someone who might be a bad influence on us, or distract us from our goals. Those relationships end in tears anyway so it's better to avoid them before they begin. The real benefit of making this list, though, is that you'll see girls in different ways.

As you talk to a girl and she shows her personality to you, if she's revealing clues that she's lazy and you prefer driven women, she might not make a very enjoyable partner for you, no matter how cute she is. Dating a bunch of girls and then breaking up is one surefire way to burn bridges. Don't ever start dating someone just because you're lonely. It isn't worth it. Wouldn't you rather wait to find someone compatible with you instead? There really are a lot of single girls out there to choose from.

She Tries To Set You Up With Other Girls

Okay, this is counterintuitive. A girl who already has a boyfriend may do this because she feels guilty about wanting to be closer to you and can't think of any other way. She may just want to see you happy. If she has a boyfriend, withdraw from the friendship. Unfortunately, once a girl starts thinking of you as one of her buddies, you will always be her buddy. It's very difficult to get out of the friend zone, although it is possible.

If she's trying to set you up with other girls, and she already has a boyfriend, take her advice, but don't talk to her as much any more. Pay attention to other girls. She might get jealous and dump her boyfriend so she can be with you--or she might even forget about you for a while. Even if this is painful, if you want to have a chance to be with her you absolutely have to back off. Wait until she's single. Then, you'll still seem exciting and new.

If she's trying to set you up with other girls, and she's single, be direct. Don't ask her to just come along--tell her you have a better idea. "What?" she'll ask you. Tell her you'll come pick her up at such and such time on such and such day, and tell her what kind of outfit she should wear. She'll pepper you with questions, but refuse to answer her. Tell her she'll just have to wait and find out.

Then, when you come to pick her up for your surprise date, you can say you wanted to have her all to yourself. Tell her you're going to spoil her and she can't say another world. When you take a girl on a date, make sure that you are always the one to pick her up. Open every door, and pay for her dinner. Help her get her coat on, and give her your arm. It's as easy as that. She'll be swept off her feet, and you'll have a girlfriend.

She Talks About How Her Boyfriend Would Really Like You

Even if she says this sincerely, she's feeling guilty for being attracted to you. Additionally, even though she probably does not realize it, you have some of the same qualities which initially attracted her to her boyfriend. This is a good for you, but you have to think about this as a chess game. Obviously you can't become friends with her boyfriend. Then you'll never be able to date her. On the other hand, you can't be friends with her while you wait for them to break up, either. So what do you do?

Change the subject. Whatever you do, don't let girls talk about their boyfriends with you. It doesn't matter if they're mad at their boyfriend or totally crazy about him, you do not want to be the guy all the girls talk to as if he's neutered. Don't tell her not to talk about him, but make sure you always change the subject, in a polite and subtle way. Do your best to be mysterious and charming. Get her to flirt with you.

Then you must end the conversation first, and make her slightly jealous with other girls. If you go to the same school or know some of the same people, you can catch her eye sometimes or say hi, but don't ever hang out or explain why you can't. She'll be intrigued, especially if she's the type of girl who usually has everyone at her beck and call. This is not to say you should be rude to her--far from it--but you cannot let yourself be accessible. Girls take accessible guys for granted, and you don't want to be an afterthought. You want to be first in her thoughts.

Extra Tips For The First Date

Congratulations! You were able to tell she liked you, and you asked her out on a date. You're out on the town, you're having a great time--now what do you do? You will both be wondering if you are boyfriend and girlfriend now. This can be touchy. On one hand, suspense is great for romance. On the other hand, you want to make sure there is absolutely no doubt in her mind about how attractive and fun you are. This situation is handled differently according to the girl's personality type.

If she's steady and practical, you can relax a little more. Tell her you want to go steady, or you want her to be your girlfriend. You can even say something like, "You're the only one I want to be with. I've never met anyone like you, and I want you to be my girlfriend." Don't ask her. Tell her. If she likes you, she'll love this.

Other girls, especially girls who are used to getting lots of attention from guys, will need a lighter touch. If you ask her to be your girlfriend on your first date, she might take you for granted. If you have a great time together and kissed goodnight but you still didn't ask her to be your girlfriend, she'll be wondering where she stands with you. You want to make sure you kiss her at least once during your date, so she doesn't think of you as a friend, but you don't want her to think she's got you figured out right away. For this reason, you should string her along for two or three successive dates before you tell her you want her to be your girlfriend.

For a fun spin on an old standard, give her something special to you and tell her you want it to have it. If you have a signature jacket--or an old school class ring!--tell her you want her to wear it for you, so she can always have part of you near her. She'll love it. Girls especially love when they have something fun to brag about to her friends, and when she shows up to school wearing your jacket, she won't even need to say a word in order to brag. Maybe the two of you will even start a new trend!

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