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How to Know if a Guy Likes You

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Figuring Out Men

Many women are curious to know how a man thinks. It is sometimes difficult to figure out if they are into you or just in it for the time being. There are many signs to look for that can help you find out if a guy likes you or not.

Men can change from one point to the next, they're unpredictable, but we can be just as complicated to them, as they are to us. In this article you will learn all the signs and tips on how to find out if a guy likes you or if they just want to be friends. You will also get tips on how to win his affection and what you need to do.

Here are some ways to know if he likes you:

His Body language

A guys body language can say a lot about how he feels about you. It can even let you know if he is really interested. One of the main signs to look for would be his shoulders and head. If his shoulders are in a relaxed position and his head is always facing towards you, he is showing signs of interest and cares about what you have to say.

He is showing that he is willing to get to know you better. If he is distracted by other things and seems jittery or uncomfortable, than he definitely is not interested and is dying to get out of the situation, quick. Expecially if you are talking only of yourself and not giving him a chance to speak.

His Eye Contact

This is an important sign to look for. Eye contact can mean a lot, especially if he's doing a lot of it. If a guy leans forward and stares into your eyes for a long period of time while you are talking or holding a conversation with him, could definitely mean he is starting to feel something for you. Guys will not pay attention to your words or make a lot of eye contact if they didn't like you. They will look else where or even at someone else.

They show their interest through their eyes, in their movements and actions. Looking into your eyes in a loving way is a big sign that they may be falling for you. At least the ones that aren't shy do this. The guys that are shy, may take a glance and then look away in a nervous way. This does not mean that they aren't into you, it's just that they are shy and may be nervous around you at first.

They want to look into your eyes, but their shy ways prevent them from doing so, until they are fully comfortable around you. After that, it is easier for them to make eye contact without pulling away so quickly.

His Body Contact

Guys like a girl who is willing to be playful, especially if they are playful. A sign that a guy likes you would be in the way they use their body contact. A guy will do things that we may call "love taps", they will playfully hit you and tease you just to see how you react.

They don't show this kind of body contact with just anyone, just the ones they wish to get attention from. If a guy does these things, he is showing signs that he likes you and is trying to find out if you like him too. If you playfully go along with him, he will know that you are interested too. Many guys will try and hug you, touch your hand or playfully kiss you on the cheek.

These are all signs that they want to take things a little further than just friends. Expecially, when you notice that they only do these things with you and noone else.

The Way He Holds a Conversation

Most guys don't like a lot of conversation, unless they are truly interested in the person who is doing the talking. If a guy likes you, he will listen attentively to what you have to say. Although it is also better to be a good listener as well.

If you show a guy that what he has to say is just as important as what you have to say, he will take notice that he is dealing with a person that cares and wants to get to know him as much as he does with you. Guys notice these little details, they love a woman who doesn't want to take up all of the spotlight. This helps a guy develop stronger feelings towards you.

He will know that you are not a self centered kind of person. If a guy asks questions during conversation, this is just showing that he wants to know more about you. A guy who is just looking for one thing will not waste his time asking questions, he might not even care what your first name is. That is why it is a good sign when they ask questions and are interested in getting to know who you are.

Constantly Around

If a guy is coincidentally always around where you are, calls or wants to know what you are doing for the day is a sign that he likes you. Everyone knows that if a guy does not like you, he will want to stay as far away as possible.

You can even forget about receiving any phone calls from him at that. If he is interested, he will call at least twice a day or show up where you may be hanging out at, so that he could at least catch a glance. Guys are funny this way, they have their own way of showing their feelings. If they are around too much or follow you wherever you go, that may not be a healthy kind of interest, just make sure to watch out for signs that go overboard.

He can show interest but not stalker tendencies. We want someone to like us, not stalk us. If he likes you he will take you out on romantic dates and treat you like a queen. If he has genuine respect and wants a real relationship not based on just sex, he will wait until you're ready to make the first move.

Noticing If He Cares

A way to find out if he truly cares, would be to see his reaction to a dilemna you may be going through. For example, if you lost money for a bill or for something important and he offers to help is a sure sign that he likes you.

Unless you were friends for a while and he was just being a helpful friend in your time of need. Another way to find out if he cares would be to ask a friend to hold a conversation about you to him and see what he says in return. If your friend tells you that he smiled as your name was mentioned and he said lots of positive things about you, than he is definitely interested and he may even try to get information from your friend about you.

An instant smile on a guys face once your name is mentioned could mean they not only like you, they may have even fallen in love with you. If you feel the same way, you have to make sure to show them as well. Their willingness to want to help and understand your feelings are a big sign of them liking you.

Picking a Playful Argument

Some guys like to get the person they like frustrated, just to see them mad. They will pick a fight and tease a girl if they like them. For some reason guys get a kick out of a woman when they go along with the argument. They feel like they need to do this in order to get the girls attention.

If he does this to you, only then will you know that he likes you, but if he does this with other girls, than he's just a flirt and probably just isn't interested like you may think. If he touches your hair or caresses your chin, he may have feelings for you but is to shy to come right out and tell you what he is feeling for you. Sometimes actions speak louder than words. a guy will definitely show his feelings eventually once he is used to you.

Look For Signs of Jealousy

A guy who usually has interest in a girl will look to see if she is interested in someone else. They will watch who she talks to and how she acts around other people. For example, if you are talking to a male friend and he seems to constantly be looking your way is a sign that he might like you. He most likely is jealous that you are talking to someone else.

He will also watch that you are not to close to the other individual, not in a creepy way but because he likes you, he will want to know if he still has a chance by the way you act with the other person. Guys will step back if they feel someone else has caught your attention. They may get the idea that your feelings may not be the same as what their feelings.

Sharing His Feelings

A guy will not share his feelings with just anyone. If he truly likes you, he will start to share his feelings with you. They have a tendency to throw little hints here and there when they are trying to tell you what they are feeling for you.

Many are to shy to put what they feel into the right words. For example, if they want to take a walk, just the two of you could be a sign that he wants to let you know how he feels. If he touches your hand as if it was by mistake but doesn't let it go, means he likes you and is building up the confidence to tell you his true feelings for you.


In some cases guys can be a little shyer than the girls when it comes to expressing their feelings. Sometimes we have to initiate the conversation.

Giving You Small Gifts

If every now and then they appear with a small gift such as a flower or a simple poem, this is a definite sign of love. Guys don't make an effort to grasp your attention, unless they are really interested. You don't have to ask yourself if they like you if they are showing small gestures such as these. It's actually very sweet when they show their feelings in this way, instead of always having to look for the signs.

Look For Compliments

Always wach to see if he compliments you every now and then. If he notices little things like a haircut, a new article of clothing, or different shoes means he might be into you. A guy notices everything when it comes down to someone he likes. If he makes remarks such as you look pretty today, I like your shoes, you have a nice smile, or I like the way you styled your hair today is a sure sign that he likes you and is admiring everything about you.

If he's been a friend for a long time and always compliments you, than he might just be trying to be nice as a friend, not because he is interested in anything else other than being a good friend. If he only does this sometimes and speaks to you in a softer tone while staring into your eyes with a smile on his face, than he is trying to change the friendship into something else.

Signs of Nervousness

If a guy likes you especially if he is shy, they almost always get nervous when they are around you. They may even stutter or move around a lot. They don't do this with everyone, that is why you can tell if they like you or not. The way they move their hands are also a sign of nervousness. If they try to tease you and poke funny jokes on your behalf, but they don't do this to anyone else, than this is also a sign that he may be interested.

Sometimes teasing is the only way he knows how to express himself at that point and time. The same thing happens to some girls when they are around someone they want to get to know. They will get nervous on someone they have a crush on. Many people who get nervous even tend to repeat themselves a lot around the person they may be admiring. They get all choked up all of a sudden.

Talks About You To His Friends

Guys don't talk to their friends about girls they don't like, only the girls they feel something for. Guys share everything with each other. A good way to find out if a guy likes you is to ask his friends but in a manner that is not so suspicious. You can beat around the bush and find out if he has mentioned your name at least once or twice within their conversation. If he talks about you to his friends more than once than he obviously has you on his mind for some reason.

All of these are ways to know if a guy likes you. Guys can be tricky to understand at times, but it's kind of cute when they do try to show you how they feel and they can't find the ways to do it. If you like a guy and he isn't showing any of these signs, than maybe you have to be the one to try and get their attention. There's lots of ways to get a guy to take notice of you. Just as long as you don't do it in a creepy way.

Guys don't like to be smothered, they like a girl who can be down with them, but also have a good head on her shoulders. A woman that can hold her own ground, but at the same time be willing to depend on him. They want to be able to take care of you, but not to the point that you become reliant always on him.

Getting Noticed

Guys like a girl who has confidence. It is a good trait to have, when you want to meet the guy of your dreams. Always keep your head up and a positive attitude when they are around. If you feel like you want to get their attention, than you have to initiate the process first, only if he is not showing signs of interest. Sometimes you have to find ways to attract them to you.

Giving Them Eye Contact

When a guy is talking or making jokes, make sure to look into his eyes, laugh at his jokes but don't over do it. Glance at him every so often with a soft attentive smile. Play with one piece of your hair, preferably an end piece. Try and agree with some of the things he has to say. Do not make it obvious right away, they may feel uncomfortable if you act to strangely around them. Believe it or not, they take notice of these things, they become attracted when a woman acts this way and shows them that the are interested.


Giving Them Body Contact

If you're looking for a guys attention you may try touching him, but not in a way that he may get the wrong idea. If he's sitting next to you, you can try to act as if you mistakenly touched his hand. Instead of moving it right away, glance at him for 2 seconds and then slide your hand softly off his hand.

It will leave him wondering about what just happened and will keep him thinking about you. Another way would be to tell them they have nice strong hands. This lets them know that you're noticing them. Using the word strong with a guy builds their confidence and this will trigger them to start competing for your attention as well.

Talking To a Guy

If you like a guy and you are holding a conversation, try not to talk too much. Guys hate when the girl is doing all the talking and not giving him a chance to get one word into the conversation. To them this is a sign of a person that is only interested in their feelings and not of others. Instead listen to what he has to say and step in when you feel it's appropriate.

Ask questions but don't act like the FBI, you wouldn't want to overwhelm them on the first date. Let them tell you about themselves on their own. If they are into you, they will do this automatically.

Complimenting a Guy

If you want him to know that you are interested, you may try to compliment him on some things. You can say things like "you have a beautiful smile", or ask him if he works out. These two compliments seem to grab a guys attention quickly.

If he smiles when you tell him these things, than he didn't take it the wrong way and you can still try this technique to see if he eventually figures out that you like him. Make sure to point out how good they are at certain things. Ask them if they need help with anything. Guys love a woman who can sometimes get down with the boys, but still show their feminine side.

Mistakes That Will Drive a Guy Away

Guys do not like too much attention. It is a big mistake to seem clingy , it may even be mistaken for a person with stalker ways. You do not want to show a guy that you are hanging around too much every second of the day. This sometimes scares them and it can drive them away easily. Guys like a challenge, they want to be able to pursue a woman. When it is easy for them to attract a woman, than it is no longer a challenge and they lose interest.

It is a good idea to play the hard to get roll, but not to the point where they feel they are getting no where with you. Give them a little but not a lot. You don't want to seem easy, they will think that you are like this with other guys and that will make them lose interest easily. They like women that have a backbone but that also have a sweet side to them.

Being Yourself

If a guy notices that you are trying to be someone other than yourself, that is a big turn off to them. They will feel that they are dealing with someone who is fake and untrustworthy. They know that when they meet you they are getting exactly what they see in front of them. It is better to be yourself and let them decide if they want to get to know you after it's all said and done. It is the same way with a woman, you want the guy to be himself, so you can know what you are getting into.

Accepting Who They Are

If you like a guy but some of his ways seem annoying, you may have to compromise. Allowing a guy to be just who they are without trying to change them is key to anyone looking to have a successfull relationship. A guy will notice you if he sees that you are not a judgemental kind of person. They will feel more comfortable around you.

Guys don't want a girl who will try to change them. They admire someone who is there for them even through the bad times without criticizing. No one likes to be judged and a woman who shows concern without judging, means a great deal in a guys book.

Don't Try To Be His Mother

One mistake a woman may commit in trying to pursue a guy they like, would be to right away act like his mother. A guy already has one mother, I don't think they want their significant other acting like their mother as well. Don't get me wrong, it's ok to have motherly tendencies, but only with your own children. He will eventually be your boyfriend, not your child.

Guys do not like to be told what to do. They like to be depended on, but not forced. Many women make this mistake and the relationship eventually comes to an end. Try to be his girlfriend not his mother. You can show the same love without making him feel powerless.

Pursue Him Instead

If a guy is just to shy and you feel that he definitely likes you, than you're going to have to take matters into your own hands. Sometimes you have to be the one to approach them, lay the cards out on the table and let them know exactly how you feel. Not every guy is the same and the same goes for the girls. That is why someone has to take the first step. If no one takes control than both will forever wonder what it could have been like to be with that person.

Trying to figure out what a guy feels for you is always difficult, but at the end of the day it will all become clear as time goes on. You will figure all of this out by their actions and ways around you. Once you learn all the signs, it will be easier for you to notice if someone is interested. If you feel the same way, try and acknowledge them and show them that you are paying attention to them as well.

Some Final Guy-Grabbing Tips

  • Make sure to always be yourself
  • Listen attentively to what they have to say
  • Compliment them, but don't over do it
  • Don't seem too clingy
  • Laugh at their jokes, but don't exaggerate
  • Let him ask the questions first
  • Don't seem to nosy, you don't want them to feel interrogated
  • Share only small details of yourself until you feel comfortable

If you try to gain his attention but he is still not showing signs that he is interested or that he likes you, than it's better to lay off and leave it alone. If something is meant to be than eventually it will happen. Never try to force someone to like you, it will only make you seem desperate.

A guy shows many signs of interest or disinterest, you just need to know what to look for. Hopefully this article will help you gain the knowledge you need to understand how a guy thinks and feels.

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