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A race of humanoid beings that evolved on the planet Korx. They are a very plain-looking race, with gray skin and no hair. The average Korx appears to have almost no facial features, lacking eyes and a mouth -- only the nose is prominent, and that's only compared to the rest of the face. The truth is that most Korx sell off their eyes, teeth, tongue, and lips for profit. They then purchase machines to do the jobs of those for them, and oftentimes the machines are cheap and vastly inferior.

Most Korx are mercenaries, entrepeneurs, or oligarchs due to the restrictive, ultracapitalist society they live in. Almost all Korx that don't fit into those three categories may as well not exist in the eyes of Korx culture -- they take laissez faire to an extreme even an anarchist might find cringe-worthy. Some democratic or socialist colonies exist, but they are rare.

Dominion of Korx

An interstellar empire centered around the planet Korx, it is actually a strange alliance of ancient, powerful corporations. Its current leader is Chairman Kralax.

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