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Kraft Coupons

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Kraft Coupons

Formed in 1903 by James L. Kraft, the Kraft brand originated as a wholesale cheese company. Kraft himself traveled door to door to sell his product, and in his first year he actually lost money.

Later joined by his four brothers, J.L. Kraft and Bros. Company became an international cheese distributor. With their invention of pasteurized processed cheese, consumers were able to purchase cheese that did not require refrigeration.

The company used this advancement to their benefit, selling millions of pounds of the product to the U.S. Army to be used as rations for World War I. By 1930, the company was producing 40% of the cheese market in the United States.

Soon after, rumors of mergers began in earnest, and these mergers eventually built the company that we are aware of today. Kraft Foods has grown to become one of the largest food producers in the world.

Kraft's Products

Although they got their start in dairy products, they have since expanded to other products with great success. Kraft favorites like Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, Kraft Salad Dressings, and Kraft Cheese are staples in many homes.

Aside from their own brand-name products, Kraft owns Oscar Meyer, Philadelphia Cream Cheese, Maxwell House, Nabisco, and Cadbury, among others. Notable Kraft-owned products include Jell-O, Fig Newton’s, Oreos, Breakstone’s, Capri Sun drinks, Ritz Crackers, Stove Top Stuffing, Country Time Lemonade, Kool-Aid, Velveeta, and Crystal Light.

Kraft Coupons

With Kraft products so prevalent on grocery store shelves, Kraft coupons are also readily available. With proper coupons and national store sales, these products can be purchased very inexpensively. Finding coupons for Kraft products is important, and there are a few locations that provide the best opportunity for coupons.

Kraft Logos

Kraftfoodscompany.com is an excellent resource for Kraft coupons, recipes, and tips. By signing up for their newsletter, Kraft will send you updates on their latest promotions and how to use their products to create delicious meals for your family. Be sure to print the coupons as soon as you can because they may limit how many are available to consumers.

Couponers can also visit brand specific websites for Oscar Meyer, Philadelphia Cream Cheese, Maxwell House, and Nabisco.

Nabisco has their own website, NabiscoWorld.Com, and guests to the site can enter their information to receive specials and coupons through email. Be sure to check with each individual brand to see if they have a separate newsletter that can provide these deals.

In addition to visiting their websites, Kraft brands also have Facebook pages. Facebook members who “Like” their Facebook pages receive information about their products, special promotions, and often high-dollar coupons.

This also allows customers to provide feedback to the company, helping Kraft Foods understand consumer needs. Facebook promotions often include giveaways and sweepstakes as well, and those that “Like” the page will receive the most recent information first.

Finding Local Coupons for Kraft Foods

Check with your local grocery store for their store coupons as well. Many national chains like Target release their own coupons to be used at their locations. These very often include coupons for Kraft Brand products. Regional grocery stores like Publix, Sweetbay, Aldi, and Winn Dixie may also have Kraft coupons in their flyers or on their websites.

Occasionally, Kraft Brands will release coupon booklets that contain multiple coupons for their products. They are often released in conjunction with seasonal events, such as Christmas and Hanukkah, Easter, and back-to-school events.

The booklets can contain coupons good for only a few months or may have coupons available for the entire year. Always make sure to check the dates and use your coupons before they are expired. These booklets are generally mailed to Kraft Foods customers and can be requested from the above mentioned websites.

Another good location for Kraft Brand coupons is the Sunday paper. Weekly coupon flyers are released and they usually contain coupons for Kraft Brand foods.

By purchasing a few copies of your Sunday paper, you can get multiple coupons for the same product, helping you to stock up on Kraft products when they go on sale. Be sure to check the papers you purchase have coupons inside, and remember, coupons may not be released on certain holiday weekends.

Coupons Via Mail

Coupons can also be received through the mail. Companies like to hear from their consumers and will reward customers who contact them directly by often providing high-dollar coupons. By emailing or mailing the company directly and giving a review of a recently used product, Kraft will typically send you coupons directly through the mail.

These coupons can sometimes be for the full price of an item, making it free to the consumer. By providing feedback about Kraft’s products, you can receive very lucrative coupons in return.

It is important when couponing to understand the best times to use your Kraft coupons. Grocery stores generally put certain brands or products on sale on a schedule, usually every 4 to 5 weeks.

Using your Kraft coupons during a sale will give you the maximum discount. Take advantage of buy one, get one free sales and always check the sales flyer against the Kraft coupons that you have available to see when you can receive the best deal. Check with your store for their coupon policies and use these to your benefit.

The Kraft Brand

Kraft Foods and their associated brands are often staples in our homes. From Kraft Macaroni and Cheese to Oreo cookies, we have used and enjoyed Kraft products for generations. By using Kraft coupons, we are able to continue the tradition and save our families money as well.

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