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Early Life


Born in Redfern Sydney LDOG was diagnosed at the age of 3 with a rare disease of extravagandas humourus. Meaning in layeman terms that he was simply diseased with being over funny. He had to struggle with this diabilitating set back whilst growing up but was able mto remain positive.

His first girlfriend Samantha Peel said "When he dumped me i felt so heart broken yet i pissed my panties laughing at him" This story wore all too true apon ldog.

High School --- The Birth of a Star

Ldog attends a sydney highschool for boys and is often the centre of all humour. This humour was encompassed by a fellow student known simply as EBEARD. Legend has it that one day EBEARD brought his video camera to school to film for his english assignment. He recorded on this faithful day the first ever ldog video entilted Lunch with Ldog . out of this half and hour filming session the first three ldogs movies were made. including famous titles such as LDOG MISSION RAPE COREY, and 00LEB.

The next day of filming say LDOG venture outside the peramitters of his school. He walked through a pub all though he wasn't of legal age, harrassed an indian and an attractive lady, accussed a man of being a muslim aswell as controversially holding up a busy sydney steet of peak hour traffic allowing his friends to safely cross the road on a red light. This footage resulted in LDOG in the City.

December 2005 saw the filming for footage of the final episodes of season 1 entitled LDOG:UNLEASHED. Ldog went to places such as a public pool where he lifted two teenagers upon his shoulders. He also swam in the popular tourist attraction the Archibald Fountain inwhich he sexually assaulted the statues of a turtle and a goat, he danced with homeless people and also once again bagged out a man of middle eastern apperarance, and as the dramatic finale to the season he staged being hit by a semi trailer at a pedestrian crossing.

Ldog reenacts his feat from LDOG:UNLEASHED

Tragically the tape this footage was filmed on was faulty and as a result this foootage was lost for ever and the faithful fans were never able to see this truly great footage.

Season Two

The opening episodes of LDOG season 2 were filmed at his school's walkathon. Three episodes came about as result including LDOG:interviews,LDOG:COLONISATION and LDOG INVESTIGATION: MOZ. These three videos have had huge success largely due to the formaiton of EBEARD FILMS (C)


With season two came a need for LDOG to reach a wider audience. Founder EBEARD decided to establish EBEARD FILMS (C) to allow for this expansion. EBEARD set up a four man board of directors panel as well as gaining the representation of Legal Counsel AB. EBEARD FILMS has focussed on advertising LDOG to the wider community, this has been achieved by the foundation of LDOG'S official website and the running of the promotional campaign '"Who is Ldog?"' these ads have been placed around LDOG's school as well as in movie cinemas and in the near future internet Cafe's.

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