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Project Legend (Ch: 永记聚会) was the VGOC party that brings our Grade 11 school year to a close, held right after exams are done. So far, nothing is known, except that it will include the showing of "Something" and will be awesome.

Something is not done, and will not be shown

WTF??! "something" from death of harry potter is coming???? wow! It better not be curtis!

  • This party will be hosted in the memory of Oleg "cheap-bs-funny-savage-goodfriend" Petelin,dont have much time to set up this page i still have an insane bio20 final on monday (my binder is not even close to be able to hold all the notes just from bio20), and since only my mom is in saskatoon right now, i am thinking of big huge party, possibly a two day sleep over (now i have NOT ask my mom yet, but yeah there is only gonna be very few ppl left after 2nights anyways, so whatever)
  • not sure if every1 actually cares to check out this page but here is a "rough" list of invitation i am thinking about:
  • out of curiousty, how many ppl know this is a birthday party?

chinese (i am not racist, but just happen to be my way of sorting and remembering ppl's names):

  • Ken Jin-checked
  • Michael Zhang-checked (Sorry Li couldn't make it b/c of moving I'll invite all of u guys over sometime to my new house.)
  • Jiajia Sun-checked-not stayin over
  • Howard Meng-checked


  • Oleg Petelin-checked
  • Bryan Balaton-checked
  • Michael Fulton-checked
  • Nick Spooner-checked


  • Pubudu B.
  • Daniel H.
  • Oscar C.-checked


  • Rocky Wang-checked
  • Hank Yang-naahh
  • Sean Acton-checked
  • Hope Huang-out of town
  • Other random ppl?

and most important :

  • Li Tong ----- oh man this guy is sooo cool i have to invite him :D -checked

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