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Here are some starter pages on Lego Robots

  • PhiloHome Mindstorms - http://www.philohome.com/mindstorms.htm
    • Card Reader: Read values on LEGO binary cards. - Card Reader 2: Improved, faster version of Card Reader. - Radar Car: slows in front of obstacles and avoids them. - Brick Mixer: Orders bricks on a conveyor belt according to the value read on a card. - Wall Follower: RoverBot that follows a wall using my GP2D12 distance sensor. - Gonsuke and MedamaOyaji: Two tiny walking robots, designed by Hiroki Shirakawa. I created building instructions... - See-Saw: Not fancy as a LEGO construction, but interesting control program challenge. - Creeping Caterpillar: A strangely moving vehicle, fun to watch - Peaucellier Cell: Converts rotation motion to linear motion - Brick sorters: Three generations of brick sorters, the latest one includes full building instructions and supports my color sensor. - Rack and Pinion Steering Car - Barrel Collector Robot: Thanks to its laser sensor, this robot detects barrels up to 3 meters away, goes straight to them, grab them with its arm and collect them in a basket. - Hammerhead, the CD thrower: My entry for the Mindstorms COMMUNITY CONTEST # 2: Discus. This beast throws Compact Disks 15 feet away and more! - P'titgneugneu the stair climber: My entry for the Mindstorms COMMUNITY CONTEST # 3: Stairs. A bit too flimsy, but nonetheless won the contest! - Pneumatic Arm: A fully pneumatic arm, loosely built after the human arm. - Brick Simon, a memory game: My entry for the Mindstorms COMMUNITY CONTEST # 6: Simon. Also includes a simplified version that can be built with Robotics Invention System set only. - Bob Kojima's rolling ball clock: I rebuilt Bob's wonderful model with added RCX control. - Modules for the Great Ball Contraption - Rama, a tiny Killough platform - Arched through Trussed Bridge: Built for LegoWorld 2005 bridge strength contest. - Heavy weight lifting: Two lifting apparatuses built for CC9: contest. "Pimousse" won the competition with a 44 kg raise. - Pneumatic Wheel: A fast rolling wheel, pneumatic powered.
    • Laser Sensor - http://www.philohome.com/sensors/lasersensor.htm

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