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Leopold/Frozen Stiff

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Case Report

Case: Frozen Stiff

Case Number API:b-27-01
Case Handle Frozen Stiff
Client Louise Lafontaine
Contract Date 2027-04-27
Category Suspicious death
Lead Officer Robert Stane
Assisting Officers Leopold Arkenov
Victor Cabal
Geoff Chang
Kai Bernstein
Status Open/Active

Day 1: April 27, 2027

<file: leopoldarkenov_casereport_frozenstiff.mp7>
<recording: Apr28-2027-02:38>

Dr Butler, please excuse me, I riding on the bus now and my English for writing still not so good, so I file this report by speaking, if okay with you. It is now 2:38am, Thursday in morning, and we riding on Geoffrey Chang's big bus back to San Francisco. Other people are quiet now, maybe sleeping, and I tell Viktor that maybe he can find some Vegas Girls magazine in toilet, and if he can think real hard he can open sticky pages, so now he gone, heh heh.

Anyway, report. So far, nothing to report. We start yesterday, with woman come to office say her husband is dead, but something strange about his death, something strange about his face in funeral. First we look on internet for informations, then we go to house, I talk to dead boy next door, Viktor say he cannot leaving from car because of spirit barrier at house. Okay, something to report- there was a spirit barrier, like from machine, at house of Lafayette. But we did not find the spirit barrier machine.

Next we go to Shady Funerals, but I am not sure what happen there, you ask Robert might be better. He knows better what happened.

After that we go to middle of highway where Henry... Hank... Harry, the dead guy, where he died. I talk to boy with dead by car crash and carry dashboard in his head. He say blue truck stopped before freezer truck. And big monster come too, like super vampire worse like Joe Stalin, but boy can not go near with spirit barrier, so he only see blue truck from Shady Funerals. Robert find pictures on internet, so we know it is Shady truck. Okay, so we have something to reporting again- there is might be super vampire. Here is called wendigo, or something like that. And Shady Funerals are our number one suspects now. Maybe they work with super wendigo Joe Stalin monster together.

Then we eat steak in Yellowstone Steakhouse, find nothing. I hear ghostie crying somewhere, but I cannot find him. And Death Eagle biker gang from LA eat lot of beefsteak at steakhouse on same night as death, but not going to their hotel rooms. I think Hank was bringing dead cows for meat for Death Eagles but he come too late so they eat from restaurant. So maybe they not ones who are kill him, I am thinking now.

Now we come home on bus, nothing else to report. Tomorrow I don't know what we are doing. Goodnight, Doctor. Close file.

<end transcript file>
<433 words>
<timestamp Apr28-2027-03:01>

I make kal in my pants.

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