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    2. Setting
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    4. House Rules
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    1. Andrew: Leopold Arkenov
    2. Byron: Victor Cabal
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    6. Jim: Royce
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    1. Andrew: Puyter the Archonian
      1. Puyter's Plan
    2. Byron: Wendy (Woody) Winter
    3. Ian: Mouse
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    5. Jim: Piper Jake
Leopold Sub-pages
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  1. Recruitment Logs
    1. Recruitment Interview
    2. Paranormal Aptitude Assessment
  2. Case Reports
    1. Case: The Frozen Stiff
    2. Case: The Spinster's Ransom Note
    3. Leave Report: Three Days in Vegas
    4. Leopold finds his new Guardian

Recruitment Interview for Leopold Arkenov

<recording: Sep02-2024-13:05>
<log participants>
<Dr Jacob Butler (interviewer)>
<Ms Alison Fries (technical assistant)>
<Mr Leopold Arkenov (applicant)>

Fries: We�re recording now, doctor.
Butler: Good. So, Mr Arkenov, why don�t you start with some information about yourself.
Arkenov: Please, calling me Leo.
Butler: Of course. Leo.
Arkenov: Okay. First, I am coming to the America six months before. My cousin, Arkady, he helping me living here, so I living his home now. In Kiev, I working by Bratva, you know... Brotherhood. Organisatsiya, the Russki Mafiya.
Butler: I see. And what was your role in the.. erm.. Bratva?
Arkenov: I was hitting man. English say �enforcer.� I was killing people my boss told me. I killing 163 people, by 12 years. But now, I do not wanting like that anymore. I changed. But before, very good. I use nine-inch stiletto, through eye, behind ear, by ribs behind into heart from below, by side of man. I knowing many ways. I can pushing aside eyeball and stab brain, not damage eye. Also guns- I understanding guns very good.
Butler: Fascinating, really. Unfortunately, I�m not really sure how you could be useful to my organisation, we already have a number of security professionals. I�m not certain your unique skill-set is quite appropriate for our needs right now.
<8 second pause>
Arkenov: Da, da, khorosho�
<inline simultaneous translation provided by FreeLingo Open Source Software: source language id- Surzhyk (Russian-Ukrainian hybrid)>
I know, Viktor, you goat molester, I'm going to explain about that. Arkady said that was important. Don�t interrupt again, or I�ll cut your testicles for you to eat.
Fries: Er, doctor, the emission graphs just spiked. We just had a strong manifestation.
Butler: Hmmm� thank you, Alison. Leo, could you tell us who you were just speaking to?
Arkenov: Yes, he is Viktor. He was partner in Kiev, same banda as I. We working together, I was killing, he driving, back-up, spotting, like that.
Butler: And I take it he is now deceased?
Arkenov: Pardon?
Butler: He�s dead?
Arkenov: Yes. I killing him before, he boning in my girl. So I killing him with my stiletto in the neck, and killing my devushka also. So then, no more partner, no more devushka.
Butler: I see. So, is that when you gave up killing? After the trauma of having to kill your friend and your girlfriend?
Arkenov: Nyet. That was sad day, but I still killing from then.
<inline translation>
Shut up, you stupid god-fucking Cossack. Stop saying sorry. And I know it was no fucking accident. Get out of my face, you make me sick in the belly.
Butler: Right. So you can see your partner, erm, Viktor, and talk to him now? Is he the only persistent post-mortem manifestation you can perceive?
Arkenov: Pardon, please making easy words for me.
Butler: Of course. Do you observe other metaphysical phenomenon? Are you aware of residual psychic personality engrams? Apparitions?
Fries: Do you see dead people?
Arkenov: Oh, like boy in movie? Yes, exactly like boy in movie. But dead people don�t wanting help- just suffering. I just seeing suffering. Same as Viktor- he suffering with guilt. And he knife in neck. Heh heh, right Viktor? Ok, he quiet now.
Butler: Ok, could you tell us more about this ability. When did it start?
Arkenov: When I die.
Butler: When you died? Do you mean� so, you�ve had a near death experience?
Arkenov: Near death? Nyet, nyet. Dead. I was dead. But now ok again. Look.
Fries: For the record, applicant is pulling down turtle-neck collar to expose his neck, and a band of pink scar tissue is visible.
Arkenov: One day I coming home, then fighting three ubiitsa with the ski-mask on the face suddenly. I don�t know who- maybe Chechens, maybe from my boss, maybe Latvish. They beating me. I was hurting them good, but they strong, they beating me. Then putting electricity cord around my neck, and tying to fire escape outside window. Then zzzhhhh� I am throwing through window. I can not breathe, maybe two minute or three minute I hanging like that in alley. Then nothing. You know- no angel, no light, no Mariya. Just Viktor.
Butler: Erm... was this before or after you had killed him?
Arkenov: No, Viktor dead now. Then. Viktor dead then, he was, already by one month, but Viktor standing there. He waking me up, I lying on ground in alley. He saying, �I try to warning you but you no hear me, you idiot hoi, you fat bag of kal. Lucky for you I am saving you.� I don�t know what he saying, but I seeing him in alley with stiletto still in neck.
Butler: Fascinating, fascinating. Unusual case. No visions, hallucinations... Many similarities to suicide cases... Perhaps a 7 or 8 on the Grey scale... Borderline NDE... Undeniable effects though...
Arkenov: What?
Butler: Yes. So... you say there was nothing? You didn�t feel anything at all before Viktor woke you up?
Arkenov: I not thinking so� I don�t remember well very much. Just floating and grey, then Viktor shouting and kicking at me.
Butler: I see� So, what did you do then?
Arkenov: Getting up. My watch say five hours after. It snowing and dark, night-time. I go back to room, check for it is safe. No more ubiitsa. Viktor still with me, he no shut up. He saying, �You have to go, they come again for you, you have to get away.� I getting cash, passports, extra guns, and I leaving by airport. But very strange things. Viktor sitting in taxi, he no shut up. He say, �Looking over there, remember? We kill two brothers by restaurant. And that place, shooting with police. And over there, you stab factory owner 28 times.� And I can see them, I can see the two brothers, I can see factory owner- she middle-aged woman, and policeman with the hole in the face. It making the taxi ride take a long time to Boryspil.
Butler: I see. Immediate onset of sensitivity, good, good� And at this point you came to the United States?
Arkenov: Da, da. Before, I flying back to Tbilisi, finding safe place. Spending lots of cash- I try to find who kill me in Kiev. I wanting to know if I can go back. But everywhere, also in Tbilisi, dead people. Some of them I kill, some of them my friends. I think I not care about Kiev anymore, then I think I not want to making killing anymore, maybe they following me, like Viktor.
<inline translation>
Screw you, Viktor. I will kill you again if you don�t shut your cock-sucking mouth.
So� then I see dead matushka and she saying, �Why are you like this, Leo? You got to stopping killing everybody. I can see what you do, you know.� So I change my mind. I not go back to Kiev, I coming to the America. I talking to my cousin Arkady, and paying lots of money, and coming to here.
Butler: You keep mentioning Arkady. What does he do?
Arkenov: You know, same. He is Bratva by Richmond, many Georgians in over there, like Russkis� Mafiya. When I coming he say, �Leo, you should working for me. You good man, good fighter. You my cousin, I give you good jobs with me.� But I have to say to him no, I wanting to not do like that anymore. I ask him favour as family to let me be quit from this jobs. And he saying, �Ok, I finding you something else. No problems.� I working security, taxi driving, truck driving, now he show me your company for good jobs.
Butler: Well, I have to say, I believe I've changed my summation of you, Leo. I don�t say I entirely approve of your chequered background, but it seems you�ve come to some kind of epiphany and wish to make amends for past misdeeds. As for your paranormal abilities, I would initially need to conduct a few calibrations, but I would class you as a �sensitive�, meaning you can perceive the souls of the deceased, and with a course of tutelage and psychic instruction you may become a �medium�, thus enhancing your ability to communicate with the other realm. Err� Ms Fries, please be so kind as to provide machine translation of my remarks for Mr Arkenov. Thank you. Yes, as I was saying, we have little need for a gentleman with an arms-handling and security profile, but we have definitely been trying to assemble a team with a professional sensitive, and you would appear to fit the requisite bill quite pleasantly. So disregarding for the moment tedious discussion of contracts, remuneration, linguistic polishing, forensic training and other such minutiae, allow me to extend to you, Leo, an unreservedly hearty �Welcome aboard.�
<12 second pause>
Arkenov: <inline translation>
You can�t say shit like that about the doctor, Viktor. He is a good man and now he is my boss. If you don�t be quiet I will pull the knife out of your throat and use it to cut out your tongue.
Thank you very much, Dr Butler. I am very happy to joining you.

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