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Leopold/Three Days in Vegas

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So, where was Leo for the past 3 days? A drunken bender? Asleep in his bath tub? Not this time...

Case: Leave report- Las Vegas trip

Case Number N/A
Case Handle Leopold in Las Vegas
Client N/A
Contract Date 2027-05-14 to 05-16
Category N/A
Lead Officer Leopold Arkenov
Assisting Officers
Status Open/Active

Good afternoon, Dr Butler. I am know you do not needing for report for holiday, but this time is better on records for you.

First, I must say prostitye for taking leavings without ask for it. But in lately I have heavy conscience from killing of young boy, so I am not feeling good for working.

But reason I tell you about trip to Las Vegas is very strange things happen in there, and maybe for interest for you.

So, after we finish work on Tuesday, I think I need to take visit to bar for just one beer. I asking on team but those pussies don't want to coming. "You don't want beer and burritos with me?" I ask by them, but they all say they not liking for Mexican today. I go to good bar in near Chinatown, you know him? Pancho's place. He is good by burritos and beer.

So I am sitting at bar, with Nuclear Meltdown Chili Blast Beef Burrito and bottle of Sol. I seeing at table at wall there is 3 college boys, and they remember me of dead college boy. I make him to marry to demon and she destroy him, same as when I pulling trigger for him.

I go to group and say, "Hey, last week I kill guy like you. He wear same jacket. I buy you some beers, okay?"

They say like, "What is the fuck, man!" and look like angry at me.

I don’t care about their angry and sit down, then tell waitress for beers and tequilas.

They have tough guy. They all tough guy, but this guy think he really tough guy. He saying to me, “What is the your fucking problem, man? You better to leaving us.”

So I says, “Just chee-lax, homesboy. Drinking your tequila. My problem is I kill people but they not go away. Like my partner, dead for 3 years, but now he sitting by us. He never fucking shut up about women.”

Then Viktor trying to show off like fucking-wit, 3 glasses with tequila start floating in air. “See, Viktor want you to be like tovarish, so drink. Ok?”

I think now they scared maybe so they shut up and take shooting tequila with me. Guy with red hair say, “What do wanting with us, mister?”

I say, “Don’t worry for you. I not kill anymore. Except for Buddy last week. And I sorry for him. That was massive goat-fucking mistake. But now just drinking with me, and talking. Khorosho?”

So anyway, I telling them about story about last week, and then telling about in Kiev, and when me and Viktor killing 3 brothers by cutting off pieces for feed to big dogs.

Then red-hair guy saying, “Hey, sorry for you bro, but we must to going now. Thanks for beers, yeah?”

And I say, “Ha ha, cool. We go to party now? Ok, I go with you. You sit in my car, I driving for you.”

So next thing is we at big party for frat house.

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