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This page is about a Celestia addon. For more information, please visit [1].


The Lera Planetary System was the first fantasy Celestia addon created by Michael Kilderry, the first edition (v1.0) being released in early October 2004, with 3 planets, 2 moons and 2 comets. The latest version (v4.0) was released in January 2005, with over 30 planets, moons, comets and asteroids to explore.

A fifth edition of the Lera System is currently in the making.

Below is a list of the planets, moons and minor planets involved in the Lera addon:

Names in blue link to a seperate page with information. Names in red may link to a seperate page in the future.

The Inner System


Akiten and Jumwiy



Kuiper Belt/Oort Cloud

The Comets

Page Editing

Since this is a wiki, anyone can come in and edit this page and those listed above. So, if you've got any interesting ideas to include with planet information or just want to fix a spelling mistake, feel free to write it in, or put in your suggestion on one of the discussion pages. Just don't vandalise.

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