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The story begins when Lia de Beaumont's corpse is found floating down a river in a casket marked 'psalms.' The mystery of who killed her and why is the motivation for the plot.

She was a member of le secret du roi, serving King Louis. Although she remained loyal to the king, RobespierreRoyal Psalms. King Louis murdered her for reading it, after luring her into a trap with a fake letter from Robespierre.


Lia was popular around the court at Versailles and within other royal courts.

Fighting Style

Lia uses both fencing and the magic of the psalms to defeat enemies. Her swordmanship is very good, and also distinctive enough that Teillagory can recognize it (Sword of Indignation). She recites psalms as she fights, and sometimes the spells are even visuallized as glowing words. She uses magic to gestroy the canine gargoyles in Gargoyles and to break the spell on Robin's arm in Robert Wood's Briefcase.

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