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List of ECRPG currencies

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A list of currencies used/possibly used on Valgris.

  • berry (Onepiece)
  • cash (Shadow Hearts)
  • coins (Mario)
  • coins (GS)
  • coins (Secret of Evermore)
  • credits (ST)
  • credits (SW)
  • credits (Secret of Evermore)
  • Dilner (Sandarian) (2 united earth credit)
  • energy (Sid Meyer's Alpha Centauri)
  • fol (SO)
  • gald (ToD)
  • gil (FF series)
  • gold (a lot)
  • GP (D&D)
  • hel (Disgaea)
  • ISK (EVE)
  • influence/infamy (CoX)
  • jewels (Secret of Evermore)
  • Materialization points (VP)
  • munni (KH)
  • naquadah (SGW/SG)
  • red orbs (DMC)
  • rings (Sonic)
  • rupees (LoZ)
  • ryo (Naruto/JP) (calculated as $18.44)
  • talons (Secret of Evermore)
  • United Earth Credit
  • yen (JP)
  • ynas (Altaen)
  • zeni (DBZ, MM, RO) - Considered the primary currency of Sega City, if not Valgris.

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