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Project Lithium (Fr: Projet Lithium; Ch: 锂素会议; Rk: Lee-ssium) was a VGOC gathering during Easter Break 2006, hosted by Li from April 19th-20th. Highlights included Ultimate Frisbee and the rejuvination of Mafia.

General Information

It was awesome. Things rocked. We played video games, mafia, and watched lots of movies. Outside was fun. Also, near the end, Howard was voted dumbass for his incredible failure in Worms 3D.


Attendees were, in order of arrival:

  • Li
  • Oleg
  • MF
  • Bryan
  • Howard
  • Jiajia
  • Ken
  • Zhang
  • Nick

Please correct the above list if it's not correct. Ken left early on account of needing to play more video games (Which he could do there.... v_v), Jiajia left because he always does, and Zhang left because he had debate nationals to prepare for (An actual good excuse).

Date and Time

People were instructed to arrive at 1 PM, but only MF, Oleg and Bryan really managed to be close to that. Nick had an excuse of working, but the others have been deemed as crappy.

[It is at this point that MF would like to note that when people don't arrive until after four or five, and then leave before eleven, it really cuts down on people's chances to play big group games like Mafia.]

Suggestions for new games

Mahjong was not played, because Ken arrived late and left early. MF was once again pissed, which again resulted in bitching.


There were burgers and "Nut sacks" for main food. Other foods included odd Chinese candy and bags of chips, as well as the usual Oreos.


Zhang failed to bring his famous Chubbies. The Olde Crew subsisted on pop, pop and more pop.



Roles to used:

  • Two Mafia
  • One Cop
  • One Angel
  • One Jester
  • Rest are villiagers

The games went fairly well, avoiding the problems present at Famicon. MF and Howard got into a heated debate about Howard's strategy as the Cop, which involved only saying "Kill this person," and giving no evidence or anything else to support this claim. As such, MF made two stupid decisions which resulted in loss of those games. Zhang was able to randomly guess at least one Mafia correctly every round (after having accused almost every single person in turn), but no one ever believed or agreed with him.

The Jester was used, and MF won the first game with it, Howard winning the second. In a series of retarded coincidences, MF then proceeded to get the Jester two games in a row and be promtly killed by the Mafia on the first night in both games.

Punishments were to be given for aggravating people. The causes of this include, but are not limited to:

  • Taking a long time to decide on something (Oleg rule #1)
  • Failing to see the bleeding obvious (Oleg rule #2)
  • Saying the bleeding obvious when everyone already sees it (Zhang rule, aka "Astute obvservation")
  • Claiming to know who's who arbitrarily, or by use of special powers (STFU Li rule)
  • Shouting things out in the middle of the night about people (STFU Everyone rule)
  • Complaining about your character selection (STFU MF/Nick rule)
  • Randomly casting a vote to screw things up (Wayne/Bryan rule)
  • Screaming out people for no reason at the start of the round before they die (Nathan can fucking go to hell rule)
  • Generally being an asshole (Sean should never play Mafia again rule) [Careful, guys. You might hurt my feelings.]

For the first time in forever, no one really broke these rules.

Although the time has passed for it, MF wishes that the following rant stays in place for all eternity, as a testament to how bad Mafia did get that once.

MF's rant about Mafia: We really need to start cutting the shit. Seriously. Last time sucked, every game got fucked up in some way. We must think of drastic ways to punish people who screw up the game. This means NO TALKING IN THE NIGHT. That's always been a problem, but at Famicon it was worst. People saying things in the middle of the night ruined it a few times. That means no commenting, no yelling, and no more goddamn random laughing. That ruins the game.

Similar thing for saying things when you can't speak. We must make it very clear, and very strongly enforced, that nobody talks before the host announces who died. Remember when Nathan said, upon waking up, "Stop it Fulton"? I spent the rest of the game doing everything to protect myself from being voted out, despite being the Cop. Shit like that screws it all up for people. You know what? Also, let's enforce this when dealing with dead people. Have all dead people 1) Go into another room and play video games, or 2) duck tape their mouths shut. Usually it doesn't matter when dead people scream about Oleg's stupidity, but when they start throwing in comments like "Listen to Zhang" or "Nick's Mafia", the whole game goes to pot. At this point, it would be easy to accuse one person in particular for it, but let's face it: We've all done it. Even me. Even Ken. This shit needs to stop.

Every time someone talks when they shouldn't, everybody else gets pissed off. It's just no fun to have the game ruined in the second round every time someone says something loud and random that reveals it all. end rant

I completely agree with MF. ~Zhang

I also agree - Nick

Video Games

Although there were three TVs and 3 XBOXs, we only used 2 of each. Oleg attempted to play Resident Evil and could not replace a key in its pedestal, MF also failed when the zombie dogs came back to life. In Halo, it was confirmed that MF, Nick and Bryan were about exactly equal in skill, with Li not far behind. Bryan and Li always played on the same TV, which resulted in them never killing each other.

Later on, the focus shifted back to the Gamecube. MF and Howard both failed to beat computers in Smash Bros. and Mario Kart. MF, Nick, Oleg and Howard then proceeded to play Worms 3D, with MF and Nick fighting a bitter, close duel. This was won by MF after 45 minutes, at which point he got much too enthusiastic. Howard was crowned the new king of VGOC moronity after he failed twice in a row to launch a homing missile, despite being walked through it step-by-step by MF.

Lithium concluded with a series of games of Anaconda, the final one of which was won by Oleg.


MF brought many movies, and three were watched. It began early on with the watching of "South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut", which was terminated when Li's parents got home because there was a lot of senseless swearing. Later, the Crew watched select scenes from "Hero", and were forced to put up with Zhang's random bitchings about historical inaccuracies, which everyone had already acknowledged, but he still felt the need to impress upon people.

At 2AM, Oleg and Howard began watching "Kill Bill: Volume 1" and within the next half hour, all those remaining were watching it. Howard fell asleep and missed the ending, and MF denied him the chance to watch it later. MF was also subject to stupid questions concerning the plot of the second movie, like "Does she try to kill Bill?" (Yes, obviously), "What about the other assasins?" (Yes, obviously), and "Do we find out what's going on?" (Yes, obviously). Li also chose not to suspend his disbelief, and criticized every point of the movie he could manage to, including why Gogo uses that weapon (So she can flip her skirt up when she attacks, duh) and why the blood fountains up the way it does (Because it looks cooler that way).


Next time, people should come on time. That way we may be able to play Mahjong for once. Also, people shouldn't pussy out and leave early unless they've actually got a good reason (Props to Zhang here). MF also wants to point out that the purpose of VGOC is to forget about things like school and IRP, so Howard's bitching about not being ready was severely out of line.

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