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Project Live! will be hosted by me (Li Tong) after my return from Disney Land in Orlando, a possible date for this would be between January 01 ~ January 03 (before school) 2007. P.S. this page was created on December the 14th,2006.

Disney Land is in California, Li. Disney World is in Florida (JIAJIA ASK YOUR PARENTS TO GO TO DISNEY WORLD OVER FEBRUARY BREAK)


  • This party will feature a crazy LAN based SC BroodWar battle, as well as the other stuff we do: Halo 2, Mafia,etc.
  • The party should not be only StarCraft. Remember, we're the VGOC, not the SCOC. ~MF 01:14, 27 December 2006 (EST)


  • hmmmm, hey wtf? you are not suppose to find this!!!!
  • but congratz on finding it tho... as u would know, i did not put this on the the offical vgoc link for a reason...
  • when? where? what? well... we will see lol, it will be a surprise.. or i hope so
  • now that the news is surfaced, and i put up a link on the main page, you guys should discuss away while i am away at orlando lol


Hey look im the first non Li to edit this.--Barbarossa 01:38, 24 December 2006 (EST)

School starts on the 8th of January. Have fun in Orlando, Li.

Charades must be played. We will think of interesting new characters at CuttSucks

omg, i am surprise by ur speed, u found this page about 20 mins after i made a link on the main page lol --- li

lmao. Dammit Li, you could've just changed the date of Lee T. ~Zhang 01:34, 28 December 2006 (EST)

Im confused, is this happening? nvm

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