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Living ENWorld:Adventure:A Merry Chase

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Broom icon.png This adventure needs to be recompiled from the Living ENWorld forum.
Please review the adventure thread and make a summary and a list of important information.

A Merry Chase (DM: Kahuna Burger, Judge: Uriel)

There were lots of adventure locations in this thread, and at first glance you might think there was much location information here. But almost all of it was very generic...there is a village here, a temple there, a ruined farmhouse over yonder. All of this stuff could exist almost anywhere within a day or two's march from the mountains that mark the southern border of Earling.

As for specific information, it all boiled down to this:

  • Near the southern border of Earling, the road to Rivenblight has many good spots for an ambush in one 15-mile stretch.
  • There is an establishment in the lands of Earling called the Baying Mare.

That's it! If all that seems pretty sketchy, then I guess it's testimony to just how generic and vague it is possible to be when describing the setting of an adventure.

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