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Living ENWorld:Adventure:A Tidy Profit

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Broom icon.png This adventure needs to be recompiled from the Living ENWorld forum.
Please review the adventure thread and make a summary and a list of important information.

A Tidy Profit (DM: Pbartender)

This was our first look at the docks of Orussus. Here's what the thread contained:

  • The streets of Orussus are lit by streetlights at night. People are hired to light them.

Here is Jack Haggerty's description of the waterfront:

The docks and their surrounding environs are decidedly more shabby, decrepit and delapidated than the rest of Orussus. With the sun going down, the streets are dim and the roads are muddy from the previous day's rain. Buildings seem to consist mostly of taverns, inns, chandlers' stores, shipwrights' shops and warehouses... Everything catering to the sailor and merchant. Occasionally, men and women of all manner of description in worn clothing of all manner of description stand aside to watch from alleys and doorways as you pass. You can almost feel their mildly suspicious glances as you walk through the streets toward the harbour.

Emerging out into the docks and harbour proper, you can see a handful of large ships at dock. They seem to be secured and waiting the high tide, as none of them show much activity. Farther down, smaller local fishing boats can be seen tidied up to pilings or beached on the strand. On a short jetty close to the docks, stands a small shack hung with coils of rope, chain and netting. Hanging outside the door of the shack, a sign depicting an anchor and a ship's wheel sways in the slight breeze, creaking quietly.

The rest of the thread contained the following information:

  • The harbor of Orussus has a long stone jetty.
  • An alley is visible from the far end of the docks.
  • The pier at harbor of Orussus is about 120 feet long, with an iron ladder at the end leading down to the water.
  • There is a monarchy named Falloon somewhere in Living ENWorld.
  • The pier at Orussus is fairly tidy, but objects such as coils of tarred rope, boat hooks, and water barrels can be found there.
  • A typical room at the Red Dragon Inn is furnished with two cots, two footlockers, two chairs, a table and a lantern. It may have a window.
  • The death penalty does exist in Orussus for some crimes.

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